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Pedal Powered Bruce Campbell

We chat with our favorite B-movie actor, Bruce Campbell, about obsessive fans, Bruce tattoos and lollygagging bikers at Portland's Wizard World Comic Con.

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Bruce Campbell to play Ronald Reagan on Fargo


Geek lord Bruce Campbell has been cast as Republican demigod Ronald Reagan in the upcoming second season of the FX drama Fargo.

/Film reports that Campbell will be joining fellow new cast members Ted Danson, Nick Offerman, and Patrick Wilson in the role of the only president that matters. The new season of the show takes place long before the events of Fargo’s first season, picking up in Sioux Falls, South Dakota circa 1979. At this point in history, the Gipper was no longer making movies with monkeys and was done acting as boss man to Congressional baboons, having declined to run for a third term as governor of California in 1975. FX CEO John Landgraf explains that, in the context of the show, “[Reagan]’s on his first campaign [and he] makes a swing through Fargo. Some of the characters have some interactions with him. And some of his movies are also a part of the show.” Landgraf adds that, “a lot of what [Fargo’s second season] is about is the cultural transformation that was going on at the time.”

Bruce Campbell has a long history with Joel and Ethan Coen, directors of the 1996 film that inspired the FX series, as well as honorary Coen triplet Sam Raimi. The Coens did a script rewrite on Raimi’s Campbell-starring 1985 slapstick comedy Crimewave, and, in addition to a supporting role in the Coen’s 1994 effort The Hudsucker Proxy, Campbell also appears briefly in the original film version of Fargo; he can be seen on the fuzzy television screen in the kidnapper’s cabin. The footage was not shot for the film, and was actually a regional Minnesota soap opera that Campbell had appeared on in his salad days.

Fargo’s second season will premiere on FX this fall.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Friday, March 20, 2015

Featured Video: THAT'S SO RAIMI! Evil Dead Techniques and References in 'Drag Me To Hell'

Sam Raimi's 2009 film 'Drag Me To Hell' was a return to his horror roots, and it's full of references and techniques used in the original Evil Dead, Evil Dead II, and Army of Darkness. In this video we pick out some of our favorite callbacks used in 'Drag Me To Hell.'

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Show Open / Night Cap with Bruce Campbell

This was a really fun process - I got to create a show open for a pilot. The idea was to film our host in front of a green screen and then composite him into a bunch of infamous B-movies throughout the years. I did all the compositing, graphics and editing for this piece.

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Bruce Campbell is dressed to kill: The actor talks Evil Dead series & his dark fanny pack past

From cutting through contestants to cutting through Deadites with a chainsaw, Bruce Campbell is a man on multiple missions. Last Monday the actor launched his nerd trivia game show Last Fan Standing on the new CONtv streaming network, and now he's packing his bags for New Zealand, where he'll soon begin filming Ash vs. Evil Dead for Starz.

Set to debut late 2015, the 10-episode series gives fans what they've been clamoring for since 1992's Army of Darkness: More of Campbell as Ashley J. "Ash" Williams. Now Campbell, director Sam Raimi and executive producer Rob Tapert are re-teaming to tell the continuing misadventures of S-Mart's most famous employee.

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Fangoria - Exclusive: First Full Trailer For “DICK JOHNSON & TOMMYGUN VS. THE CANNIBAL COP”

If you prefer your horror with a little camp and even less good taste, then FANGORIA has just the thing! JFR Productions and 2THIRTEEN Productions have released the first full-length trailer for DICK JOHNSON & TOMMYGUN VS. THE CANNIBAL COP: BASED ON A TRUE STORY exclusively to!

Written by John Renna and co-directed and co-produced by Renna and Chris Rados, who served as also cinematographer. Renna (DRY BONES) and Sam Qualiana (SNOW SHARK) co-star as two mismatched detectives hot on the trail of the titular cannibal (newcomer James Williams). Debbie Rochon (MODEL HUNGER), Danny Hicks (EVIL DEAD 2) and Timothy Quill (ARMY OF DARKNESS) co-star as other inhabitants of this grimy, madcap world. The film also features an appearance by Pinky Doodle Poodle, the Japanese alternative/punk rock band distributed by Good Charamel Records in Buffalo, NY, where the film was produced.

“I’ve worked on other films with Debbie, and The EVIL DEAD films are my favorite trilogy, so directing her, Danny and Tim was a dream come true,” says Renna. “Danny plays the police captain, who actually goes out into the field with Dick Johnson and Tommygun. Debbie’s character is the glue who holds the precinct house together, but she’s got a few dark secrets; and Tim plays Shabby Sammy, a shady informant who guides our heroes through the underworld. They were all super professional and added so much to their characters. They’re a riot.”

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Shannon Shea - I'm Rubber, You're Glue: The True Story of an 80s Monster Maker [Kindle Edition]

If you are a fan of creatures from 1980s cinema like ALIENS or PREDATOR, than this book is for you! This is a first-person account from creature-creator, Shannon Shea and includes chapters on genre favorites including, EVIL DEAD II, MONSTER SQUAD, and STAR TREK IV. Shannon recounts his experiences starting as a "Monster Kid" growing up in Louisiana, and then venturing out to Hollywood to follow his dream only to find himself on an adventure he never could have imagined.

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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Evil Dead 2 Writer Scott Spiegel Coming to Fantasticon Toledo

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Fantasticon is excited to have Horror Writer/Director Scott Spiegel joining us on April 11-12 at the Grand Plaza Hotel and Convention Center in Toledo, Ohio!

Scott Spiegel is perhaps best known for co-writing Evil Dead II with longtime friend and film director Sam Raimi. He also went to the same high school in Michigan with Raimi and Evil Dead actor Bruce Campbell.

In 1999, Scott directed From Dusk Till Dawn: Texas Blood Money, a follow up to the popular film from Robert Rodriguez. Scott also directed the cult classic Intruder in 1989. Scott also formed the production company Raw Nerve with directors Eli Roth and Boaz Yakin. Raw Nerve produced the Hostel series, which Scott executive produced and, eventually, directed a third installment of the series. Currently, Scott is hard at work on his newest projects: Welcome to Purgatory and Wrath. Wrath is being produced by Bloody Bombshell Entertainment and Fatality Films, a company that Scott co-owns with Andrea A. Albin.

Scott will be at Fantasticon Toledo signing autographs and taking photos with fans both Saturday and Sunday.