Friday, February 27, 2009

"Dangerous Women" - Episode 6

Bruce Campbell interview: Hail to the king, baby

Campbell, who is of Scottish descent ("my ancestors were harness makers who came over to upstate New York in the mid 1700s"), has a few theories about the Campbell cult. "I think they like irreverent stuff. I do too. The Evil Dead movies are also the classic collegiate, escape-from-home, smoke-a-joint-and-laugh-your-ass-off-at-a-movie experience. Plus, of all the horror series, Ash is the only guy who's a good guy. Jason (from Friday the 13th] and Freddy (from A Nightmare on Elm Street] are assholes. Ash is very much the average guy next door, so that might be part of it. And because I'm attracted to more off-kilter stuff, the stuff that I do is on a smaller scale and the people that follow what I do, they follow it more intensely."

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Featured Video: Evil Dead II Ash Chainsaw Replica

This is a replica I made of Ash's chainsaw used in Evil Dead II. This is the version before he modifies it to fit his stump. I made this version so that the engine could be retained and still run...

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Tom Sullivan - New Appearances

Tom Sullivan has posted his upcoming appearances for April and May 2009 :

Cinema Wasteland
April 3rd, 4th, and 5th, 2009 "Spring Spectacular"
Holiday Inn
Hotel Front Desk: 1-440-2388800 | Hotel Fax: 1-440-2380

The Tom Sullivan Movie Memorabilia Museum with Bookbinder of the Dead and Evil Dead Historian, Pat Reese as well as Tom's famous Art Print Gallery will be back of course.

Motor City Con
May 15-17, 2009
FRI. 12:30pm - 7pm / SAT. 10:30am - 6pm / SUN. 10:30am - 5pm
Advance ticket holders admitted 30 minutes early each day!

Host of the Motor City Comic Con is the Rock Financial Showplace. Its at 46100 Grand River Ave., Novi, MI 48374. Novi is a suburb of Detroit in Oakland county. Rock Financial Showplace has a $5.00 parking fee.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Name Is Bruce Campbell : SCI FI PI // SCI FI Channel

Is there something that annoys you more than being asked about Evil Dead 4?
BC: No. Not much. Or just the remake. That's the other thing. But you know what - I can never blame someone for their interest. And it's not their fault for being interested. But it doesn't mean that making it is in their best interest, either. I'm terrified of a lose, lose situation.
Let's say we take the two years out to make the movie. So that's very physically demanding, two years of your life, it comes out and people go 'oh, yeah - that was okay' or 'not quite as good as Army of Darkness' - that would be my fear. We're gonna go 'okay folks - we're finally going to give it to you!' and they go 'meh - no thanks..'

If there is demand though - whatever - go for it. It's all good.

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Celebrate Ash Wednesday The Bruce Campbell Way

For those who aren’t celebrating the real holiday of Ash Wednesday, we suggest you start your own celebration by watching one of Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead movies. My suggestion, as always, is go ahead and jump to the third picture, Army of Darkness. It’s self-contained and includes some of Ash’s best quips and moments. For those of you who are giving up something for Lent, you can use Ash’s sacrifices (his hand, various women, and - depending on which ending you watch - just about everything) to help inspire you with your own sacrifices. Not that we really need an excuse to watch Ash take on primitive screwheads with his boomstick, but the holiday name just begs for this new tradition.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Bruce Campbell Collection Box Set [DVD] -

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Quartet of films featuring the hugely underrated cult actor Bruce Campbell. Includes BUBBA HO-TEP, THE MAN WITH THE SCREAMING BRAIN, ALIEN APOCALYPSE and MY NAME IS BRUCE.


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Evil Dead Friendster Layout

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Featured Item: Evil Dead Box Canvas Print

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Stretched Box Canvas Print of Evil Dead

Click Here For More Info - Source: Exclusive: Bruce Campbell on "My Name Is Bruce"

Cult legend Bruce Campbell talks with Amazon editor Stephanie Reid-Simons about his new movie, "My Name is Bruce," and what it took to bring it from idea to screen.

