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Featured Video: Spray Painted Evil Dead quickie

Spray Painted Evil Dead quickie

Dark Riddle does a quick Evil Dead piece for a stock cap exhibition.

Source: - Dark Riddle

Best Group Autograph For A Movie or Band: The Evil Dead by Feets

photo competition (Stuff)
Best Group Autograph For A Movie or Band
Must be the entire cast or group member

I bought this from "The Girls of the Evil Dead" in Nashville this past weekend.

Source: - Feets

Evil Dead/Army of Darkness Crossover Fanfiction Archive - FanFiction.Net

Evil Dead/Army of Darkness crossover fanfiction archive with over 8 stories. Come in to read, write, review, and interact with other fans.

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Weekend of Horrors L.A. '09: Sam Raimi's DRAG ME TO HELL panel

One of the most anticipated panels at our recent Los Angeles stop on the Weekend of Horrors tour was for DRAG ME TO HELL. Director Sam Raimi (EVIL DEAD, SPIDER-MAN) made his triumphant return to the FANGORIA stage along with stars Justin Long (LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD, JEEPERS CREEPERS) and Lorna Raver (BONES, THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS) to discuss the film, in addition to fielding some questions from the audience.


Netflix Streaming: "My Name is Bruce"!

It's moments like these when having Netflix is worth its weight in gold. Added just a few days ago, you can now check out Bruce Campbell's pet project, "My Name is Bruce", streaming straight from their site. The plot is very "Three Amigos", with a small town kidnapping Bruce and tasking him with taking out a local demon. It's not perfect, but as you can see from my review, there's a lot to like.

"My Name is Bruce" is a terribly funny movie. Bruce nails so many aspects of B movies, Hollywood, and fandom here, that I'm sure anyone who is a regular reader of this site will get a kick out of it. Sure the premise is weak and the 2nd act drags, but there's a lot more to like about it than there is to hate.

So make sure to check the flick out if you haven't already. In the meantime, I'm going to work on my "Curb Your EnBruce-iasm" idea, which I swear to God would make the greatest television show in the history of earth.

If you're already a Netflix member you can go here to start watching now.

Not a member yet? sign up through us and help support the site.


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Drag Me to Hell: On the Set with Alison Lohman & Dileep Rao

"Sam Raimi is very detailed and methodical about everything, as you can see the storyboarding," she continues, pointing out a wall of storyboards. Before them, a miniature graveyard mock-up - evidence of Raimi's preparation for a scene not yet shot. "He's very organized. What I love about him is he's very sensitive as a person and brings that into his characters so he really knows human nature and why we do the things we do."

Rao adds: "There's a tremendous amount of collaboration and you can make a bit of it up, but it has to pass Sam. He's the sniff test meter determining what's good and what isn't. He's such a great collaborator, but also a great leader in the way you can trust him when it is or isn't going to work. I have a great deal of thanks to him. It makes it richer."

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'Drag Me' to the Set

A director returns to horror, an actress switches to screaming, and the goat is ready for his close-up on the set of Sam Raimi's 'Drag Me to Hell'

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Evil Dead 2 at The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema at the Ritz - May 1st & 2nd, 2009

The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema at the Ritz
320 E 6th Street
Austin, TX 78701
(512) 476-1320

Friday May 1

11:35 p.m.

Saturday, May 2

11:35 p.m.

More Info Here - Source:

Featured Pic: EVIL DEAD by Hartman

Click to enlarge image:


Rob Tapert Interview: The “Fanboy” Behind “Legend of the Seeker” and “Xena”

It’s hard not to be impressed by Rob Tapert. Along with his creative partners Sam Raimi and Joshua Donen, the man is responsible for some of the best, and most influential fantasy television of all time: first, Xena: Warrior Princess, which starred his wife Lucy Lawless, and now Legend of the Seeker, a surprisingly watchable adaptation of the Terry Goodkind’s The Sword of Truth novels.

Recently, I chatted with Rob via phone from New Zealand, and he soon made it clear what a perfectionist he is — which is an obvious source of frustration in the blindingly fast production pace of series television. As of this posting, Legend of the Seeker has still not officially been picked up for a second season (although things look very good), but that hasn’t stopped Tapert from micro-analyzing everything about the first season and gearing up for an even better second one.

