Friday, November 26, 2021

Bruce Campbell BLACK FRIDAY | EVIL DEAD RISE interview (2021)



Bruce Campbell discusses BLACK FRIDAY (00:00-28:27) and EVIL DEAD RISE (28:28-36:51) in our exclusive interview. 


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Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Evil Dead Rise Has A Gnarly Story, Even For An Evil Dead Movie







 Anya Stanley writes:

Not only is the legacy franchise doing away with the cabin-in-the-woods conceit, but they are keeping things among family rather than friends. As Campbell points out, the original Raimi films involved friends, lovers, and total strangers being thrown into the mix with Deadites, but never a mom and her young children. Knowing how these stories play out once the Necronomicon starts flipping its pages, somebody's got to go. As a person who loves movies with a mean streak, there's potential here for an extra level of viciousness on top of the buckets of blood fans have come to expect from a dance with the "Evil Dead."


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Bruce Campbell Brings Fans a Bloody Black Friday (Q&A)








Interview Excerpt: 

Let’s talk about Evil Dead. You are iconic to so many people who just love it so much. I saw that it just had its 40th anniversary, too. And speaking of the Valley, there’s been these amazing art shows in Burbank, at The Bearded Lady’s Mystic Museum, where you’ve made appearances, attracting crazy long lines.

I’m sure you’ve been asked this before but why do you think out of all the horror movies out there, that Evil Dead and your character Ash, have connected with fans so hard?

The character Ash is pretty much the everyman. He’s like you or me. He doesn’t know anything special, he has no skills. So I think the audience can relate to that. He has to earn his stripes like the average American from the beginning up to Ash vs. Evil Dead. We did one movie in the 70’s, then one in the 80’s and the 90’s. It was very fun to go back and finally, kind of have a whack at the character Ash after 25 years. People talk about it like it’s a franchise but it’s not a franchise. The thing fell off the truck. It started as one movie where the character Ash is dead at the end. Then we thought, well, maybe Ash isn’t dead. A lot of it was based on economic realities.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Evil Dead Rise: Bruce Campbell says film is dark, serious, excruciating










Last month, director Lee Cronin took to social media to confirm that filming had been completed on Evil Dead Rise, his addition to the Evil Dead franchise. During a new interview with, executive producer Bruce Campbell has confirmed that a rough cut of Evil Dead Rise has already been put together:


We’ve seen a rough of it already and it has all the components we need. Like anything, when you see a rough version it just has to be tightened, but we’re good. We’re in good shape.”


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‘Black Friday’ – Bruce Campbell on Playing the Anti-Ash and Reuniting With ‘Evil Dead II’ Effects Artist [Interview]









One of the other interesting things about Black Friday is that the film reunites Campbell with Robert Kurtzman, who he first worked with on Evil Dead II way back in the 1980s.

The cool thing about Bob Kurtzman is that Bob goes all the way back to Evil Dead 2. So we called him “Grumpy Bob” back in those days… he had a little more edge to him, as the artiste special effects guy. Now he’s been beaten down enough he’s just like a normal guy. Bob’s great,” Campbell explains. “One of the nice things about hanging around for a while is you start to run into people over and over again. And some people are like a bad check… you don’t want them coming back but they keep coming back. And other people, like Bob, it makes you feel comfortable in your job. Cause you go, ‘Oh, Bob’s got this.’ You know that it’s gonna be fine. Bob’s worked on high budget, medium budget, low budget, nothing phases him. I think he did a great job. It’s really fun to come back and work with “Grumpy Bob” again.”


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Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Bruce Campbell Teases That He’s Currently Writing a Comic Book for a Major Company









Chatting with Bloody Disgusting’s The Boo Crew Podcast this week about everything from The Evil Dead to brand new horror-comedy Black Friday, horror icon Bruce Campbell let it slip that one of his next projects will take him into the world of comic books… as a writer!

I’m writing a comic book for a major comic book company right now,” Campbell teased while talking with The Boo Crew about his writing process. “And it’s six issues that you’ve gotta plot out. And I cannot just sit there with a pen in my mouth… looking at a blank page… I want to figure it out scene by scene and know where the story’s going.”

He continues, “Cause I can actually step back from that board and look at the entire story and go, ‘Hmm, that first part’s a little lopsided… ohh that middle’s a little fat over there.’ So you can get to it before you even write a word. It still may suck, granted, but I like going in with some kind of discipline. I’ll start early in the morning and by noon my brain is leaking out through my nose and it’s time to cut the grass or go swimming or something physical.”


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The Brand New ‘The Evil Dead Groovy Collection’ 4K/Blu-ray Set is Now Available!









The Evil Dead franchise has had no shortage of physical media releases over the years, and yet another brand new box set is now available with “The Evil Dead Groovy Collection“!

This new collection brings The Evil DeadEvil Dead 2, and all three seasons of “Ash vs. Evil Dead” to 4K Ultra HD & Blu-ray in one massive box set that’s dripping with the red stuff.


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‘Black Friday’ Clip: Bruce Campbell Plans to Go Down With the Ship [Exclusive]









George A. Romero took on American consumerism with his masterpiece Dawn of the Dead and now filmmaker Casey Tebo looks to put a modern spin on it with Black Friday, which kicks off the holiday season by spreading some Christmas fear.

Bloody Disgusting scored an exclusive clip, which highlights horror favorites Bruce Campbell (The Evil Dead films) and Devon Sawa (Final Destination, Syfy’s “Chucky”) stuck in a toy store with a horde of “demonic” shoppers.


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