Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sam Raimi and Quint discuss DRAG ME TO HELL, SPIDER-MAN 4 and EVIL DEAD 4!

The difference between Drag Me to Hell's R and PG-13 versions:
Sam Raimi: Well, the difference is so subtle that… I’ll have to tell you that there are different versions. There was an R rated and a PG-13 version, but you saw it before there was any difference between the two. That was the first screening and there’s only six seconds of difference between the two and actually the PG-13 version is six seconds longer than the R rated version.
Quint: Oh yeah?
Sam Raimi: It’s because when a different take is used, it just ended up being technically longer. It’s very confusing, but the versions are very, very similar. It’s really frames.

KNB's involvement with 'Drag Me to Hell':
Sam Raimi: That whole team is excellent. They are great puppeteers. First of all, they really know… If you ask for a particular shot with a particular effect, they know how to present you with options to give you the best shot for that particular angle.

Evil Dead 4 Excerpt 1:
Raimi: . . . EVIL DEAD 4 is all about blood and gore and EVIL DEAD movies and I really like the EVIL DEAD movies and I really want to make another EVIL DEAD movie sometime. I don’t want to say when, because everyone keeps getting mad at me…
Quint: It’s like “Yeah, you are going to have to now, or else the fans are going to revolt.” You’ve now said that you are going to do it!
Sam Raimi: I do want to do it!

Evil Dead 4 Excerpt 2:
Quint: You had mentioned earlier that you have to do the EVIL DEAD thing, because people just won’t leave you alone about it, but you don’t help yourself when… I heard at COMIC CON, you are talking like “Me and Ivan have an idea and we are going to start writing.”
Sam Raimi: It’s true. I don’t know what to say. Should I just say “No comment?”
Quint: No no no, but I think you are going to see a lot of people after seeing this movie… that thirst is going to be awoken again. People really love you doing genre, so do you have to do it! When do you think that you could? You are doing SPIDERMAN next…
Sam Raimi: That’s a long time, so I guess it’d be nice to work on it after that.

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Note: DRAG ME TO HELL spoilers are discussed!

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