Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Memories of the ‘Evil Dead’: Filmmakers to interview Anson County residents about cult classic horror movie

WADESBORO — Filmmakers will be in Anson County early next month looking for anyone who worked on the 1987 cult classic “Evil Dead II.”

Interviews that make the final cut will be included in “Evil Dead Uproot,” a documentary focusing on the small towns where the first two feature films in the “Evil Dead” series — written and directed by Sam Raimi and starring actor Bruce Campbell — were shot.

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TV Icon Lee Majors Talks Joining Ash vs. Evil Dead Season 2


The horror community was understandably excited when it was announced that Lee Majors will portray Ash’s father in Season 2 of “Ash vs. Evil Dead.” Bruce Campbell noted that Majors comes from “a generation of actors who were born with hair on their chest,” and Dana DeLorenzo said, “[Majors] is still very sexy and very charming… and [I] truly believe he’s the perfect casting choice for Ash’s dad.”

With a resume that boasts of not one, not two, but three programs that surpassed the 100-episode plateau, including “The Six Million Dollar Man” and “The Fall Guy,” it goes without saying that Majors is a television icon.

Majors recently spoke with Dread Central about his role in the upcoming second season of “AvED” and offered insight that Brock Williams blames Ash for the death of his daughter [Cheryl], discussed how show promotion has changed throughout his career, touched on his legendary Scrooged cameo, and shared a tale of his wife’s trip to the hair salon that leads into one of the most hilarious political statements this writer has encountered during the current Presidential campaign.

Lee Majors certainly seems poised to make “Ash vs. Evil Dead” better, faster, and stronger!

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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

These ‘Evil Dead 4’ Ideas Left Sam Raimi Questioning Their Sanity

After Universal Pictures released Army of Darkness in 1992, fans of The Evil Dead franchise had been anticipating a fourth Evil Dead for decades.

After years and years of rumors, Raimi making his 2009 Drag Me to Hell, and then eventually remaking Evil Dead with Fede Alvarez in 2013, the team behind the franchise revived it as the ongoing Starz television series “Ash vs Evil Dead”.

With Bruce Campbell reprising his role as Ash, all of us horror fans exhaled in relief. Still, there’s always that nagging thought, “What if?” What if Evil Dead 4 had been made, what would it have been like? The transformation from The Evil Dead to Army of Darkness went from straight horror to slapstick…so where would Ash end up 20+ years after time traveling to battle medieval Deadites?

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Monday, August 22, 2016

Sam Raimi Explains How Ash vs Evil Dead Came to Be in the Season One DVD Commentary

Horror legends Sam Raimi, Ivan Raimi, Rob Tapert, and Bruce Campbell hunker down for the commentary track of Ash vs Evil Dead’s first episode, in which Ash, Campbell’s extremely reluctant hero, realizes he hasn’t quite left those nasty Deadites in the past after all.

In this exclusive clip, Sam Raimi explains why the long-time collaborators decided to make a TV show rather than going ahead with the long-discussed Evil Dead 4—or even simply producing a sequel to the 2013 Evil Dead remake. It’s informative, but also rather funny to hear Raimi waxing earnest while Ash preps for a night out, getting his swagger going to Deep Purple, then picking up a chick to bang in the bathroom of his local dive. A chick who... is not who she seems to be.

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“Ash vs Evil Dead” Season Two Art Gets Patriotic

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Starz released this patriotic art for the highly-anticipated Season Two return of the horror fun-ride “Ash vs Evil Dead”, which scares up its season premiere entitled “Home” on Sunday, October 2 at 8PM ET/PT.

The second season roars back into action with an extended episode where Ash is forced to leave his cushy retirement in Jacksonville, return to his hometown of Elk Grove, Michigan, and mount up once again to face The Evil Dead. This time, he’ll have to form an uneasy alliance with his former enemy Ruby as Elk Grove becomes the nucleus to the most dangerous horror Ash has faced to date. The upcoming season of “Ash vs Evil Dead” will include ten half-hour episodes.

