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Exclusive Interview: Bruce Campbell Talks 'Ash vs. Evil Dead' and His 5 Favorite Horror Movies

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Actor-director-writer-producer-author Bruce Campbell has had a weird and wonderful career. Fans know him best as Ash Williams in Sam Raimi's The Evil Dead franchise, a wisecracking, Deadite-killing character he's revisiting on the new Starz show Ash vs. Evil Dead. Campbell has also starred in cult films like Bubba Ho-Tep and Maniac Cop, made memorable cameos in films like Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy, authored the best-selling book If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a B Movie Actor, directed movies like My Name Is Bruce, and starred in TV shows like Xena: Warrior Princess and Burn Notice.

We caught up with Campbell as the first season of Ash vs. Evil Dead became available on DVD and Blu-ray (August 23) and VOD services like FandangoNOW. Our conversation was short—but "groovy"—as our favorite one-handed hero talked about stepping into Ash's shoes again, how much he's like the character in real life, and what his five favorite horror movies are.

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Monday, August 29, 2016

Ash vs Evil Dead - Season 2 "First Look" Featurette


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Interview: The King of the Bs – Bruce Campbell of ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’

Interview Excerpt:

Geeks of Doom: When you, Sam, and the guys first made Evil Dead you guys were in your 20s. Now you’re in your 50s. In your wildest dreams, did you think you’d still be playing Ash Williams, and having gallons of blood thrown in your face at this point in your career?

Bruce Campbell: That would have been my worst nightmare. But the elements came together. We found a good partner in Starz, and realized we could get more mileage out of the franchise if it were a TV show. The fans could get more material that way, they seem to be insatiable, so why not give them more material instead of less? And that’s kind of how it came together. Rob Tapert is a great TV producer and he had a great set up in New Zealand, so we thought, “Let’s go down there.”

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NECA: First Look at Packaged Ash vs Evil Dead Series 1 Figures

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One step closer to release. #monstermonday first look at packaged @AshvsEvilDead On shelves late Sept

Friday, August 26, 2016

Interview: Bruce Campbell on ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’

Travis Newton writes:

After Fede Alvarez’s strong 2013 remake of Evil Dead, the infamous cult horror series was back in the spotlight. Since the tease of his return in the remake’s end credits, fans were eager to see star Bruce Campbell back in action as Ash Williams. We expected to see a sequel to the remake, but we got something even better: Ash vs Evil Dead.

This Starz original series picks up Ash’s story years after he’s hung up his trademark chainsaw and boomstick. In the first season, we saw Ash settled into a life of stoned trailer park burnout. Of course, he mistakenly kicks off a whirlwind of demonic bedlam that only he, along with his co-workers Pablo (Ray Santiago) and Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo), can defeat. Along the way, they met the mysterious Ruby (Lucy Lawless) and determined cop Amanda (Jill Marie Jones).

Now, the acclaimed first season has hit Blu-ray and DVD, giving fans plenty of time to revisit the first 10 episodes before season two begins. In celebration of season one arriving on home video and the upcoming season two premiere, I had a chat with the man himself: Bruce Campbell.

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THE NERD REPORT PODCAST Ep 26: Interview with Bruce Campbell from Ash vs Evil Dead

On this episode of The Nerd Report Podcast, Louis Love with his co-hosts Robert Garica and Lisa "Grywuff" Grayson talk about the casting of Zendaya as Mary Jane, the return of Disney's Main Street Electrical Parade (in California), Blair Witch, The Rings, Star Wars, Don't Breathe, and much more! We also interview Bruce Campbell (Ash Williams) in the STARZ hit show Ash Vs. Evil Dead.

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Arrow in the Head: Bruce Campbell tells us Army of Darkness is NOT a part of Ash vs Evil Dead

Eric Walkuski writes:

Back in July, when San Diego Comic-Con news was pouring out of every hole, the internet lit up when it heard the rumor ARMY OF DARKNESS would be a part of, or at least referenced during, the new season of Ash Vs Evil Dead. If you watched the first season, you'll recall the show basically ignored any hint of Ash's adventures in the Middle Ages, which seems like the sort of thing that would come up at least once. (Although there's a drawing in the Season 1 finale that you could say is a brief visual reference.) So the revelation that at least some of ARMY's DNA would be in Season 2 of the Starz series simply tickled all the deadites out there.

But seems as though we got way ahead of ourselves. (I know, hard to believe the internet jumped the gun on something.) I spoke to the one and only Bruce Campbell mere minutes ago and the question of whether or not ARMY OF DARKNESS will at all be prominent in the new season came up. Here's Bruce's response:

I've been sort of putting that to bed. It was a random thing that Rob [Tapert] said, and you know how the internet is, if you see one sentence written, it's real. I think Rob was more alluding to the fact that we've already taken stuff that would have been in Army of Darkness. He still time-travels before Army of Darkness. People have always asked, "Where is Army of Darkness?" Like, we don't really need Army of Darkness. That was sort of our take on the whole thing. You've got to be careful referencing certain movies, because then you have to make deals with certain partners that might own those certain movies.

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Ash vs. Evil Dead Joins 2016 PaleyFest Fall TV Previews

Info from truejuggalofamily.com:

At the end of July we gave you the lowdown on the horror shows heading to the 2016 PaleyFest Fall TV Previews, being held in both Los Angeles and New York in early September, and the lineup was pretty sparse.  But the dates have now been extended, and one new addition has joined the LA Previews:  “Ash vs. Evil Dead” Episode 2.01 will be screened on September 14th at 7PM PT with several cast members in attendance.
Scheduled to appear are:

  • Bruce Campbell, “Ashley ‘Ash’ Williams”
  • Ray Santiago, “Pablo Simon Bolivar”
  • Dana DeLorenzo, “Kelly Maxwell”
  • Ted Raimi, “Chet Kaminski”
  • Lee Majors, “Brock Williams”

Ticket info is as follows (click here for additional details):

  • Patron & Supporting Level Members: On Sale Now
  • General Members: On Sale Wednesday, 8/24, at 9:00 am PT
  • General Public: On Sale Thursday, 8/25, at 9:00 am PT

Be sure to visit paleyfest.org for the full schedule and more info.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

NECA Evil Dead 2 Ultimate Ash Williams – Toyark Advanced Review and Gallery

Info from news.toyark.com:

NECA has provided us with an early sample of their upcoming Evil Dead 2 – Ash Williams Ultimate 7″ Scale Figure. This figure is based on their original Deadite Ash and Farewell To Arms Ash figures, which were released in 2012 as part of Evil Dead Series 1. The figure an updated lower body, bringing it to 25 points of articulation. Ash is packed in a flapped window box and includes a number of film related accessories. These include two interchangeable Ash head sculpts (bloody and Deadite), interchangeable right forearms, interchangeable standard and possessed hands, a severed possessed hand, a severed Deadite Linda head, a Necronomicon, tape recorder, a shotgun and an axe.

We have nearly 80 high resolution photos. Read on to see the gallery and our review of the figure.

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Featured Videos: Ash4President | Purple Mountains and A Real Man in the White House | STARZ

He’s already the king. Now it’s time to make him President.

Visit http://ash4president.com/ to join the movement

Source: STARZ

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