Wednesday, November 12, 2008

First Story Details on My Name is Bruce 2!

Dark Horse Entertainment's Mike Richardson is relishing the modicum of success Bruce Campbell's My Name is Bruce is currently generating. "On one screen we did $18 thousand in New York City. For the three-day weekend, our per screen average was like $16 thousand, it's amazing," the producer says.

The horror-comedy, which finds Campbell playing a distorted version of himself and saving a town from a supernatural threat, is currently touring the U.S. Richardson reveals there are still plans to hatch a sequel and dishes a bit of the plot. "We have an idea where [Bruce] is going to visit a country in Europe and he thinks he's got an all-expense-paid stay there," he explains. "They put him up in a big castle and he thinks there are groupies running around, but they're not really groupies, they're minions. It's Bruce and he's going to play the same clueless character."

Expect Ted Raimi - who plays multiple roles in the first Bruce - to encore, possibly in drag. Says Richardson, "I was on the phone with Ted Raimi telling him I was going to put him in a dress. He said, Great, I'm trying to extend my acting range."

"It's unfortunate about some of the reviews that came out of the press that were by people who don't get [My Name is Bruce] at all," Richardson sighs. "We made this for the fans and for a specific fan, the Bruce fans. I count myself as one. Every Bruce fan we've shown this to has a lot of fun."

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