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Bruce Campbell Speaks after MY NAME IS BRUCE Screening

Actor/director Bruce Campbell talks about his latest movie MY NAME IS BRUCE with Tim League & audience after Oct. 26th screening at Alamo Ritz.

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Happy Halloween from Evil Dead News!!!

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Q&A: Bruce Campbell

Do you regret any of your movie roles?
Never. If I took a film for the wrong reason, I’ll pay for it. Fans will blog all over it. But I’ve also done some work for the money, because I fucking needed the money. I’m a working actor! Fortunately, my coke habit is less than it used to be. Same with the meth.

Any update on “Evil Dead 4”?
Well, there’s talk of that or doing a remake. I’m less interested in a remake, because…why do that? But that’s a personal thing. The investors of the original—they got us started, gave us money when no one else would, and it might be nice to do a remake and please them. And make our fans happy, of course.

Then again, there’s a reason nothing’s happening right now. Sam just signed on for two more “Spider-Man” films, and I have a five-year TV contract. When we finally get back to “Evil Dead,” we’ll be 70. It’ll be like watching Harrison Ford now: “I’m too old for this!”

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Horrors! 10 Best Blu-ray Fright Flicks

1. Evil Dead II. OK, how the heck did they make this old movie look so good? It was just Sam Raimi and his buddies out in the woods! Anchor Bay's Blu-ray has such clarity that it looks like Bruce Campbell is backflipping right in your living room. There are a few shots that look like mere film stock, but since 90 percent of this restoration shows off gritty cabin debris and bright red and green blood (depending on human or demon victim), it is an amazing hi-def achievement.


The New York Times - Movie Review: 'My Name is Bruce'

In “My Name Is Bruce,” a silly horror comedy that only a cultist could love, Bruce Campbell (“The Evil Dead,” “Bubba Ho-tep”), the star of countless B-movie thrillers, mercilessly spoofs himself.

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Ash out, Hellboy in for BUBBA NOSFERATU?

It's been awhile since we've heard anything substantial about Don Coscarelli's long-gestating sequel to the cult hit BUBBA HO-TEP, but this tidbit is definitely interesting. In an interview with AICN, Paul (SIDEWAYS) Giamatti goes on-record to say that Ron (HELLBOY) Perlman is interested in donning the sequined jumpsuit for the sequel. While that's likely to set off a good number of message board flame wars, the possibility is certainly intriguing. Giamatti himself has been passionately championing the project for some time, which says a lot in itself. So what do all of you think? Can Perlman pull off what Campbell so masterfully did before him?


Original Source: AICN Exclusive: Hear who is filling Elvis' jumpsuit in BUBBA NOSFERATU from the mouth of Col. Parker himself, Mr. Paul Giamatti! Source:

Interview: Bruce Campbell

It also has to be exciting for you to offer your fans a sort of self parodying of “Bruce Campbell” a little bit.

Oh man, no, it’s horrible… people are going to be very devastated when they see what I’ve done to “Bruce Campbell”. It’ll be very disturbing. Because I’m the only one who can do it so I got to do it with impunity. And you know, the basic premise is, them kidnapping Bruce Campbell to help fight a monster in a small Oregon town. And it just turns out to be a really, really bad idea. The “Bruce Campbell” that I’m portraying is, you know, a jerk, a loser, a drunk, asshole… he’s completely and utterly worthless.

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Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert Delve Back Into Fantasy with Legend of the Seeker

Are any of the Renaissance Pictures regulars going to be making cameos in this?

Sam Raimi: Ted Raimi is in the next episode after this. If Bruce Campbell... his show is so successful, Burn Notice, it's a great success, but if they ever gave him a break, Rob and I would love to have him on Legend of the Seeker.

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Bruce Campbell Interview - Sundown: The Vampire in Retreat

A slightly shortened interview, a special feature from the DVD for the 1990 film Sundown: The Vampire in Retreat.

Source: What I Watched Last Night

On the scene with Bruce Campbell

During a rip-roaring audience Q&A following the screening, the 50-year-old showman breezily dispensed with the obligatory Evil Dead questions. There might one day be an Evil Dead IV, but not until Sam Raimi completes Spider-Man 4: "So I'll be, like, 95 when he's ready to go." As for talk of remaking the original Evil Dead, Campbell can't imagine there'd be much of a role for him. "What, am I going to play the old guy at the bait store?" he asked. "'You guys be careful, that place is haunted!' 'Aw, shut up, old man and pump our gas!' 'Enh, I warned 'em!'"