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Featured Video: Evil Dead F**kin' Road Trip Video

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Monday, April 27, 2009

Army of Darkness #21

Click to enlarge image:

Ashley J. Williams continues his trip across Europe...and after the events of last issue, the Chosen One finds out more about himself and his past than he wants!

Pub. Date: April 29, 2009

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New Pics for 'The Evil Dead Breakfast Club'

Click to enlarge images:

Just got some new pics from the producer of 'The Evil Dead Breakfast Club'. Also, check out the official IMDB listing here:


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ladies of the Evil Dead at The 8th Annual Full Moon Tattoo and Horror Festival This Weekend!

Nashville Airport Marriott Hotel.
Nashville, Tennessee
April 24 - 26, 2009
We're finally going back to the home state of the Evil Dead where we know the fans will be the best ever!


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More Info on 'Land of the Deadites' Fan Documentary

Click to enlarge image:

More info on this documentary from Jenny Allen at Lilith's Apple Studios:

Thank you for contacting me. Without giving too much away, the documentary focuses on the impact the Evil Dead movies have made, how it is a piece of Americana, and the property the original movie was filmed on and it's fate. I'm actually going to be filming in Nashville this weekend at the Lone Wolf Convention. We are looking for fans to interview, and already have arrangements from the three girls from the First movie, and already have interviews from Lloyd Kaufman and a couple of locals. Anyone interested in participating can contact me here. If any of them will be at the convention, I'll be doing interviews there as well as selling prints of the cover art.

Sounds cool. Contact Jenny at

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Raimi Discusses 'Evil Dead 4'

I heard that you wrote Drag Me to Hell [with brother Ivan Raimi] a long time ago, as a Bruce Campbell vehicle. ... If you ever make another Evil Dead movie with Bruce, will you keep it low-budget like those original films? And what would the story be?

Raimi: We wrote part one thinking that that was the end, I guess, kind of like that. I think this is the end where it was over, and because we couldn't get any other job in Hollywood, somehow, Bruce Campbell survived into the next Evil Dead 2. So we made Evil Dead 2, and that one was written with the knowledge that we would want to make a third one. So, I'm sorry, what was it that you are asking?

I was just wondering, what would be your storyline for the fourth one? Do you know what that is yet?

Raimi: I don't have that. I don't have just some ideas written down, but I said that last month, and there was a very negative reaction from the fans: "Why does he keep talking about that movie? Where is that movie?" It's just because people ask me, but I don't really have anything at all worked out right now.

What about the idea of limiting yourself to a lower budget for an Evil Dead movie, like on Drag Me to Hell, where you didn't have a lot of cranes, wires, CG and so on?

Raimi: It is it's much more viscerally exciting as a director to work on the lower-budget picture like this. This one particularly. I mean, everyone came at it with so much love and attention to detail, versus a much more professional, top-of-the-line, big-game approach. Which is great, because it's like conducting a big orchestra. On the Spider-Man pictures [we have] the best orchestra in the world, and this is like playing in a jazz band. Each has their own rewards.


Evil Dead: The Musical at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro This Fall

Evil Dead, The Musical

UNCG - Theatre Program

October 23-November 1, 2009

Blood...Guts...Singing Zombies...Grab your broomstick and prepare to get groovy!

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Click to enlarge image:

Evil Dead News received this bit of info from Commotion Media Group this afternoon:

Hi there, I see you posted the Calgary poster for EVIL DEAD: THE MUSICAL.

That's great, thanks so much!

Just wanted to let you know that we now have a new site that fans can go to for more information about the production, venue, links, reviews, and buying tickets.

(It includes a hilarious review of the show by Craig Ferguson of The Late Late Show.)

'Land of the Deadites' Fan Documentary Currently in Production

Click to enlarge image:

This is the Original Art for the Land of the Deadites Fan Documentary (currently in production). The print size is 11x17 and comes in an archival bag with a stiff mat board backing to prevent damage. If you live in the Cookeville area and can meet for a pickup, it's $20.00, if you can't pick it up, we can mail for $5.00. To see more original art prints and photography prints, visit us at


Click Here For More Info -

I found this listing while Googling "Evil Dead" this morning. I'll see if I can find out more info . . .

