Thursday, November 13, 2008

DCist Interview: Bruce Campbell

Considering how rough the last year has been for the independent film industry, how do you see that impacting the type of films that you tend to make? Do you worry that filmmakers with the kind of talent that Sam Raimi had back when he started might not get the opportunity to make their own Evil Dead?

No, you know what? Anyone who's willing to get off their ass can get money to make their movie. Show me a guy that didn't get money to make the movie, I'll show you a slacker. We raised $150,000 in 1979 when it didn't seem possible. The economy was in the shitter then! We did it, we made it happen. It just depends on whether today's filmmakers are willing to devote a minimum of four to five years making your first movie. But I think most importantly, filmmakers today should just learn their craft before they run out and make a feature film. Just figure out where to put the freakin' camera! Figure out how to talk to actors. Figure out how to act! Evil Dead was a very crude movie, but even at that point we had made 50 super-8 movies before that. We really tried to figure out how to do this before made our first movie. So I hope filmmakers will learn that more than anything. But it's really just, you've got to work your ass off, and you can find the money.

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