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Friday, February 20, 2009

"Dangerous Women" - Episode 5

Featured Pic: Bruce Campbell vs. Bruce Lee

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Tom Sullivan Update

Tom Sullivan is happy to autograph any fan memorabilla for free but you must include a stamped $1.50 postage paid 9"x12" envelope for Tom. If you would like a photo print signed please include $11.50 and Tom will include a signed original Screaming Skull drawing signed along with the signed print.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

His name is Bruce

In today’s edition of I’m Ready For My Close Up (Feb 19th), Alex Fitch talks to legendary B-movie actor Bruce Campbell about his new film, ‘My name is Bruce’. Not only does Campbell direct and produce the movie but he also plays a fictionalised version of himself on screen. Alex and Bruce also discuss the actor’s career so far, appearing in memorable films by Sam Raimi such as the “Evil Dead” and “Spider-Man” trilogies, and his experience of dealing with fandom over the years…

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Featured Tattoo: Evil Dead 2

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Bruce Campbell - Radio Interview

Part One:

Part Two

Bruce Campbell on Jonathan Ross' Radio 2 show promoting 'My Name is Bruce'.

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The Evil Dead: Australia

This film is presented as part of the Altered States strand in the Be Afraid: Fear in North American Cinema program screening at the Australian Cinémathèque.

13 Mar 09 & 21 Mar 09

13 Mar 7pm, 21 Mar 8pm

Australian Cinematheque, Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA)
1 Stanley Street, South Brisbane

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Featured Video: The Evil Dead Actual Movie Locations

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'Touch The Top Of The World' DVD Review

If you're wondering how Bruce Campbell does as the supportive father, rest assured Campbell plays it straight, without the goofiness you know from his other roles. True, Campbell sticks out a little bit just for being Brisco County Jr., but Facinelli's dominant performance lets the movie get away with casting a larger-than-life actor.

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Sam Raimi Remaking House of Flying Daggers?

House of Flying Daggers is a truly fantastic foreign film and today while doing some morning reading of Production Weekly I discovered Sam Raimi it seems is going to be remaking the movie. The trend of remaking films is definitely getting out of hand when we start remaking classic asian films which feel like they were literally just released.

I am a huge fan of Sam Raimi but have to ask why he or his production company is so fixated on remakes as of late. They have alot of really cool new original stuff coming including Drag Me To Hell and BURST so what gives with the remakes? Are you interested in seeing a remake of this film?


Friday, February 13, 2009

Army of Darkness "Screwhead Edition": Blu-ray and DVD

Now that the rights for Army of Darkness have reverted back to Universal (from Anchor Bay Entertainment), its home video division has announced a Blu-Ray "Screwhead Edition" for May 19th. Special features will include the alternate ending, deleted scenes, The Men Behind the Army featurette, extra footage, theatrical trailer and audio commentary with director Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell and Ivan Raimi. Exclusive to Blu-Ray: My Scenes, BD-Live and the ability to access production photos during the movie experience. We'll update this spot with artwork when it arrives.


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Bruce in Madman remake?

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"Dangerous Women" - Episode 4

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Campbell soup for the self: Actor Bruce Campbell talks about playing himself

Campbell's own sense of humor is surprisingly retro: He loves the Marx Brothers, Buster Keaton and other comic geniuses of the past.

"I'm a big fan of guys like Danny Kaye, vintage Bob Hope. ... Jackie Gleason was one of my influences. When I was a kid, guys like Phil Silvers were still on the air. The Three Stooges were my afterschool staple."

There are traces of the styles of several of those legends in Campbell's portrayal of Bruce Campbell, who -- because of his heroic persona on-screen -- ends up being recruited by the terrified residents of a small town to battle a vicious Chinese demon.
"As an actor, I didn't have to worry about imitating Bruce Campbell," Campbell said. "... So it became a question of how extreme you wanted to go."

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Remake of Room 205 Renamed to DORM

Today from Variety comes word that Room 205 has been renamed to The Dorm. The remake is being done by Sam Raimi's Ghost House Pictures. Not sure what the intent of the rename is.

The story is pretty basic and follows a young girl who goes off to college. First she is living it up until some very unnatural things begin happening in her room. Then she goes on a wild goose chase trying to figure out who lived in her room before her.


Featured Video - On The Shoulders of Zombies: The Untold Story of Evil Dead 4

This is the story of how my buddy and I got tired of waiting on Sam Raimi to go back to his roots! On The Shoulders of Zombies documents our journey to complete the infamous saga. The entire story has yet to be released!


EXCLUSIVE: Bruce Campbell Goes Cult Classic on Us with My Name Is Bruce

Mike Richardson from Dark Horse said that a sequel called My Name is Still Bruce is in the works. Is there anything you can tell us about that?

Bruce Campbell: (Laughs) Well, I think we could do it if we wanted to, but I think I'm good playing me for a little while. I think it's time to move on to other characters. We'll just kind of see how the cookie crumbles.