10 Best Chain Saw Movies

While it's no doubt the impetus for chain saw horrors that followed, 1974's "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre" doesn't even break the Top 10 on Cinemagora's "Best Chain Saw Movies."

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Bruce Campbell Q&A - Star Wars Fan Days 2 - 10/25/08 - Parts 4 and 5

Part 4:

Part 5

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Featured Item - Evil Dead 2 Jacket - Fan Made

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i made an evil dead 2 stencil and sprayed a jacket with it. it was pretty easy, something people might want to try.
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Bruce Campbell for President 2012

Campbell / Rollins 2012!

We seek to elect Bruce Campbell to be President of the United States of America in 2012. We also assume that for maximum awesomeness, his running mate shall be none other than Henry Fucking Rollins. Are they qualified? Who the fuck cares? It's Bruce Campbell and Henry Rollins! About the only way they could make it any better is if they promise to make Samuel L. Jackson Secretary of State.

How you can help

Spread the word. More will be here soon.

Bruce Campbell / Henry Rollins — Change that will kick your ass!


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4 New 'Drag Me to Hell' Images!!

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Sam Raimi Won't Say Whether 'Drag Me To Hell' Actually Takes Viewers To Hell - Source:

Bruce Campbell Q&A - Star Wars Fan Days 2 - 10/25/08 - Parts 2 and 3

Part 2:

Part 3

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Watch the Official Trailer for My Name is Bruce!

That's right, kiddies. We had this up a while ago and it was a bit raw, then it was yanked down. Tonight, Dark Horse and Image Entertainment have given the official trailer for My Name is Bruce, starring...Bruce Campbell. You may notice, the temp music used in the last incarnation of this trailer has been swapped out. If this is your first time seeing it, enjoy!

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Theater review: 'Evil Dead' is a bloody good time

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Filled with energetic, even inspired performances from its young cast and with the knowing directorial eye of Nicholas Gray focused on the script's comic possibilities, "Evil Dead" is undeniably fun, even if its relentlessly silly tone does occasionally threaten to wear out its welcome.

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Bruce Campbell introduces "Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn"

Bruce Campbell introduces said film at Dallas Q&A. ...

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More 'My Name Is Bruce' Reviews

But even though the film's somewhat forgettable it's still a lot of fun, and deserves to be seen in a theater with a group of like-minded geeks. This is a movie that will not play nearly as well at home, so if the movie's touring near you these next few weeks (there's a full list of theaters here) don't let it pass you by.

7.5 out of 10


The true appeal of MY NAME IS BRUCE lies in the way it conflates its star’s real-life career and fictional persona, and will be most enjoyed by those who can differentiate the bona fide tacky Campbell credits it namechecks (i.e. MOONTRAP, ASSAULT ON DOME 4) from those it makes up. The most significant of the latter is CAVE ALIEN, which on evidence of the scenes we see is truly terrible, but has managed to not only spawn sequels but land on the cover of FANGORIA. Throughout, there are in-jokes in both the dialogue and casting (Ellen Sandweiss, Campbell’s girlfriend Cheryl in the original EVIL DEAD, turns up here as Bruce’s ex-wife Cheryl), and MY NAME IS BRUCE can be seen as the ultimate love letter—with a pen dipped in poison—from Campbell to his die-hard followers.


The absolute best part of the film is Bruce "the chin" Campbell though. The man is unquestionably hilarious in this film and you can tell he's having the time of his life playing a parody of himself (at least I hope the real Mr. Campbell isn't drinking Wild Turkey out of a dog bowl on a regular basis). He's pompous like Ash, despises his fans, is kinda dense, makes fun of his own body of work, but still manages to be a charmer all at the same time.


'Spartacus' unshackled with Starz

Starz is bringing "Spartacus" to life on the small screen, greenlighting a 13-episode series from executive producers Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert and Joshua Donen.

Steven S. DeKnight ("Smallville") has signed on as head writer and showrunner of the hourlong series, set in the brutal world of gladiators, said Starz Entertainment executive vp programming Stephan Shelanski.

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25 Cheesiest Syndicated TV Shows

JACK OF ALL TRADES (2000-2001)
Bruce Campbell
The Evil Dead veteran plays an American agent during the 1800s who's sent to the South Pacific to help a British spy (Angela Dotchin) guard against Napoleon's naval advances.
As always, Bruce's chin. And the brilliance of casting Verne Troyer as Bonaparte.