Featured Videos: Dvdmike's Evil Dead Collection

Part Two:
Part Three:

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Monday, April 20, 2009

Fango WOH: Sam Raimi Drags Us to Hell!

FEARnet: Which traditions do you carry over from your Evil Dead days?

Raimi: The most important thing is the personnel I work with, from my partner Robert Tapert who produced the Evil Dead films along with my buddy Grant Curtis who was on the set every day making sure everyone had what they needed. Peter Deming from Evil Dead 2 who was our cinematographer is also our cinematographer on this. Almost all the people I've worked with in the past on other stuff like the Evil Dead films [from] prop people to costumers, we were surrounded by a lot of friends. [Also] some of the old sound effects from Evil Dead, my editor Bob Murawski found some of those and put one or two of them into the picture.

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Raimi Receives Fangoria Lifetime Achievement

Sam Raimi received a surprise Friday evening while screening footage from his new film, Drag Me to Hell: Fangoria's Lifetime Achievement Award. "It's high time you were presented with this," Creation Entertainment guru Adam Malin spoke to thunderous applause before handing the award to a pleasantly shocked Raimi. The director was appearing at Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors in Los Angeles: his first appearance at a Fangoria event in 17 years (the last time was to promote Army of Darkness).

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors '09 Photo Gallery

Click to enlarge image:'s photo gallery from this year's Weekend of Horrors event in Los Angeles is now open with nearly 100 hi-res pics!

Click Here To View More Pics! - Source: - Ryan Rotten
Shock Video: Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors Tour

Featured Pic: Ted Raimi and The Ladies of the Evil Dead

Click to enlarge image:


Drag Me to Hell Rated PG-13; Fanboys Commit Hari-Kari

Sam Raimi's eagerly anticipated return to horror, Drag Me to Hell, has been slapped with the dreaded PG-13 rating. Dreaded, that is, for horror movie fans who associate the rating with tween-targeted "horror lite" fare like Prom Night and The Haunting of Molly Hartley and not with a director who began his career with the bloody splatter-fests that were the first two Evil Dead movies. That said, the rating isn't a complete shock, given the third Evil Dead film, Army of Darkness, was rated PG-13 and had a distinctly more family-friendly vibe -- not to mention the fact that Raimi's been busy with the Spider-Man movies over the past few years. The rating is "for sequences of horror violence, terror, disturbing images and language," which sounds good to me, PG-13 or not. You have to remember that:
  1. Raimi is still a good director.
  2. There have been quite a few enjoyable PG-13 horror movies (The Ring, The Others, The Sixth Sense, etc.).
  3. The trailer still looks fun.

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Drag Me to Hell - International Trailer

The international trailer for Drag Me to Hell is very similar to the First Trailer with some different title sequences and a slightly different mash-up of scenes.

Source: Cinemarama

Drag Me to Hell Gets MPAA Rating

The MPAA has finally made a decision on what to rate Sam Raimi's horror film Drag Me to Hell (set visit), which means one of two cuts that were circulating within the walls at Universal has been decided upon.

A month ago, insiders told that execs were mulling over which cut to release. This was reflected during the test screening process earlier this year when audiences were exposed to either a PG-13 version or an R-rated cut. One source told me there wasn't that much of a difference between the two.

Today, the MPAA announced Drag is getting a PG-13 for "sequences of horror violence, terror, disturbing images and language." This is going to bode especially well for the studio. It means they'll get more butts in seats. And with the early praise the film is receiving, this might just be a summer horror hit.


UPDATE - Featured Tattoo: ED 1/2 sleeve - Sessions 1 and 2

Click to enlarge images:

I just got back from Delaware and 2 sessions with Shane O'Neill. This is what was done the first session and it took roughly 6 hours: [see above pics]

I'll post pictures of session 2 tomorrow, once I can get some good pics. Today's work was Headless Linda's head in the vice (had to keep Freddie happy) and Henrietta locked in the cellar.

Unfortunately, Shane is booked until the summer and won't be at Hell City, so I'll have to wait until July or August to finish it. The last two pieces will be pages from the Necronomicon and Ash's severed hand flipping the bird, and then just some general background to tie the whole piece together. Sorry, Freddie, no room for Evil Ed -- he got the boot.

