Monday, March 16, 2009

Bruce Campbell and The Ladies Of The Evil Dead at Monster Mania in June

I went to the Monster Mania convention this past Sunday in Cherry Hill, NJ, and I saw an advertisement for their next show on June 12th-14th in Hartford-Cromwell, CT, on the back of the program book. It showed that are having a Nightmare On Elm Street Reunion, AND also having Bruce Campbell and the Ladies Of The Evil Dead. I wish I had a scanner so I could show you all this!

ON the Monster Mania site , Bruce and the Ladies are not listed yet, and there is NO mention of them making appearances here on their web sites and . IT DOES mention it on the Monster Mania MySpace page so no one will think I'm making this up.

I asked around, and was told that they were just confirmed, which could be why nothing is updated yet. If I find out anything more, or if anyone finds out anything, please respond to this post.

I am going to this, and I hope to see many of you other Evil Dead fans there too. Stay Groovy!

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