Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Harry begs, 'DRAG ME TO HELL again Mr Raimi... PLEASE! PLEASE!'

This isn't a debatable film experience. There is no question about what happened tonight. This wasn't a nostalgic affair. There's no shrugged shoulders or indifferent souls that exited that theater tonight. What we all experienced was a resounding thunderous splitting of the Earth around us experience tonight. There was no spattering of applause, no isolated screams... this wasn't just me acting like a ninny, but 1200 hundred people screaming, shrieking and being shown for the namby pamby bitches that we were in the face of DRAG ME TO HELL!

Sam told me that the tone he was aiming for was a mixture of EVIL DEAD 1 and EVIL DEAD 2. Hell Yeah! That's a bold thing to claim.

What we saw tonight was a masterpiece of American Horror to the Planet Earth!

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