Sunday, May 31, 2009

Graphic horror film tickled director Raimi's funny bone

Raimi says he was overjoyed to tap into his inner geek once more. Raimi forged his career in low-budget horror with the 1981 cult cinema classic "The Evil Dead" (starring Jackson County resident Bruce Campbell) and its follow-ups, using those movies as a place to perfect his signature brand of kinetic camera work and his habit of pairing horror with humor.

His return to the genre after such a long absence has transformed this compact little movie into the event film of the summer for devoted horror fans (who will be thrilled to hear that he hasn't ruled out another "Evil Dead" movie), and even Raimi says it felt like a homecoming of sorts.

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sam Raimi: 12 Horror Films He Had a (Creepy) Hand In

Raimi's debut feature was this gory, haunted-house-in-the-woods yarn, which quickly became a genuine horror classic. More than a quarter of a century later, the film's star (and frequent Raimi collaborator) Bruce Campbell continues to complain about the physical indignities he suffered while making it.

''Bruce is right to be complaining. Sometimes I'd have to hurt him with a 2x4 for the good of the audience. I'd have to explain to him: 'It's really what the audience wants.' He had to live the character, and I was the one that was going to help him get there.''

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'Drag Me to Hell' - Review Roundup

DRAG ME TO HELL (Film Review) - Source:

'Drag Me to Hell' will get your pulse racing - Source:

Going back to his roots, Raimi has made the most crazy, fun, and terrifying horror movie in years - Source:

You can stop asking Sam Raimi when he's going to make Evil Dead 4. He's already done it - Source:

Are Sam Raimi’s EVIL DEAD Films the Best Movies Ever Made?

Okay, so maybe the Evil Dead movies aren’t really the best movies ever made. But they are sort of like my generation’s version of the Kennedy assassination: we all remember where we were on that bloody day we first saw Evil Dead.

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‘Army Of Darkness: Ash Saves Obama’ Artist Todd Nauck On Spider-Man, Barack & Celebrity Team-Ups

Mark my words: This is so crazy, it is absolutely, positively going to work. The latest comic to feature U.S. President Barack Obama will team him up with S-Mart Employee of the Month Ashley J. Williams — the character better known as “Ash” to fans of the “Evil Dead” and “Army of Darkness” franchise.

Published by Dynamite Entertainment, “Army of Darkness: Ash Saves Obama” will feature Bruce Campbell’s boomstick-toting alter ego teaming up with the new, comics-friendly Commander-in-Chief to thwart the Deadites’ latest invasion of the mortal plane. Featuring a story by Elliot Serrano (”Xena/Army of Darkness”), interior art by Ariel Padilla and covers by “Spider-Man/Obama” artist Todd Nauck, the four-issue series unfolds at one of the scariest places on Earth: a crowded comic convention.

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Featured Pic: Evil Dead II Monster Totally Looks Like World’s Ugliest Dog


Monday, May 25, 2009

After Spidey, a Return to Hell

SAM RAIMI, whose new film, “Drag Me to Hell,” opens Friday, is probably best known to moviegoers as the director of the three “Spider-Man” pictures, with their spectacular scenes of web-flying and sensitive treatment of nerdy Peter Parker’s coming to terms with both adolescence and his newly acquired superpowers. But in some circles Mr. Raimi is even more revered as the creator of the “Evil Dead” trilogy, a series of horror movies, made in the 1980s and ’90s, that have acquired a status that is beyond cultish.

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Evil Dead rises: Candarian demons set loose on Calgarians at Vertigo Theatre

"There are people who really love these films and can hardly wait to get caught up in the action of the musical," says Cochrane.

Evil Dead: The Musical ran for 400 performances in Toronto and is running in Seoul with productions scheduled for Germany, Britain and Australia.

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Director Sam Raimi jumps back into the gore

''You have to remember that most people don't love the Evil Dead pictures or have even heard of them,'' Raimi says. ``They're just a particular flavor that some people adore. But we were trying to do something different in the horror genre and not repeat ourselves, and I knew that although the fans wanted me to make another Evil Dead, I would lose if I just gave them the same old thing. So I decided to make another kind of horror picture -- one that didn't rely on the blood and gore which is all the Evil Dead pictures rely on.''

Despite the lack of ultra-violence, Drag Me to Hell will never be mistaken for a Disney picture: This is still a film in which a staple gun is taken to someone's eye, one in which another character gets an anvil dropped on her head, sending her eyeballs flying.

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

3 Drag Me to Hell Desktop Wallpapers

Click to enlarge image:

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Win Some Stuff!

Win a Signed Sam Raimi Poster, Drag Me
To Hell:

Can never go wrong with more free goodness. This go around we have a signed poster for Sam Raimi's Drag Me To Hell up for grabs. The poster is signed by Sam Raimi and the star Alison Lohman.

To enter this contest is easy but please note this contest is only open to American and Canadian readers. To enter simply go to the comments and tell us what you would do if an evil Gypsy was out to get your ass and DRAG you to hell. Each comment will count as an entry and you can comment as many times as you want. The best answer will win a signed Poster! It can be funny, serious, off the wall or just plain crazy. So long as it entertains.

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Win an Army of Darkness S-Mart T-shirt:

Deadline : May 29th.

Freddy In Space Link

How To Enter : Head over to Nerdoh and pick your favorite shirt from their selection and then click the above link and leave a comment on Freddy In Space with your e-mail address and your favorite.


Friday, May 22, 2009

Army of Darkness - U.S. Showings This Weekend/Monday

Every Friday and Saturday night at 11:55pm, it's another Midnight Movie Classic at the Landmark River Oaks Theatre, 2009 West Gray Houston, TX 77019

Friday-Saturday, May 22-May 23: Army of Darkness.