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[BCHFF] Watch Ted Raimi’s Creepy Yet Funny Bumpers for the Bruce Campbell Horror Film Festival

Jonathan Barkan writes:

This past weekend, Brad and I attended Chicago’s Wizard World and, more importantly, the third annual Bruce Campbell Horror Film Festival. On top of doing some really fun and (hopefully) entertaining interviews – which you can watch on our Facebook page – we also watched several films, each of which were preceded by one of the below bumpers that feature Ted Raimi (“Ash vs Evil Dead”, The Grudge). They’re silly, they’re fun, and they really embrace everything that the festival has to offer.

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EW: Bruce Campbell's Horror Film Festival: Special groovy report

If you attended a film festival screening and some loudmouthed joker talked all over the action taking place onscreen then you would rightly feel bad for the folks who made the movie. But what about if the joker in question was one of the folks who made the movie?

Last Saturday, at Chicago’s Muvico Rosemont 18 cinema, actor Bruce Campbell joined comedian Doug Benson for one of the standup comedian’s Mystery Science Theater-style “Movie Interruptions,” to make amiable mock of 1992’s Campbell-starring Army of Darkness. The ensuing mayhem couldn’t help but be a tad confusing at times, as the present-day Campbell competed for the audience’s attention with his younger, Deadite-battling self. “I can’t tell if that’s you in the movie saying things or you here saying things,” Benson faux-bemoaned, early on. But there was little else to complain about as the sharply besuited Campbell pointed out the film’s cameos (“Bill Lusting, the director of Maniac Cop, walking in the background!”), boasted to the audience about his acting prowess (“I want to challenge you a–holes to try to pretend that a burlap sack contains a body!”), leapt out of his seat to point out at egregiously overacting extra (“That’s the a–hole! F—ing sonofabitch!”), and complained about the the lack of film roles in mainstream projects which came his way following the release of the third movie in the Evil Dead saga (“This is the only studio movie I’ve ever appeared in. After this, they were like, ‘No, he’s done!’”). In any case, there was really no one to whom one could complain, given the event was part of the four-day-long Bruce Campbell’s Horror Film Festival, now in its third year.

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Bruce Campbell @ Wizard World Chicago Comic Con 2016 (Ash vs Evil Dead)

+Always entertaining.... Bruce Campbell and his friends (Dana & Ray) from Ash vs Evil Dead
+Filmed at Chicago Comic Con 2016
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Sunday, August 21, 2016

TV Tidbits: 'Fresh meat' enjoying their stint on 'Evil Dead' series

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — When Ray Santiago and Dana DeLorenzo signed on to the Starz horror-comedy series “Ash vs. Evil Dead,” they weren’t sure how long their characters would last.

“I was actually pretty terrified because I knew what the franchise was — and it was all about one man,” DeLorenzo said. “And then here come these sidekicks, and I was worried if we would be accepted and how it would play out.

“That’s kind of the exciting thing about this, it makes you give every day 150 percent, solely because you never know when it’s going to end.”

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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Ash vs Evil Dead: The Complete First Season: A Continuation Worth Waiting For (Blu-ray)


Excerpt 1:
“Ash vs Evil Dead” was indeed the answer to the prayers of those who had been waiting for decades to see the continued adventures of Ash. The show, co-created by Sam Raimi (director/co-writer of the original “The Evil Dead” trilogy) takes everything that fans loved about the original films and translates it perfectly to the small screen, including its over-the-top violence, its dark sense of humor, and, of course, the ever-charming character of Ash Williams, played with the usual gusto by B-movie legend Bruce Campbell.

Excerpt 2:

“Ash vs Evil Dead: The Complete First Season” comes to Blu-ray in a 1.78:1, 1080p High Definition transfer of excellent quality. The image is perfectly sharp and clear throughout all ten episodes, ensuring that you get every little bit of gory detail. The 7.1 Dolby TrueHD audio is equally fantastic, giving you all of the dialogue, score, and sound effects in top-notch quality. Overall, the fans will definitely be pleased with the great treatment that the show has received.

Special Features:

Audio Commentaries: Commentaries with cast and crew are featured on all ten episodes. There’s a lot of goofing around, particularly when it comes to the cast tracks, but they do contain some interesting behind the scenes info.

Ash: Inside the World (16 Minutes):
A great compilation of behind the scenes featurettes that aired with certain episodes during the season.

How to Kill a Deadite (3 Minutes):
A very brief featurette that has Bruce Campbell and fans explaining how to kill deadites.

Best of Ash (1 Minute): A short collage of scenes featuring Ash.

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