Thursday, January 29, 2015

'Evil Dead' Alternate Ending And Extended Scenes Aired In The UK, Landed On YouTube

Jodi Clager writes:

When Fede Alvarez’s Evil Dead was in production, there were many rumors that Ashley J. Williams would appear in the film in some capacity. The Chin himself, Bruce Campbell, dismissed the rumors. Alas, he wasn’t available at the time and the alternate scene, complete with groovy catchphrase, was never filmed.

There is, however, a previously unreleased ending on YouTube, thanks to an alternate cut of the movie that aired in the UK. A Bloody Disgusting reader found an IMDB thread about the extended version of Evil Dead and then BOOM. We’ve got more footage for a flick that I simply enjoyed the hell out of, much to my husband’s chagrin.

These clips are not safe for work or dinnertime. That’s what makes them awesome.

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Featured Video: Steve's Clip Joint episode 3 - Ash from Evil Dead impersonator

Steve meets Dennis Carter Jr., an impersonator of Ash from the comedy/horror movies Evil Dead and Army of Darkness at the NY Horror Show 2015. Dennis is also the curator of the Dennis Carter Jr. Movie Museum. Check out this interview featuring unique movie props and Evil Dead stuff!
Shot, hosted, and edited by Steve Strangio
Music by Kevin MacLeod

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Evil Dead Anthology Review

In the annals of horror history, few films are as universally adored as Evil Dead (1981). A ragged, breathless, almost plotless adrenalin surge of a movie, it is about as pure a horror movie as you can get.

The set-up is that which launched a thousand imitators. Five college kids go to an abandoned cabin and, through playing a tape recorder of a vocal translation of the fabled Necronomicon, unleash an evil in the woods that possesses and kills them, one-by-one.

As simplistic as this is, the film really stands on pure energy and imagination. In particular, the frenetic and innovative camerawork of teenage director Sam Raimi. In time, he would become one of the biggest names in Hollywood, but the invention and will to entertain are already firmly in place in this, his first calling card.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015


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AOD S-Mart Ending - Have You Ever Noticed?

2 Featured Items: Mia Evil Dead Custom Action Figure & Custom Hot Wheels Olds & package of "Movie Metal" from Evil Dead

Hi Realmers, Im a big fan of horror films and love the Original evil dead films, I also love the 2013 version they made.
I always figured some company would make a Mia figure, but to my knowledge one was never made. So I had a crack at one myself, from the ending scenes with the red dress, missing hand and chainsaw, Had to call in the wife on this one to sew the red dress for me.
Recipe Head and upper body Hope Summers, ML
Legs Chun Lee sota SF
I Sanded off the boots and resculpted them, Removed the hand and added small bits of plastic for the stump gore, and bloodied up the whole thing to represent her in the final scenes in the movie, and sculpted the necklace.
Old Ash even got a repaint for the photo.
Cheers guys thanks for checking her out.

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Hello all Here we have an auction for a customized HotWheels and custom blister package. The vehicle has been sealed on the card. The product is custom made so it is not perfect but we had fun putting them together and hope that you enjoy them as well (please check out the pics and ask any and all questions that you may have) ...also dont forget to stop by our store and check out the other great origional comic art and our fine selection of custom minimates custom gi joes, and custom hotwheels ..and if you dont see who you want just let us know and we can set up a free estimate for you..thanks and have a great day!!

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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Bruce Campbell Rocks Wizard World Comic Con with LAST FAN STANDING!

D.M. Anderson writes:

The good folks at Moviepilot were gracious enough to arrange for me to cover all three days of the Wizard World Comic Con in Portland, OR. I was honored, excited and nervous all at once, because even though I’ve been around a while (probably longer than most of you reading this), I’ve never actually attended a Comic Con before, never cosplayed or hung around those who do (although my youngest daughter, because of my long hair and beard, suggested I cosplay as Jesus).

Still, I was up for the challenge, and for the first day of the Con, since most of the celebrity Q&A panels were scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, I planned to mingle and see what was there, get some pix of some of the more impressive cosplayers and sit-in on a few of the events scheduled for the evening.

But, alas, I feel like I may have let Moviepilot down on this first night. Sure, I met some folks with awesome costumes, and was in awe of the vendor booths which filled the Oregon Convention Center (it’s truly movie-TV-comic-geek heaven). But then I got distracted like Dug the Dog spotting a squirrel when they announced Bruce Campbell’s new game show, Last Fan Standing, would be beginning in a few minutes.

Oh, hell yeah! I just had to cover this!

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Bollywood Evil Dead [Bach Ke Zara] - Deja View

Remember the sexy mud-wrestling dance number in “The Evil Dead?” Or were you watching the boring one?

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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Tanz der Teufel 2 - Mediabook - Cover A - Unboxing (Deutsch/German)

Source: UnboxingboysDE

Featured Artwork: Ash Splash by Erik Johnson

Originally I was going to go for a more humorous set up involving Ash's possessed hand teaming up with Thing from The Addams Family, but instead I opted for a more rubbery representation of Bruce Campbell's face so that I could experiment with my new red paint pen and blend it with some grayscale markers to create a more realistic shade of blood.

In retrospect, if I was going to distort the face as much as did, a bright red poster paint blood probably would have worked better and come off as funnier.

Sketch ya' later!