I have to ask about The Evil Dead remake that you're on board and producing. Are there any updates you can give us about that?

Bruce Campbell: No, because IMDB has it listed, doesn't really mean anything. There's no script, there's no start date, there's no director, so, unfortunately, there's nothing to talk about. I think we're all going to get to it when we get to it. Sam (Raimi) is doing another Spider-Man, I'm under contract for Burn Notice for five more years, so when in the hell are we going to do it?

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Bruce Campbell: Q&A Edinburgh, London

Part One:

Bruce Campbell. My Name is Bruce premier, Edinburgh Cameo, Q&A after the film, sorry about the coughing in the background, was ill that night. Not sorry for the shaky camera, was watching him not my phone.

Parts Two-Four Here:


Highlights from Bruce Campbell's Q&A session for his film My Name Is Bruce. Filmed live at the Curzon Soho, Midnight Movies slot, Friday 6th February 2009.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bruce Campbell on Evil Dead 4

AVC: In your opinion, is Ash worthy of more movies?

BC: No. I think there should be an end to everything. I mean, did anyone really want Indiana Jones 4? The answer is no. I’ve taken a poll in about seven theaters now. Of 300 people, three hands go up. You are bound to disappoint. I would rather disappoint with a brand new original movie. People worship Army Of Darkness,and God bless them for it. It’s a beautiful thing. The movie bombed when it came out, and not many people are aware of that. Twenty years later, the thing has picked up speed, and it’s on American Movie Classics now. That was a long time ago, and whatever we do next will always be compared to Army Of Darkness, and I don’t see how we can win. You make that movie, and I can tell you the quote right now, “Oh, it’s not quite as good as Army Of Darkness.” Then we would have gone through immense physical pain and anguish to bring something out that ultimately disappointed. That’s really not what I’m into these days.

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Sam Raimi's Ghost House scaring up two Euro-horror movie remakes

Sam Raimi's Ghost House Pictures is remaking a pair of European horror films, starting with Anguish, a remake of the 1987 Spanish film that was written and directed by Bigas Luna, Variety reported.

The company behind such horror hits as The Grudge has also acquired the remake rights to the Danish movie Room 205, the trade paper reported.

Anguish follows two girls who, while watching a scary movie, find themselves in a horror film of their own when their lives starts to mirror the movie's plot. Jake Wade Wall (When a Stranger Calls) wrote the screenplay.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Den of Geek - Interview: Bruce Campbell

Why did you hate the chainsaw?

It’s just a pain, they are too heavy, they’re too heavy! And in Evil Dead 2 I’m supposed to be walking round with it on my hand and it’s supposed to be going ‘putputputputputput’ and the only way to do it, to get the bit of smoke to come out, was to run a tube all down my arm, my sleeve, my pants, out my pant leg and twenty feet over to a little smoke machine. The only smoke that would carry that distance was tobacco, so it was always tobacco smoke coming out of there and at the end of the day they would pull it out and pull it all out and I’d have an inch wide nicotine stain down my entire body, so I’m like “Get this thing out of my face!”. Awful…. awful.

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Monday, February 9, 2009

Blu-ray Review: My Name is Bruce

Just as the title denotes, the Blu-ray itself is all about Bruce, featuring a gorgeous, high quality movie comic book (which in itself pays homage to the film's source material which was derived from the writers by the '40s comic books The Adventures of Alan Ladd which found the actor being kidnapped from sets to help others) that rivals the stunning high definition transfer of the film. Likewise, as it boasts on the box, the Blu is "loaded with groovy extras"-- including feature length commentary, four behind the scenes featurettes, and additional poster, props, and photo art.

One of the more entertaining extras is Heart of Dorkness-- The Making of My Name is Bruce which takes a satirical Coppola styled Apocalypse Now/Heart of Darkness approach in its hour long featurette (another joke used in Tropic Thunder's extras) as some friends of Campbell's put together an in-depth video diary of the making of the film, cutting it with fun subtitles and jokes throughout as they ridicule Campbell's long-winded soliloquies about his movie.

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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Evil Dead star Bruce Campbell is so proud to be a Highlander

HOLLYWOOD horror king Bruce Campbell admits getting the kilt on was more chilling than any of his movies.

The actor who famously fought zombies in The Evil Dead donned the tartan in sub-zero temperatures as he returned to the home of his ancestors last week.

"I like wearing a kilt. I think it is cool and I wear it with pride," said the actor, whose full name is Bruce Lorne Campbell. "It was said I was named after Robert the Bruce."