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Bruce Campbell Q&A - Star Wars Fan Days 2 - 10/25/08 - Pt. 1

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My Name is Bruce - Review

Bruce Campbell directs, as well as stars, and turns in what I believe his best effort behind the camera. The movie looks great, the editing and lighting (cinematography, etc) is wonderful. On top of this, the acting is solid (and doesn't sport any annoying "actors" for Bulgaria), with Bruce showing us some of those old Evil Dead moves, one of such homage involving a drunken stupor and a dog bowl. It was very funny.

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Evil Dead: The Musical: The Movie in 3D

Plans are in the works for a movie version of Evil Dead: The Musical, say creators of the campy stage show based on the horror film classics. The theatrical show's creators, Christopher Bond and Hinton Battle, say that the original Evil Dead's creator, Sam Raimi, has given his thumbs up to the project, which may begin shooting as soon as next spring.

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In honor of the release of MY NAME IS BRUCE later this month, we're giving away 10 autographed MY NAME IS BRUCE theatrical one-sheet posters, signed by the man himself... BRUCE CAMPBELL! That's right, you primitive screwheads. Listen up for the details!

To enter, simply send us an email to:

In the subject header, make sure you write "BRUCE CONTEST".

We want to make sure we're giving these autographed posters to real die-heard Bruce fans, so tell us you FULL name, your FULL address and your 3 favorite Bruce Campbell movies. (Don't say THE EVIL DEAD, EVIL DEAD 2: DEAD BY DAWN or ARMY OF DARKNESS. We want to hear your top 3 non-EVIL DEAD Bruce Campbell favorites!)

And that's that!

We will draw random winners on Monday November 4th, 2008.

Enter now and good luck!

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Exclusive Interview: KNB EFX's Greg Nicotero

Some excerpts:

...listen, lower budget, smaller films, it forces you to be creative. You don't have what Rob Tapert always named the "money hose" back when we were doing Army of Darkness. "Oh yeah, back when we did Dark Man, you know, any problem we had they would just turn on the money hose and the problem would go away." Which I think is a great, great analogy for Hollywood.

Shock: Is KNB the well-oiled machine that you had always envisioned it being 20 years ago? Do you think there's more room for expansion?
We're always pushing the envelope in terms of coming up with things that we think are cool like The Unborn or Drag Me to Hell. Drag Me to Hell was probably one of the most fun film experiences I've had in the past five years.

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31 Days of Horror: The Evil Dead

Is October complete without The Evil Dead? Hell no. Heck, any month is incomplete without watching one of these movies - they easily rank among my all time favorite flicks to watch. I totally whore out on these bloody, funny, fantastic films and buy multiple copies of the DVD, T-Shirts, figures, everything. The original is a great, low budget scary movie. The kind every young man wants to make with his friends (which is exactly what happened).

Click Here To Read More - Source: - Robert Fure

Fortunately, Evil Dead: The Musical has been been released on CD and it is freakin' awesome. This is a must have CD for Evil Dead fans. People unfamiliar with the movies probably wouldn't get any of the tunes but they're surprisingly good with some great humour thrown in.

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Evil Dead 2 - FEARnet

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Exclusive: Bruce Campbell Talks Evil Dead Remake

Bruce Campbell told me in our exclusive one on one chat that although he is all for doing a new one or even remaking the classic film it is not moving forward yet and despite comments by Sam Raimi and even Bruce himself that it is just talk... nothing is happening with the project.

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Some eBay Items


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Evil Dead the Musical (rare Mama Mia inspired poster):

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Featured Video: Japanese Evil Dead Trailer

The 23 Best Horror Games

#23: Evil Dead: Regeneration

Let's be honest, the handful of video games based on Sam Raimi's pre-Spider-man, Evil Dead trilogy lacked most qualities that made the horror-comedy films so damn cool. But THQ's Evil Dead: Regeneration, the fourth game adapted from the Evil Dead movies, was as close to a game that matched the cheesy awesomeness of the films.

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Yahoo! Users Top-Rated Horror Movies

The Evil Dead at #14 - Source:

Evil Dead II at #13

Two to watch: 'Evil Dead' and 'Thoreau'

'Evil Dead: The Musical'

The closest thing to a red-meat Halloween show in Wilmington this year is a musical. Which might be just the thing to truly terrify horror fans, but they'll likely be pleasantly surprised at director Nicholas Gray's take on "Evil Dead: The Musical," which opens at City Stage on Friday.

