Monday, November 3, 2008

My Name Is Bruce: Director/Star Bruce Campbell

BD: Do you see this as part of a series or a trilogy?

Campbell: Oh, we could keep going. We already have the European version planned.

BD: What’s that one about?

Campbell: It’s Bruce as the ugly American. He’s going to a convention in Europe and then certain circumstances come up where they may have to fight another creature with a bunch of other people who are at the same convention. So you might get more of a bevy of your Robert Englund’s and your Jasons and Freddys and things like that.

We have the money already, but we think it would be a little disingenious to start working on the sequel before the first one came out. That’s why I’m going to tour. I’m going to 22 cities to try to make this work. It’s been a long road, but independent movies take a while and I’m glad we can finally get it in front of people.

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