Saturday, November 1, 2008

Two More Interviews with Bruce Campbell

You turned 50 this year, so how is the milestone treating you?
Two days after I turned 50 I pulled my hamstring fighting a stuntman. It was perfect, like my expiration date just went. It was totally a Centrum Silver moment, where you go, “Wow, I guess I can't do that crap anymore.” So I went through six weeks of extensive physical therapy, because I'd never really hurt myself doing anything. But it's good — I'm a lot wiser than I was at 30.

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I think fans will most enjoy the reverant nature of the film. The movie by jackasses and for jackasses. None of this is taken to seriously here. I have grown men singing in the movie. It is really fan fiction turned upside down. This is as if we took fan fiction and gave it a horror rewrite. If filmgoers walk out with a confused look on their faces I have succeeded.

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