Details: 8 p.m. Oct. 24-26, Oct. 30-Nov. 2, Nov. 7-9 and Nov. 14-16 at City Stage, 21 N. Front St. $12-$22. 342-0272.

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Venue Location:

Level 5 at City Stage
21 North Front Street
Wilmington, NC 28401
Phone (910) 342-0272
Fax (910) 342-0274

More Theatre Info Here -

Sam Raimi Says Goodbye To Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan Franchise, Chooses ‘Spider-Man’ Instead

“I’m really excited about Spider-Man,” he told us this week, revealing that his flirtation with the Tom Clancy novel-to-film series that has starred Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford and Ben Affleck is finished. “Production [on more ‘Spider-Man’ films] would start probably by March, I’m guessing of 2010.”

Raimi revealed to us during the chat that he’d be willing to shoot “Spider-Man 4” and “Spider-Man 5” at the same time, and also spoke about the futures of Kirsten Dunst and The Lizard. And, as he explained, that doesn’t leave him any time to reboot Tom Clancy’s tale of America’s top CIA operative.

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Make Your Own Necronomicon

Creating a homemade prop Book Of The Dead like the one in the Evil Dead series.

Source: - Patrick A. Prejusa

Featured Pic

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Cinematical Seven: The Best of Bruce Campbell

Okay. Deep breath. Today I am just going to go all-out fangirl, unabashedly, unashamedly. Next week you can ask me to discuss the Bechdel rule or the future of the term "mumblecore." But on Sunday, My Name is Bruce comes to Austin as part of a tour around the country, with its filmmaker-star Bruce Campbell in attendance, and my goofy inner fan is taking the upper hand over the professional film critic.

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Female Ash - BuddhafulX

Some awesome pics from BuddhafulX's Flickr page (click to enlarge images) . . .

Evil Ash vs. Ash

Ash owns Jason

Photos taken at Spooky Empire Screamfest 2008 in Orlando, FL - Oct. 17th-19th, 2008

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Review: Graphic novel reinvents Evil Dead characters

Dark Horse Comics’ "The Evil Dead" trade paperback introduces itself to readers as “Featuring Sam Raimi’s classic characters!”

But the combination of Mark Verheiden’s writing and John Bolton’s art does more than merely feature these existing characters - it re-invents them.

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Bruce Campbell and Mark Verheiden Discuss 'My Name Is Bruce' - Fangoria #278

Click to enlarge image:

The current issue of FANGORIA (the one with the lovely image from SAW V on the cover) has a fairly in-depth interview with yours truly and Mr. Campbell on the entire panoply of intrigue that was, is and will be My Name Is Bruce. Plus photos! Learn the grisly truth about the original idea for Bruce, my very professional Bruce writing technique (hint, it involved beverages with "proof" on the label), and more!

Source 1:

FANGORIA #278—on sale October 28!
Source 2:

Army of Darkness #14 - In Stores Oct. 22, 2008

Click to enlarge image:

After lucky (or was it unlucky? With Ash, who can tell...) issue #13, our creative team takes the main man on an exciting new (and very, very dark) journey!

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Sneak Peek Here! - Source:

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‘Evil Dead 4’ Remains On Back Burner As Raimi’s Comic-Con Announcement Fades Into Memory

With Halloween upon us once again, the thoughts of a loyal fanbase are returning to Ash and his adventures with the Book of the Dead. And as many of them remember, legendary director Sam Raimi was walking around Comic-Con a few months ago telling us and the massive audience in Hall H that when his brother Ivan was coming to visit in August, they had plans to finally sit down and write a fourth “Evil Dead” flick. Even star Bruce Campbell got in the action, promising the film wouldn’t rely on a younger sidekick, a la “Indiana Jones” and “Die Hard.”

So, whatever happened with that, Sam?

“We never did it,” Raimi admitted when we checked in with him on the project recently. “There was too much work to do on ‘Drag Me to Hell.’

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Campbell Ready to Take Bruce on Tour

My Name is Bruce begins its sweep across the U.S. on August 26th in Austin, Texas where the first, and momentarily only, showing sold out in fifteen minutes. A second screening was announced and the faithful came out in numbers to gobble up tickets. Then a midnight show was added. "The whole purpose is to get this film out there. Show it. Do they want to see it? After I leave, do they still want to see it?" the actor queries. We deny him an answer because it seems obvious: Yes. Bruce mania is still in full effect, folks. "I can always do the official appearance, but after I'm gone, what's the deal?"

