Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bruce Campbell Interview Roundup!

BE: One more “Evil Dead” question, and I swear I’ll let it die, but I was curious as to which ending of “Army of Darkness” that you preferred, since the original ending was eventually released on DVD?

BC: Well, I always prefer the original filmmaker’s ending. And again, whether it’s good or bad, Sam Raimi had intended a certain ending, he shot a certain ending which was ass-cosmically screwed… because, way back when in the original series, “Evil Dead 4” was going to be Ash versus the robots. Which would be awesome, because it would be like Spartacus versus the robots, where he’s enslaved by the robots in this crumbling, post-apocalyptic civilization. So, there was something else going on other than just a twist ending.

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So you’re not a collector at all?
[Campbell] It’s weird—my brother has a sawed-off shotgun from Evil Dead, but just because he likes guns. It has just never occurred to me to save anything.

That would probably enrage a lot of Evil Dead fans to know that your brother has that gun, but just because he likes guns.

[Campbell] And only because he likes guns. He doesn’t give a shit about the movie. My feeling is, collectibles should be in the hands of the people who really want them. I have a buddy of mine that I send stuff to that I should normally be keeping, because I know he’ll inventory it, keep it safe, always know where it is…

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Mike White: What interview question are you getting sick of hearing?

Bruce Campbell: Mostly Evil Dead 4. It’s such old news. What do you do with it?

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