Monday, June 1, 2020

Ash vs. Evil Dead Stars Think They Can Get Bruce Campbell Out of Retirement for New Season

After more than two decades away from the role, Bruce Campbell embraced his iconic Ash Williams for Ash vs. Evil Dead beginning in 2015, with the end of Season Three seeing the series come to a conclusion and Campbell publicly retire from the role, but his co-stars in the series Dana DeLorenzo and Ray Santiago think they could convince the actor to return to the role if a different network resurrected it. There are currently no talks about the series possibly being revived, as Campbell along with original director Sam Raimi and producer Rob Tapert are working on developing a new film in the series, though excitement around the franchise could result in a revival of the TV series earning more attention.

"Well, I say, 'Never say never,'" DeLorenzo shared about the series somehow continuing to Mainframe Comic Con 2.0. "The way things are going, I've been reading all these very terrifying things about our industry and just productions and things are being shelved, so I honestly feel like never say never. There have been shows where they get cancelled but then they're picked up by another network. I know Bruce has said he is in retirement but I feel like Ray and I could convince him."

Santiago added, "I think enough time has passed by. He just needs a good one or two years of just like chilling in the woods and not having the Boomstick in his hands and then he starts to crave it and it'll come back."

Ash vs. Evil Dead pulled off a seemingly impossible task by delivering audiences the continued adventures of Ash for 30 episodes from the minds of the franchise's creators. Despite the series being well received by fans, Santiago thinks that the series only being available on Starz prevented it from earning a bigger following.

"I loved the home that we had on Starz, but it was so limited in its viewership," the actor expressed. "We could have had a bigger audience were we on a platform like Hulu or Amazon or Netflix, but because we were on this cable subscription, it really limited the audience. Because as the show got on to Netflix, we started to see that people were still watching seasons one through three and were really into it. It was sad because we had this greatness and it didn't get the praise that it should have gotten. And, personally, I was really looking forward to seeing where things were gonna go with the show. Just because we had set up so many relationships, it was just all there to play with."

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Friday, May 22, 2020

Top movie in America during pandemic is by Detroit brothers and was filmed in Michigan

The siblings, who wrote and directed the project together, have roots in horror story-telling through their father, Bart Pierce. He did special effects for  1981's "Evil Dead," the shoestring-budget cult classic by Detroit's own Sam Raimi that spawned a franchise and had a big impact on the future of scary movies.

Their dad is particularly noted for teaming up with another artist, Tom Sullivan, to create the effects for the epic bloodbath of the film's finale.

Brett Pierce says his father and Sullivan essentially took over the basement of his family's Detroit home to complete the effects. He was a toddler at the time and wandered downstairs once without anyone noticing.

Just then, the gory ending was being projected on a large screen. After that, the story goes, Pierce pretty much stayed out of the basement until he moved to Royal Oak in his teen years.

These days, Pierce, 42, very much appreciates the connection to "Evil Dead" and his father's role in it.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

New Army of Darkness ReAction Figures Coming Soon

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Next week, Super7 will be releasing their Army of Darkness ReAction Figures. New in-package photos have been released. There will be six figures in total, each with a specialized card back. The figures stand at 3.75″ tall, with about 5 points of articulation. Included are:

Hero Ash
Medieval Ash
Two-Headed Ash
Evil Ash
Deadite Scout
Pit Witch

Sales begin on Friday, May 29th. The figures will likely be priced at $18 each.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

New Bruce Campbell Book The Cool Side of My Pillow Is Coming This Summer

Movie legend and best-selling author Bruce Campbell will have some new reading material available soon, as the Ash vs. Evil Dead star just revealed he has a new book in the works. On Twitter, fan Robert J. Harris asked Campbell what to do now after reading all three of Campbell's previous books, and the groovy one responded with some great news. "Be patient. New book out this summer. More info to come!" Campbell says, unveiling the cover for his new book: The Cool Side of My Pillow: A Book of Essays. You can take a look at the cover below.

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Monday, May 18, 2020

Monstrous Creations: Evil Dead II Ash's Evil Hand 4K Review

Check out the video for all of the details on this super cool art toy from Monstrous Creations!

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Friday, May 15, 2020

Foley Artist Recreates The Iconic Sounds Of 'Evil Dead II' From Home | Making Sounds

Foley artist Tara Blume ("Westworld," "Atlanta," "The OA") takes on the 1987 cult classic "Evil Dead II." We challenged her to recreate sounds for a classic scene from her home, using only things she had around the house. We chat with her about how she did it, the challenges, and share the final newly Foleyed scene.

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Thursday, May 14, 2020

The Ashland Independent Film Festival moves online, as the coronavirus outbreak cancels large gatherings

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown may have announced a ban on all large gatherings through at least September, but the coronavirus pandemic isn’t stopping the Ashland Independent Film Festival from going on with the show. The Southern Oregon event is just taking the festival online.

While the 19th festival was originally scheduled for five days in April, the coronavirus outbreak caused the traditional event to be postponed, then expanded. The AIFF2020 Virtual Festival, as it’s called, lasts from May 22 through June 14. The online festival includes 30 features, along with more than 100 short films. The festival will be hosted online by Film Festival Flix, and programs can be viewed on its website or Film Festival Flix TV and mobile apps, from the start of the festival through June 14.

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Rob Tapert on the set of Ash vs Evil Dead. (2017)

Behind the scenes on Ash vs Evil Dead. Lucy Lawless, Rob Tapert and Bruce Campbell (2016)

From left to right: Executive producer Robert Tapert, star of the series and executive producer Bruce Campbell along with executive producer Sam Raimi, original filmmakers of the EVIL DEAD franchise. (2015)

Producers Bruce Campbell, Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert standing in front of a large Evil Dead (2013) one-sheet banner.

From left: Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell and producer Rob Tapert on the exterior set of Evil Dead II, a location previously used for Steven Spielberg's The Color Purple.

Evil Dead promotional photo with (l-r) producer Robert Tapert, director Sam Raimi and actor Bruce Campbell circa 1981. Scanned from Cinefex Magazine | Don Shay Publications | 1983

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Tuesday, May 12, 2020


Today, Dread Central is thrilled to share an exclusive clip from Time Warp: The Greatest Cult Films of All-Time: Volume 2 Horror and Sci-Fi. Check out Bruce Campbell explaining how praise from Stephen King gave Evil Dead a critical forcefield!

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