Monday, November 17, 2008

Bruce Campbell on his new movie and 'Evil Dead'

Q: You’re still getting Evil Dead questions nearly 30 years later...
That’s mostly OK. You can’t blame somebody for wanting to know. But I keep trying to talk people out of [doing Evil Dead 4] because, you know — look, what’s the plot of Friday the 13th, Part VI? Does anyone know? No. The more you do, the more convoluted it gets. What are you gonna have, Ash in New York City? You have to always come up with some big, huge idea.

Q: Is it coming up with an idea that you don’t like more than not playing Ash again?

Sequels I’m only gonna be so excited about. Period. Evil Dead was never meant to have a sequel. Ash was killed. Then Crimewave [the next movie he did with director Sam Raimi] died a thousand deaths, and we went, “OK, he’s alive again!” We created the series out of thin air. We couldn’t get the rights to the original movie for recaps, so we reshot it with different actors, and people thought that Ash was dumb enough to go back to the cabin with new friends. “Hey, that last time was so much fun! Come on, let’s go back to the cabin!” You get continuity and logic problems when you create sequels that were never meant to be.

Q: So I’ll skip the Evil Dead 4 questions that I had prepared...
The only way to explain it is that Sam [Raimi] has got a couple more movies to make. I’ve got a minimum of a five-year deal with Burn Notice. So it’s just logistics. Honestly, Sam and I have not sat in a room and gone, “Man, we gotta make another one of these movies!” Physically, they’re a nightmare. So I can’t get that excited about something that physically destroys me.


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