Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Set Visit: Sam Raimi's Drag Me To Hell

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Raimi on his new movie:

He describes Drag Me to Hell as much more complex than the Evil Dead trilogy. Rooted deeper in the real world than the madcap antics of the shotgun/chainsaw-toting Ash and the Deadites. "I can honestly say this is a PG-13 picture, so it's a little less assaultive than the Evil Dead movies which are unrated films. I don't have any grander design or thematic ideas when making this film versus making the Evil Dead films. I'm just trying to make a horror movie that people go to, laugh at, think is suspenseful, get excited about during the monster sequences and go 'Oh gross!' and have those types of funhouse reactions. It's a lower brow goal I really enjoy working in - for me it's a great weight off my shoulders."

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