Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sam Raimi on how he got back to his horror roots in Drag Me to Hell

This movie is sort of being talked about by fans as Sam Raimi's return to his horror roots. What do you think of that?

: I just want the audience to like it, whatever they. I have no opinion about that. Certainly I haven't been making a horror film since there was the Evil Dead trilogy.

I suppose they're right. This is the first horror film I've made since then. But ... I don't think of it in terms of myself or my career. ... What I think about is I hope the audience likes it, you know? Get scared about it. I don't think most people are aware who the filmmakers are, you know, the audience. I think they're just into it for a good time and a thrill show. ...

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Sam Raimi reveals why he loves horror from the set of Drag Me to Hell

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