Source: - Rider68

Some more pics of this amazing tattoo!

Featured Pic: "Army of Darkness" by Nebezial

Click to enlarge image:

a cover to aod comic, inspired by the shining... heeerrreees aash


A Bloody Good Time 4.16.09: Evil Dead Franchise Breakdown

The Evil Dead. It's probably, overall, my favorite horror franchise of all time. On my top 100 horror films list that I created last year, it was the only series in which all of the films made the list (Evil Dead at #24, Dead by Dawn at #42 and Army of Darkness at #69). There's just something about these three films that get love from horror fans everywhere.

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Hail To The King: Evil Dead Spray - Left 4 Dead

Click to enlarge image:

I saw there was a lack of Evil Dead sprays so I rushed this one out.

Click Here To Download! Source: - Spackerchip

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sam Raimi on how he got back to his horror roots in Drag Me to Hell

This movie is sort of being talked about by fans as Sam Raimi's return to his horror roots. What do you think of that?

: I just want the audience to like it, whatever they. I have no opinion about that. Certainly I haven't been making a horror film since there was the Evil Dead trilogy.

I suppose they're right. This is the first horror film I've made since then. But ... I don't think of it in terms of myself or my career. ... What I think about is I hope the audience likes it, you know? Get scared about it. I don't think most people are aware who the filmmakers are, you know, the audience. I think they're just into it for a good time and a thrill show. ...

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Sam Raimi reveals why he loves horror from the set of Drag Me to Hell

Evil Dead: The Musical - Live In Calgary Starting May 26, 2009!

Click to enlarge image:

Click Here To Purchase

Featured Video - Evil Dead (making the chainsaw)

Nick Valenza explains how he made his "evil dead chainsaw".

Source: franknelson

Also Check Out "evil dead costume (best) working chainsaw" Here

IT’S ALIVE! First look at LA Fango con schedule - Raimi's Appearance Time

Friday, April 17
Main Track (Main Auditorium, Concourse, Rooms 151 & 152)

5:10 P.M.: SAM RAIMI (pictured)
The director of the EVIL DEAD and SPIDER-MAN films returns to horror with DRAG ME TO HELL! Also appearing: stars Justin Long and Lorna Raver

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New Batch of Images From 'Drag Me to Hell'

Click to enlarge images:

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Drag Me to Hell: Bloody-Disgusting Set Visit Report!

Set Visit: Sam Raimi's Drag Me To Hell

Click to enlarge image:

Raimi on his new movie:

He describes Drag Me to Hell as much more complex than the Evil Dead trilogy. Rooted deeper in the real world than the madcap antics of the shotgun/chainsaw-toting Ash and the Deadites. "I can honestly say this is a PG-13 picture, so it's a little less assaultive than the Evil Dead movies which are unrated films. I don't have any grander design or thematic ideas when making this film versus making the Evil Dead films. I'm just trying to make a horror movie that people go to, laugh at, think is suspenseful, get excited about during the monster sequences and go 'Oh gross!' and have those types of funhouse reactions. It's a lower brow goal I really enjoy working in - for me it's a great weight off my shoulders."

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Monday, April 13, 2009

Army Of Darkness #20

Click to enlarge image:

by Mike Raicht & Scott Cohn Ashley J. Williams goes to Europe! See what happens when America's most beloved Chosen One travels across the pond and explores the legends and mysteries of Chosen Ones past, including a certain ripper in old London town!

Pub. Date: April 15, 2009

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Friday, April 10, 2009

Greg Nicotero Appearance - April 17th, 2009, Hollywood, CA

Title: Army of Darkness
Location: Steve Allen Theater at Center for Inquiry - West, 4773 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90027
Link out: Click here
Description: KNB Effects co-owner Greg Nicotero will appear in person to discuss his work on Sam Raimi’s fantasy-horror romp. Part of the Steve Allen Theatre’s Friday Night Drive-in Masters of Horror series (although no Masters of Horror episode will screen this night.
Start Time: 20:00
Date: 2009-04-17


Army Of Darkness Zoey Skin - Left 4 Dead

Click to enlarge image:

Based on the fact that Zoey is supposed to be a fan of horror films (she even makes a few references to the Evil Dead films) I put her in a black Army of Darkness sweatshirt using the official movie poster for the design. It should work even when puked on by a boomer.

My first skin, hope you enjoy it.

Click Here To Download - Source: - wibblethefish

Thursday, April 9, 2009 Ebay Auction

Click to enlarge image:

Auction details:
I ran for a number of years making prop replica Evil Dead 'hand' chainsaws. Since taking the decision to close it down in January 2008, I have moved onto other projects and have decided to part with my own personal chainsaw & display to enable me to do other things. This display was made by me, for me, about a year ago while was still running and is the only display I have ever made. I will not be making any more displays or chainsaws ever. Once its gone, its gone! This auction is for a number of items which all go together to make the display;

• 'Cabin' replica chainsaw

• Workshed 'Evil Dead 2'

• Panasonic Solid State RQ-706S reel to reel tape recorder & various tapes

• custom made replica freddy kruger glove

Click Here To Bid! - Source: - evildeadchainsaws

Sam Raimi and Quint discuss DRAG ME TO HELL, SPIDER-MAN 4 and EVIL DEAD 4!

The difference between Drag Me to Hell's R and PG-13 versions:
Sam Raimi: Well, the difference is so subtle that… I’ll have to tell you that there are different versions. There was an R rated and a PG-13 version, but you saw it before there was any difference between the two. That was the first screening and there’s only six seconds of difference between the two and actually the PG-13 version is six seconds longer than the R rated version.
Quint: Oh yeah?
Sam Raimi: It’s because when a different take is used, it just ended up being technically longer. It’s very confusing, but the versions are very, very similar. It’s really frames.

KNB's involvement with 'Drag Me to Hell':
Sam Raimi: That whole team is excellent. They are great puppeteers. First of all, they really know… If you ask for a particular shot with a particular effect, they know how to present you with options to give you the best shot for that particular angle.

Evil Dead 4 Excerpt 1:
Raimi: . . . EVIL DEAD 4 is all about blood and gore and EVIL DEAD movies and I really like the EVIL DEAD movies and I really want to make another EVIL DEAD movie sometime. I don’t want to say when, because everyone keeps getting mad at me…
Quint: It’s like “Yeah, you are going to have to now, or else the fans are going to revolt.” You’ve now said that you are going to do it!
Sam Raimi: I do want to do it!

Evil Dead 4 Excerpt 2:
Quint: You had mentioned earlier that you have to do the EVIL DEAD thing, because people just won’t leave you alone about it, but you don’t help yourself when… I heard at COMIC CON, you are talking like “Me and Ivan have an idea and we are going to start writing.”
Sam Raimi: It’s true. I don’t know what to say. Should I just say “No comment?”
Quint: No no no, but I think you are going to see a lot of people after seeing this movie… that thirst is going to be awoken again. People really love you doing genre, so do you have to do it! When do you think that you could? You are doing SPIDERMAN next…
Sam Raimi: That’s a long time, so I guess it’d be nice to work on it after that.

Excellent Interview! - Click Here To Read More - Source:

Note: DRAG ME TO HELL spoilers are discussed!

Featured Video: The "Evil Dead" of safety films

Source: eddved68

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

DRAG ME TO HELL stars doin’ LA Fango con

DRAG ME TO HELL actors Justin Long and Lorna Raver (Fango #283’s cover girl!) have joined the lineup of the upcoming West Coast edition of FANGORIA’s Weekend of Horrors convention, to be held April 17-19 at the Los Angeles Convention Center (1201 South Figueroa). Long (of the JEEPERS CREEPERS films and LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD) and Raver (a TV actress who has logged time on STAR TREK: VOYAGER, CHARMED and WEEDS) will join director Sam Raimi on Friday at the show.

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Monday, April 6, 2009

Army Of Darkness #19

Click to enlarge image:

Pub. Date: April 08, 2009

by Mike Raicht & Pablo Marcos A special 'done-in-one' issue from writer Mike Raicht, joined here by artist Pablo Marcos as the pair clean-up Ash's life and prepare him for his next exciting journey!

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Friday, April 3, 2009

Sam Raimi Ponders Another Bruce Campbell Cameo For ‘Spider-Man 4’

Think of all the great combinations in life — peanut butter and jelly, peas and carrots, cookies and milk — and the pairing of Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi should rank very high on that list. Campbell, a self-parodying B-movie sensation, is an ever-present staple in Sam Raimi’s repertoire, whether as the heroic lead in “Army of Darkness” or as a clever cameo in the “Spider-Man” movie franchise. If Raimi has his way — and it’s a good bet that he will — there’s a strong chance that Campbell will return to match wits with Peter Parker for a fourth time.

I would love to have Bruce in ‘Spider-Man 4,’” Raimi told MTV News. “I haven’t talked to him about it yet, but he’s such a source of humor for me. I love working with the guy. He’s a great and really dedicated actor, as much as we kid each other all the time. I haven’t spoken to him yet, but I hope that he would [be in the film].”

Click Here For More - Source: - Josh Wigler

Evil Dead II chainsaw prop, by Gorgot 3000

Click to enlarge image:

i have made a Evil Dead Chainsaw this winter ... with a old Homelite Xl ,i have remove the motor , made the blade in polystyrene , add a real chain but it's
dosen't functionnal . Let me know what do you think

Click Here For More Pics - Source: - Gorgot3000

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bruce Campbell - Guest of Honor at Florida Supercon!

Florida Supercon - June 6th 2009
4:00PM - 5:00PM
A Q&A with the one and only Bruce Campbell... actor, writer, director, producer.. B-Movie Icon and FSC's Guest of Honor!

Florida Supercon - South Florida''s comic book, anime, animation, cosplay, fantasy and video gaming festival.
June 5-7, 2009
The Doubletree Miami Mart
Airport Convention Center
711 NW 72ND Avenue
Miami, FL. 33126
Supercon Hotline: 954.882.2950
Hotel Phone Number: 305.261.3800

FRIDAY 4:00PM - 2:00AM
SATURDAY 11:00AM - 2:00AM
SUNDAY 11:00AM - 6:00PM


Featured eBay Item: EVIL DEAD II 2 Genuine UK Quad Bruce Campbell Sam Raimi

Click to enlarge image:

I am selling off my collection of UK quads. Here is the quad for the film Evil Dead II from 1987 starring Bruce Campbell and directed by Sam Raimi. What a great film, and this poster is now rare and sought after by collectors. The poster is in a black frame and has a perspex front. The poster has the normal quad folds and measures 40" by 30" but no other pin holes or tears. The artwork is brilliant on the poster and is a must for any horror fan. I have put a cd in the picture just so you can appreciate the size of the poster, but if your looking at this rare poster then I am sure you know about quads!!

Click Here To Bid! - Source:

Reminder: Tom Sullivan Appearance This Weekend!

Cinema Wasteland
April 3rd, 4th, and 5th, 2009 "Spring Spectacular"
Holiday Inn
Hotel Front Desk: 1-440-2388800 | Hotel Fax: 1-440-2380

The Tom Sullivan Movie Memorabilia Museum with Bookbinder of the Dead and Evil Dead Historian, Pat Reese as well as Tom's famous Art Print Gallery will be back of course.


Perlman Updates Bubba Nosferatu

Been a bit since we had any updates on Bubba Nosferatu. But frankly who cares? Bruce Campbell is not involved so my level of interest is pretty close to none at this point. Ron Perlman will instead star. Do not get me wrong I like Ron Perlman but if I am going to watch a b-movie it has to star Bruce or for some reason my interest level plummets. Bubba Ho-Tep was genius and Bruce is why it was genius. In an interview with FearNet Ron Perlman updated them on the films progress saying;

“It’s a follow-up to Bubba Ho Tep. Don Coscarelli made that wonderful cult film and Bruce Campbell played Elvis. This is a follow-up to that. Bruce, for one reason or another decided that he didn’t want to go on with the character and they asked if I would and I definitely would. It is on track and with any help from the gods and the elements we’ll be shooting that thing next fall.”

You will recall that Paul Giamatti is on board to play Col Parker in the sequel alongside Perlman. Paul Giamatti's production company is also producing the film.

Without Bruce Campbell are you interested in seeing this film? Did you like the first one?