Monday, June 30, 2008

Sundown: The Vampire in Retreat DVD Details

Lionsgate Home Entertainment sent along final details for the Special Edition DVD of Anthony Hickox’s SUNDOWN: THE VAMPIRE IN RETREAT, which the director discussed with us here. The disc, streeting September 23, will feature a brand new widescreen transfer of the bloodsucker Western, accompanied by:

• Audio commentary by Hickox and cinematographer Levie Isaacks
• New interviews with stars Bruce Campbell and David Carradine
• Making-of featurette

Retail price is $19.98
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Lovecraft: Fear of the Unknown at San Diego Comic Con

LOVECRAFT: FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN has been selected for its first film festival. An earlier version of the documentary will be shown at the 2008 Comic Con International Film Festival in San Diego.

Thursday, July 24
Room 26AB

Please tell all you can. If you happen to be in San Diego for the Con, it would be a pleasure to see you at the screening.

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Click here for trailer:

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Evil Dead: The Musical a Bona Fide Cult Hit

Stay away from this show if you're easily offended by a few cuss words, violent imagery and vast amounts of squirting blood.


Featured Video: A Day in the Life with Bruce

From Fangoria Blood Drive II: America's Best Short Horror Films. Come hang out with Bruce Campbell on his lavender farm and talk Evil Dead, Army of Darkness, his alter ego Ash, fan conventions, and signing boobies.

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Note: You may need Internet Explorer to view.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Bruce Campbell injured on Burn Notice set

Show creator Matt Nix:

"He actually just pulled his hamstring doing a stunt, I just got a call, he's on the way to the hospital."

"He called me on the way to the hospital to say, 'Here's my idea of how we'll write it into the show.'"

The injury happened earlier this week.

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Scott Spiegel to Write and Direct 'Hostel' Sequel?

Last week we broke the news on the film, now we just received a very interesting phone call from a reliable source that informs us that writer-director-actor-producer Scott Spiegel is in serious talks to both write and direct Hostel: Part III, which we're told is slated to go direct-to-DVD/Blu-ray.


'Brutal Massacre' NYC Screening Reminder

Then there’s Anchor Bay’s BRUTAL MASSACRE, playing a total of 11 shows July 5-22, with the cast attending the first premiere date.

Horror vets Ken (HALLOWEEN) Foree, Gunnar (TEXAS CHAINSAW) Hansen and Ellen (EVIL DEAD) Sandweiss co-star, with cameos by Mick Garris and Fango editor Tony Timpone, among others.


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

'My Name Is Bruce' Release Date and Sequel News! attended the Saturn Awards on Tuesday night in Universal City, California and caught up with Dark Horse Comics' Mike Richardson, who told us that Bruce Campbell's My Name is Bruce will hit theaters this October.

But that's not all! Richardson said that a sequel, titled My Name is Still Bruce, is in the works as well. Dark Horse Entertainment and Image Entertainment will distribute both films.


Evil Dead marks its 300th performance

"Surprisingly enough, Raimi gave me the rights from the start. It was all legal, but very limited. Later on, when we started to expand, the film company entered the picture and they kept us on a very short leash until they knew it was good."


IGN: Burn Notice: Bruce Campbell Is Back

The Evil Dead star talks Season 2 of his USA series.

Campbell: So, my mom doesn't want me doing any more stunts. She gets nauseous. During Evil Dead, she got really sick to the core watching the movie and it wasn't because it was gross. It was because her little boy Bruce was getting beat up.

Apparently, there is more of this interview. It was first posted here on June 20th.


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Sunday, June 22, 2008


The Ladies of the Evil Dead at San Diego Comic Con

San Diego Comic Con
San Diego Convention Center
111 W. Harbor Dr.
San Diego, CA 92101
July 24-27, 2008



Since my prior visit in 2006 (click for more thorough descriptions of the cabin etc.) I'd been wanting to revisit the site and take some better shots as well as some video. I should have video edited soon. In the meantime, here's some new shots and details. Enjoy..

Special Thanks to Creeping-Cruds!

Blood and show tunes: It's`Evil Dead: The Musical'

Click to enlarge images:

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The Man. The Legend. The King… and a Mummy?!?

Probably one of the greatest things about Bubba Ho-Tep is that even the little things give you a laugh, but it’s not forced. Outlandish maybe, but no more so than a 2,000 year old Egyptian mummy dressed like Garth Brooks terrorizing a random Texas nursing home that just happens to house Elvis and a black man who thinks he’s JFK.


Friday, June 20, 2008

Assault on Dome 4 (Starring Bruce Campbell)

The pantheon of characters spun from Bruce Campbell’s fecund acting talents is both rich and blinding – a prolific and consistent set of filmic highlights: characters who distract from shoddiness, who ameliorate the woeful, raising the mediocre to exalted heights, turning shite into gold.

Check out this superb article on Bruce's performance in Assault on Dome 4:


Bruce Campbell: The TV Squad Interview

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Evil Dead: The Musical Opening Night

Opening night of Evil Dead: The Musical, playing through July 26 at the Campbell Theatre in Martinez, CA

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

ED2 and AOD re-released on UK DVD Sept 22nd

djsmokingjam over at Deadites posted this bit of info today:

The fine folks at Optimum Releasing are putting out Evil Dead II and Army Of Darkness on UK DVD on September 22nd, as well as releasing ED2 on Blu Ray that same day. No word yet on extras (if any) for these and whether the ED2 Blu Ray will have the same controversial Divimax transfer as Anchor Bay's one. However, several shopping sites seem to confirm that AOD will be released in the "European edit", that's longer than the US theatrical version but still shorter than the Director's Cut.

Here are the links for pre-order: - Evil Dead II - Evil Dead II - Blu-ray - Army of Darkness

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Featured Video - 'The Sappy Sap'

A short film starring Scott Spiegel. Made by Sam Raimi and the Evil Dead gang.

Thanks GoodAsh03!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Brutal Massacre: A Comedy - Box Art - Front and Back

Click to enlarge images:

Check out all the horror and comedy greats on the back cover including Ellen Sandweiss!


Friday, June 13, 2008

'The Evil Dead' - Some Film-Related Rants and Musings

Here’s a movie that’s genuinely suspenseful in that charming cliched kind of way, and also gruesome, sometime thoroughly unwatchable, and very, very funny in ways both intentional and (maybe) unintentional.


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Splatter and splash horror spoofs come to the stage

The story is based on the film of the same name; only singing and dancing has been added to the Sam Raimi classic. Tunes that populate the show include "All the Men in My Life Keep Getting Killed by Candarian Demons," "What the (expletive) Was That?" and "Do the Necronomicon."

"Evil Dead: The Musical" opens tomorrow, Friday the 13th, in Martinez, Ca. at The Willows Theatre.

'The Evil Dead' Thursday, Jun. 12 at 11:00 PM EDT

On the Independent Film Channel (IFC) tonight!

Despite the shoestring production values, Raimi has fashioned a tight, lightning-paced fever dream of a movie, filled with operatic overacting and outrageously gory effects that give the project a comic-book feel.


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sundown: The Vampire in Retreat DVD Release!

Veteran British horror director Anthony Hickox got in touch with Fango to confirm some details about Lionsgate’s upcoming special-edition DVD of his 1990 cult bloodsucker opus SUNDOWN: THE VAMPIRE IN RETREAT (pictured).

Bruce Campbell and David Carradine came in and spoke about the movie,” he reveals. “But sadly, Deborah Foreman wouldn’t do it, which was a bit strange. It’s a shame, because she was great in the film; we also did LOBSTER MAN FROM MARS together. However, she really didn’t like the whole experience of acting.”


Release Date - September 23rd - Source:

Featured Article - Mark and Ted's "Evil Dead" Adventure

Let's take a stroll into the plaster room and see if Ted Raimi is ready for some body casting...

Mark Shostrom is best known for contributing special makeup FX to From Beyond
, Phantasm II, Deepstar Six and the upcoming Shadow Zone.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

BRUTAL MASSACRE video contest now on-line

Anchor Bay has set up a contest tying in with its July 22 DVD release of BRUTAL MASSACRE, Stevan Mena’s mockumentary about the trials and tribulations of B-horror filmmaker Harry Penderecki (played by David Naughton)

You can check out the submissions so far and enter your own clip at the contest’s YouTube page, and see the complete rules here.


Army of Darkness, Splitting Ash, Prototype

Click to enlarge images:

Check out this one-of-a-kind!

Action figure[s] are sculpted at twice the size they will end up being. Hence the term 2up.

2ups are extremely rare, and there are generally only one made.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Betsy Baker Update - Upcoming Appearances

BETSY is BACK! With Her Brand New One-Woman Show - "Bewitched, Bloated, And Bewildered"
LA - The Gardenia
7066 Santa Monica Blvd.
West Hollywood
Friday, June 27 and Saturday, June 28 @ 9 pm

More Information:


Evil Dead: The Musical Fans Line Up for 300th Show

Evil Dead: The Musical is celebrating its 300th show in Toronto and fans lined up this morning in front of The Diesel Playhouse to grab the first 300 tickets, sold for just $3 (or 300 cents) each.


Friday, June 6, 2008

Bruce Campbell - The Man

It's a funny thing. You either love him so much that your affection borders on the fanatical or you've never heard of him before...and be forewarned: if you've never heard of him before, there's probably a geek waiting in the wings ready to pounce on you and educate you ASAP.


'Evil Dead: The Musical' Planning Special 300th Show Celebration

The production, which includes original Ash star Ryan Ward, is celebrating its 300th show at the Diesel Playhouse in Toronto. But it's more than just a big number -- according to Diesel, this makes it the longest running Canadian show in Toronto history.


Raimi's Evil Dead Remake Update

I got a chance to catch up with Sam Raimi this afternoon for a little rumor control.

The director tells us there is still zero movement on the proposed Evil Dead remake that was first announced when Ghost House Pictures was formed. As he told me during our last meeting, he's just too busy focusing on other projects to mull over Ash's return to the screen. "We still want to do it," he says. "We still think it's worth trying and I've still not done a single thing about it."

Source: - Thanks Ryan Rotten!

Tom Sullivan Appearance This Weekend!

The Milwaukee Massacre
June 7th and 8th

Wisconsin State Fairgrounds
West Allis, Wisconsin.

Tom will be there with his Movie Memorabilia Museum and his trusty sidekick, Evil Dead Historian and Bookbinder of the Dead, Pat Reese. Its a huge full blown horror convention with Heavy Metal music, a huge costume contest and a bunch of Horror Stars.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Ted Raimi to have cameo role in sequel to 30 Days of Night

The series is produced by FEARnet and Sam Raimi’s Ghost House Productions, with cameos from genre favorites Ted Raimi (Sam’s bro, who starred in Xena and Spider-Man) and Ken Foree (who kicked all kinds of undead ass in the original Dawn of the Dead). The series will also star the sexy queen of the Saw film series, Ms. Shawnee Smith.


Evil Dead II: Dead By Dawn Review

What makes Evil Dead II so fun to watch and gives it tons of re-watch value is the frantic pacing. Ash is battling demons within the first five minutes, and it doesn’t stop for the next 81 minutes.

Source: - DeadMike

'The Evil Dead' review here
'Army of Darkness' review here

Featured Video - Ellen Sandweiss - SurvivorMan Parody

Check out Ellen Sandweiss in this "parody short on the hit show SurvivorMan as well as an episode of the office mixed in for good measure." 0:46 - 1:12 features Ellen.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Featured Pic

Click to enlarge image:

What are the odds of these guys ever being in the same room again? I want one of those chainsaw awards! Send in your rare or unique Evil Dead related items to and I'll post them regularly.

Geek-Out Moment: Proof chainsaws are awesome

Raimi paid his geek dues long before headlining the Spider-Man movies. Raimi made a name for himself writing and directing the Evil Dead series, a horrific tale of blood, gore, and chainsaws.

Source: - Michael Sherrin

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Tom Sullivan Interview by The Angry Princess

What was the movie that you had the most fun working on?

: Movies are hard to make. But Evil Dead was a creative dream come true. Sam gave me very little prep time so most of what you see in Evil Dead was created the night before we filmed it.

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