Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Drag Me to Hell: On the Set with Alison Lohman & Dileep Rao

"Sam Raimi is very detailed and methodical about everything, as you can see the storyboarding," she continues, pointing out a wall of storyboards. Before them, a miniature graveyard mock-up - evidence of Raimi's preparation for a scene not yet shot. "He's very organized. What I love about him is he's very sensitive as a person and brings that into his characters so he really knows human nature and why we do the things we do."

Rao adds: "There's a tremendous amount of collaboration and you can make a bit of it up, but it has to pass Sam. He's the sniff test meter determining what's good and what isn't. He's such a great collaborator, but also a great leader in the way you can trust him when it is or isn't going to work. I have a great deal of thanks to him. It makes it richer."

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