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Saturday, February 7, 2009

'Drag Me to Hell' Testing in Both PG-13 and R-rated Versions

We learned this weekend that Rogue Pictures is still out and about test screening Sam Raimi's Drag Me to Hell, his big return to horror that's an original tale of a young woman’s desperate quest to break an evil curse. B-D reader 'BloodyMayhem' tells us that he received passes to an upcoming test screening, where one pass indicates a PG-13 cut, while the other an R. We happened to see the film at the first test screening (read our thoughts) and don't really see how the cut we saw was R? Hopefully the MPAA doesn't crap all over what's already an awesome movie hitting theaters May 29th.


Bruce Campbell Q&A Edinburgh

Part One:

Part Two:

Clip of the second Q&A with (the legendary) Bruce Campbell in the Cameo in Edinburgh (The Athens of the North). Please excuse the camera shakeyness lol

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Friday, February 6, 2009

Bruce Campbell Explains Why "Ash vs Freddy vs Jason" Never Happened

"We actually had that five minute conversation with New Line cinema," he explained. "And it went kind of like this: 'Hey, how about Ash vs. Jason vs. Freddy?' We went 'Great idea - Ash can kill them both, right?' And they went 'Well, actually you can't kill either one of them.' And it was 'click'."

Campbell also spoke about continuing or remaking the "Evil Dead" films. And while he and Sam Raimi have some ideas, "you're bound to disappoint, and that's why I think we hesitate the most. The way to ruin the other three movies is to make a really bad part four, one that just sucked."

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Pics - Bruce Campbell

Click to enlarge images:

Q&A after the showing of My Name is Bruce at the Cameo, Edinburgh, February 5th, 6.15pm

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"Dangerous Women" - Episode 3

The Making of Army of Darkness

Click to enlarge image:

This cover is spanking hot fresh! JUST finished it. The idea in my head for this cover was based off of the old tv serials, like “The 3 Stooges”, “Laurel and Hardy”, etc... They would always feel behind themselves before they turned around to see either Frankenstein, the big scary guy, or whoever else that was “threatening”. So since the movie this comic is based on takes a page from The 3 Stooges, it seemed a no-brainer!

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Featured Video - "Henrietta Diabólica"

Source: madmaxinterceptorv8

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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Web Stalker - Sam Raimi Returns to His Horror Roots With Drag Me to Hell

There are few filmmakers who can tell a story like Sam Raimi, an outsider who went on to become one of the highest, er, grossing directors on the face of the planet. After all, if the brain behind The Evil Dead could tackle Spider-Man, then there really is hope that the geeks will one day inherit the earth.

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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Featured Video - The Planets: Evil Dead

The Planets on Channel M with their new iTunes release, Evil Dead.

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ARMY OF DARKNESS #16 (Comic Review)

Click to enlarge image:

So I came back. Ash needs me, so I picked up issue 16 to see what a decent cliffhanger from 15 turned out to be. On top of that, writer Mike Raicht was slowly getting into the mix of things, and I believe in that guy after writing his quiet-cool Marvel Max series, ZOMBIE. I believe in Ash, and well... alright, I’ll be honest. I sort of had “Ash Fever” after watching Bruce Campbell return to the new season of BURN NOTICE this past week. This fever happens anytime you see Bruce, as I’m sure many will agree.

And to my surprise, issue 16 of ARMY OF DARKNESS wasn’t that bad, at least, not as bad as the previous issue.

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Evil Dead: The Musical - Ottawa, March 12-14 & March 19-21, 2009

On screen blood tests for the promotional videos for SnB's production of Evil Dead: The Musical.
Keep watching for more videos!

Sock 'n' Buskin and Erudite Theatre present
The Ottawa premiere of:


Mar. 12th - 21st at Kailash Mital Theatre
For tickets email
or call (613) 520-3770

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Update: Raimi, Susco Pair for Room 205 Remake

A redo of Martin Barnewitz's Danish horror film Room 205 begins production this summer in Michigan.

According to The Oakland Press, the pic will be produced by Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert's Ghost House Pictures, the genre production outfit which helped introduce Barnewitz's film to U.S. audiences through a DVD distribution deal with Lionsgate last October. The Grudge's Stephen Susco is penning the screenplay.

Update: has learned Barnewitz is returning to direct.

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Raimi Returns to Michigan:
"Raimi expects to spend up to $8 million to make an American version of “Room 205,” Danish director Martin Barnewitz’s 2007 film, here in Michigan." - Source: