Thursday, April 2, 2009

Perlman Updates Bubba Nosferatu

Been a bit since we had any updates on Bubba Nosferatu. But frankly who cares? Bruce Campbell is not involved so my level of interest is pretty close to none at this point. Ron Perlman will instead star. Do not get me wrong I like Ron Perlman but if I am going to watch a b-movie it has to star Bruce or for some reason my interest level plummets. Bubba Ho-Tep was genius and Bruce is why it was genius. In an interview with FearNet Ron Perlman updated them on the films progress saying;

“It’s a follow-up to Bubba Ho Tep. Don Coscarelli made that wonderful cult film and Bruce Campbell played Elvis. This is a follow-up to that. Bruce, for one reason or another decided that he didn’t want to go on with the character and they asked if I would and I definitely would. It is on track and with any help from the gods and the elements we’ll be shooting that thing next fall.”

You will recall that Paul Giamatti is on board to play Col Parker in the sequel alongside Perlman. Paul Giamatti's production company is also producing the film.

Without Bruce Campbell are you interested in seeing this film? Did you like the first one?


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