Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Evil Dead - The Treasures Collection DVD - A Review

Well, just took several hours to peruse the features on this puppy, and I've gotta say, I'm truly, truly stunned. First off, the movie looks better than I've ever seen it before, and so does Within the Woods. The menus are unbelievably professional and the extra features on the main disc are pretty damned awesome.

The thing that staggered me though, was the DVD-ROM folder, which packed more awesomeness into a gig and a half than I could possibly account for. I read a local paper from Detroit about Within the Woods from 1979, and saw literally 200 different cover variants for Army of Darkness alone. Thousands of images, more videos and PDF files than I can even begin to delve into and a whole lotta great audio files to boot.

Really, truly, I couldn't ask for anything more. The Evil Dead II disc was sensational for what it offered, but if the Army of Darkness set is anything like this, I really, truly believe everyone who poured the effort into this series should get whatever kind of award they give for this type of thing and more. It's an achievement above and beyond what I could have possibly expected.

Source: SaulB - originaltrilogy.com

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