Wednesday, April 25, 2018

[Editorial] Can the ‘Evil Dead’ Franchise Continue Without Bruce Campbell?

The biggest horror news of last week sadly paved way for the biggest horror news of this week, with this past Friday’s cancellation of “Ash vs. Evil Dead” leading to star Bruce Campbell officially hanging up the chainsaw-hand this week. According to Campbell, he’s done playing Ash Williams, setting his sights instead on other fish he wants to fry.

So where does that leave the Evil Dead franchise, to which Campbell is inextricably linked? Could it continue beyond Campbell, or does it die along with his retirement?

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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

It’s Not Over… Yet: Watch the “Ash vs. Evil Dead” Series Finale Trailer!

John Squires writes:

We’ve spent so much time the past couple days mourning the cancellation of “Ash vs. Evil Dead” that it’s been easy to forget that it’s not actually over… not yet, at least.

We still have one more episode left to go, with the Season 3/series finale airing this Sunday on Starz. We’ve had the pleasure of previewing the finale and we can tell you that it’s pretty damn enjoyable and satisfying, delivering an epic final battle between Ash and a MASSIVE Kaiju Deadite, some nice emotion, and a final few minutes unlike anything we’ve ever seen in the Evil Dead universe. We think you’re gonna love it… and be left begging for more.

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Monday, April 23, 2018

Bruce Campbell Says He’s Retired as Ash, And Now We’re Sad

Bruce Campbell is hanging up his chainsaw for good. According to the actor, he’s retiring from playing Ash vs Evil Dead‘s Ash Williams – a character he’s played on and off again for almost 40 years.

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There Were Post-Apocalyptic Plans for “Ash vs. Evil Dead” Season 4 [Exclusive]

Brad Miska writes:

Although expected, it was hugely disappointing to learn that Starz canceled “Ash vs. Evil Dead”, which will conclude its third season this coming Sunday. Even so, Sam Raimi, Robert Tapert, and star Bruce Campbell had been developing a fourth season up until the official cancelation, sources tell Bloody Disgusting.

From what I’m told, if “Ash vs. Evil Dead” had been blessed with a fourth season, it would have taken Ashy Slashy to the future. Think sci-fi post-apocalyptic, like Mad Max meets Fallout, only with…robots!

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Ash vs Evil Dead 3x10 ''The Mettle of Man'' Promo

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Friday, April 20, 2018

‘Ash Vs Evil Dead’ Canceled After 3 Seasons At Starz

There will be no fourth season for Starz’s Ash Vs Evil Dead.

The premium cabler has opted not to move forward with a Season 4 of Sam Raimi’s horror comedy starring Bruce Campbell, Lucy Lawless and Ray Santiago, and the Season 3 finale on April 29 will serve as the series ender.

“Ash v Evil Dead
has taken audiences on a wild ride for three seasons thanks to the fantastic performances and creative efforts of Sam, Bruce, Rob and the entire cast and crew. We are proud to send the show out with a bang…and a splat,” said Carmi Zlotnik, President of Programming for Starz.

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Betsy Baker - The Evil Dead

Tickle Trunk of Horrors is more than pleased to begin this Horror buffet of the scariest kind as we welcome into our halls of horror, none other than Legendary actress Betsy Baker. A true American actress in the true sense of the word.

In the 1981 Horror Cult Classic The Evil Dead she played Linda. The Evil Dead has developed a well deserved reputation as one of the Largest cult films and has been cited among the Greatest horror films of all time.

We get up close and personal with this talented actress and converse about her long resume of film and TV work.

Born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, she started piano lessons at age 5 and took voice lessons and studied dance.

Just to name a few of her outstanding projects:

1981 - The Evil Dead - Linda
- Word of Honor - Denise McNeil)

2009 - ER - Dr. Wheeler
2013 - OZ the Great and Powerful
2014 - Days of Our Lives ( Ozark waitress)
2014 - True Blood - (Midwife)
2016 - Grey's Anatomy ( Barbara Davis)

Source: World Paranormal Research Society

Thursday, April 19, 2018

[Exclusive] Ash Tries to Save Kelly in Clip from “Ash vs. Evil Dead” Penultimate Episode

It’s “Judgment Day” on Starz’s “Ash vs. Evil Dead” this coming Sunday night, with the penultimate episode in Season 3 setting the stage for the season (series?) finale the following Sunday night. This past Sunday night, Ash was able to rescue Brandy from the other side, but Kelly is still trapped… her body overtaken by the spirit of Kaya.

In this Sunday night’s second-to-last episode, Ash sets out on a quest to save Kelly, coming face-to-face with old nemesis Ruby in the process. In this exclusive clip, Ash presses the Kandarian Dagger to not-really-Kelly’s throat in an attempt to get Ruby to evict Kaya.

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