Tuesday, November 18, 2008

First DRAG ME TO HELL footage screened; (Ted) Raimi speaks

At the just-concluded American Film Market in Santa Monica, Fango caught a screening of two over-the-top scenes from DRAG ME TO HELL, Sam Raimi’s eagerly awaited return to screen terror, which opens on May 29 from Universal. From what we watched, DRAG ME TO HELL, which stars Alison (BEOWULF) Lohman, Justin (JEEPERS CREEPERS) Long, Sage (THE MANSON FAMILY) Stallone, Jessica (CLOVERFIELD) Lucas and David (MIGHTY JOE YOUNG) Paymer, features the same mix of horror and humor that Raimi mined so well in his EVIL DEAD trilogy.
Clip #1 takes place in a deserted parking garage. The heroine, Christine (Lohman), is trapped inside her car, while a cackling gypsy woman (Bonnie Aarons) assaults her from the back seat. Christine slams on the accelerator and sends the old hag flying over the front seat, slamming her face-first into the dashboard and knocking out the crone’s dentures (!). At this point, said crone attempts to gum the terrorized girl to death (!!). When this attack proves ineffective, the gypsy lady pops the teeth back in, prompting Christine to hit the peDal again, crashing the car into a parked vehicle, which then sends the originator of the film’s curse flying out of the car. Locking the doors, Christine breathes a sigh of relief. But her feelings of peace and safety are rudely interrupted when the gypsy shows up with a large piece of concrete and starts smashing at the passenger window!
Clip #2: In this bit, Christine and beau Clay (Long) are lying peacefully in bed. Christine suddenly awakes to find the crazed gypsy woman on top of her, eye to eye. Before Christine can scream, the villainess opens her mouth and vomits forth gallons of maggots and puke into the face of the startled heroine.
If the above doesn’t whet your appetite for DRAG ME TO HELL, how about news that genre fave Ted Raimi (Sam and co-writer Ivan’s younger bro) is also in the cast? Ted has appeared in most of Sam’s films and productions, including EVIL DEAD II, where he played the Henrietta demon, as well as the SPIDER-MAN trilogy, DARKMAN, THE GRUDGE and TV’s HERCULES and XENA; his other credits include CANDYMAN, MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN, THE ATTIC EXPEDITIONS, THE MAN WITH THE SCREAMING BRAIN, MY NAME IS BRUCE and last week’s SUPERNATURAL episode.
“DRAG ME TO HELL is a good, old-fashioned thriller,” Ted told FANGORIA RADIO last week. “It has the feel of an old Hammer film. I play a doctor who looks after the lead starlet, and I have a scene with Justin Long.”
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