Monday, November 10, 2008

Bruce Campbell Discusses the Evil Dead Time Capsule

According to Bruce Campbell on Fangoria Radio, October 31st, 2008:

No one has found the Evil Dead time capsule yet. The time capsule is in a cigar box wrapped with tape. It is buried 3 to 4 feet deep where the trap door was. Items in it are as follows:

A burned out Fresnel light bulb.
A piece of "It's Murder!" beam used to beat the character Linda. This is a u-shaped faux beam sold at Home Depot used to decorate a den's ceiling.
A piece of gaffer's tape.
The code to unlock the "visual meaning" of Evil Dead.

He says to find the time capsule, walk 30 paces across from the fireplace to where the trap door was.

Source: ebobrow2008

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JohnnA said...

Using the faux beams from Home Depot!?!? They're getting creative now!!