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Sam Raimi Linked to Warcraft Movie?

On World of Warcraft:

"In the world of video games, it's usually more of an environment or a scenario, not character-based ... but they certainly could [be better]. There's 'World of Warcraft' — what an awesome video game! It has such great, adventurous characters in it and such fantastic landscapes and rules. ... You could make a brilliant 'World of Warcraft' movie — as fine as any of the best superhero movies — if you had the right writers and directors."

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Evil Dead: the Musical, Indianapolis - Review

OK, I don't write often, or recommend shows - not even the ones I am in and think are great. But this is a fun time. I went Sunday afternoon and was thoroughly delighted....well, as much as one can be by spewing blood, zombies and - well - the EVIL DEAD. Few things in theater are as much fun as theater lampooning itself. And this does so. Very well. Great set - congrats to all the tech in that, great lights - nice and saturated colors - and bright green - so you know it's evil!

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Interview with Rob Tapert: Is the Door Still Open for an Evil Dead Remake?

There have been lots of rumors about an Evil Dead remake, and even IMDb has it slated to release as early as next year, is there any kind of truth to that?

RT: Certainly not that soon! Here's what happened: a few years ago when remakes like Texas Chainsaw Massacre were all the rave, people asked if we had ever thought about remaking Evil Dead. Bruce went, "No Way!" and I didn't think it was a great idea, but Sam said we shouldn't discount it.

To answer your question, we haven't done anything with it, but the door is still open.

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Here is a superb interview with Bruce Campbell!

A couple of highlights below . . .

On getting all of the Ladies of the Evil Dead for MNIB:

Exactly! I wanted all of them. I wanted the other 2 ladies. And the other 2 ladies were going to play other parts, but they were concerned about union issues, because we made this non-union. And so, they didn’t want to be tortured by that. I tried to get them all, but I’ll get them back in the next one.

MNIB on Blu-ray!!:

Like MY NAME IS BRUCE when it comes out on DVD, it'll be out in Blu-Ray in February and it's going to be gorgeous. But because we also have a beautiful hour long making-of doc about making that damned thing, I feel pressured as a filmmaker now to do as much for the DVD extras as I do for the movie!

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Bruce Campbell on Evil Dead Sequel/Remake, MNIB sequel

On an Evil Dead Sequel/Remake:

Yeah, it’s real simple. It isn’t good or bad. It’s basically we thought we would do part IV whenever it made sense with my schedule and Sam’s, and we’ve both been busy. You just have to make it happen and it’s all about attention span. If it’s going to happen it will happen organically before I get too old.
There’s a reason why these things [Evil Dead sequel/remake] haven’t gotten made. It’s because people are either too busy or not really that interested. If we were really dying to make an Evil Dead remake we would have made it. If we really wanted to do an Evil Dead IV we would have done it.

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On a 'My Name Is Bruce' sequel:

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Evil Dead 2 game for Atari 2600!!

Click to enlarge image:

My friend djsmokingjam posted the following over at Deadites:

Ooh, I wish I had access to an Atari 2600... I want I want I want! Mainly just to see if it's any better than the Commodore ED game.

Click Here For Thread - Source:

Someone buy this game and send in some screenshots!

Info from eBay seller:



Click Here To Bid! - Source:
Here's more info on the Commodore 64 game - Source:

411 Movies Interview: Producer Rob Tapert

Rob Tapert has produced some of the biggest horror films in Hollywood over the past 20 years. He has produced Evil Dead, The Grudge, 30 Days of Night, Army of Darkness, and a whole lot more. He has also produced a number of television shows, including Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior Princess. In my interview with Rob Tapert, we talked about his company Ghost House Pictures, which he runs with Sam Raimi, and their latest DVD box set that includes eight horror films.

Click Here For More - Source:

Lots more Rob Tapert interviews here:

Click Here!! - Source:

Holy Hell! Sam Raimi, Ridley Scott, and Leonardo DiCaprio Team up For ‘Sleeper’!

Click to enlarge image:

Warner Bros has really put together an amazingly talented team for this movie! Sam Raimi has been wanteing to get this off the ground for some time now and he is going to be producing. Ridley Scott is set to direct and Leonardo DiCaprio will star.

‘Sleeper’ is based on the Comic Book of the same name, which is published by DC Comics and created by Ed Brubaker.

Click Here For More Info - Source: