Thursday, April 16, 2009

UPDATE - Featured Tattoo: ED 1/2 sleeve - Sessions 1 and 2

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I just got back from Delaware and 2 sessions with Shane O'Neill. This is what was done the first session and it took roughly 6 hours: [see above pics]

I'll post pictures of session 2 tomorrow, once I can get some good pics. Today's work was Headless Linda's head in the vice (had to keep Freddie happy) and Henrietta locked in the cellar.

Unfortunately, Shane is booked until the summer and won't be at Hell City, so I'll have to wait until July or August to finish it. The last two pieces will be pages from the Necronomicon and Ash's severed hand flipping the bird, and then just some general background to tie the whole piece together. Sorry, Freddie, no room for Evil Ed -- he got the boot.

Source: - Rider68

Some more pics of this amazing tattoo!


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Thanks for posting the pic of my tattoo. I posted pics from the second session I had done also. They are in the same thread you posted the link for. The sleeve will be finished on August 24.