Music Box Theatre
3733 N. Southport Ave.
Chicago, IL 60613
Army of Darkness May 22, 23, 29, 30 - Midnight

Check out a film screening of Evil Dead 3: Army of Darkness during Cult Movie Mondays.

Monday, May 25th

Free. 8 p.m.
Actor's Theatre of Charlotte
650 E Stonewall St
Charlotte, NC 28202
(704) 342-2251


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Musical Evil Dead a bloody good time

Rebecca Northan, who stars as Annie in Evil Dead: The Musical, found her love of theatre doing improvisation in Calgary's own Loose Moose Theatre when she was 16 and it remains one of her favourite venues to perform in.

Northan and her fellow actors conjure a killer show, filled with singing zombies and splatacular bloody good comedy. Gore lovers will laugh their guts out and give a demon-possessed hand of applause for this horror-fueled laugh fest. Watch out or you will get sucked into a vortex of demonic giggling, as blood sprays you in the three-row "splatter zone."

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'Drag Me to Hell' - Cannes Film Festival Roundup

Click to enlarge images:

When asked about the status of an Evil Dead remake, Raimi said not anytime soon. Pressing him, a Norwegian journalist noted the the Evil Dead remake already happened, and it was in the form of Lars von Trier’s Antichrist. Raimi, who hasn’t seen the film and knows little of the Danish auteur, said jokingly, without missing a beat: “I’d love to see Antichrist. And so would my attorney.”


Spider-Man Director Drags Cannes Back into Comedy-Infused Horror - Source:

Sam Raimi brings comedy-laden horror to Cannes - Source:

Drag Me to Hell: Sam Raimi's Genre Curse - Source:

Sam Raimi Has Demonic Relapse With 'Drag Me To Hell' - Source:

EVIL DEAD: THE MUSICAL Gets Extended By 3 Weekends At The Beck Center, Ends 7/5

Due to its overwhelming popularity, Evil Dead: The Musical's run will be extended by three weekends. Originally scheduled to close on June 14, the show will now end Sunday, July 5 (no performance on July 4). Show times are 8 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays and 7 p.m. Sundays. A special 11 p.m. performance will replace the 8 p.m. performance on Friday, June 19. Rush tickets are not available for this show.

For tickets, call 216.521.2540 x10 or visit

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Featured Merch: Army of Darkness Subway Full Print Shirt

Click to enlarge image:

Army of Darkness Subway Full Print Shirt. Filled with blood, dirt, and madness!

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

John Cameron: Filmmaker shares Hollywood tales

It didn't take long for John Cameron to find his calling.

In elementary school, he and friends Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell made films and charged people 25 cents to watch them.

“There was an early entrepreneurial spirit to it,” Cameron said.

It was also clear that Raimi was director material, Campbell had acting skills and Cameron should be producer, he said.

On director and childhood friend Sam Raimi:“He's a gentleman, really soft spoken, really quiet,” Cameron said, of Raimi, who is now working direction of “Spider-Man 4.”

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Sam Raimi on his new horror Drag Me to Hell & The Evil Dead

“I almost died of cold making The Evil Dead,” he says of the shoot in the Tennessee woods. “My hands were covered in Karo syrup [which he famously used for the blood and pus effects], I was freezing and I couldn’t even load the film. It was a nightmare.”

The Evil Dead not only took off at the box office — made for $375,000 (£246,000) it has so far taken nearly $30 million — it was also a hit on video. Dropping out of college, Raimi started work on Evil Dead II and then bigger films with bigger stars, such as the western The Quick and the Dead with Sharon Stone, Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe, Darkman with Liam Neeson and A Simple Plan with Billy Bob Thornton. Unfortunately, for all their pedigree, none of these films did very well.

“I have never really made a lot of successful films,” he says. “I had a small cult following with those horror movies, but in Hollywood you have to have some hits behind you to get final cut.”

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Trailer Addict: Interview with Sam Raimi, the director of Drag Me to Hell

Sam Raimi Discusses Remake and 'Evil Dead 4'

Gina McIntyre: Speaking of second chances, there’s been a lot of talk about an “Evil Dead” remake. Is that project moving forward?

Sam Raimi: I was planning to do that, but when I got swept away in “Drag Me to Hell,” it got pushed off to the side. I just finished [“Drag Me to Hell”] last week, and already “Spider-Man” is calling. So I don’t think I’ll be able to do it immediately, but the moment I have a chance, I really would like to work on an “Evil Dead” story.

I’ve talked about two things with my [producing] partner Rob Tapert: The first is, should we get a young filmmaker to remake the “Evil Dead” movie, the first one? When we made that, it was 16 mm, it was made in mono and very few people saw it on the big screen. Fifty or 60 prints were made, and they bicycled them from market to market and very few people saw it. It probably made like $1.1 million at the box office. It really is made for a big-screen experience. I’d love for some young filmmaker to make a remake if they had a new vision of the thing, 35 mm, 5.1 sound, really move the sound around and make it an immersive experience. I think it’s a good, simple campfire story and could really be fun. It’s still dependent on finding a filmmaker that really can present something great. Then I think I’d love to see it.

Gina McIntyre: What’s that other option that you’ve discussed?

Sam Raimi: I would like to make “Evil Dead 4” with Bruce Campbell. I’ve said that before in an interview, and the fans sometimes say, "Why does he keep opening his big mouth about it and then not do anything about it?" So, I’m hesitant but -- between you and me and just the people who read the L.A. Times -- I’d still like to do that at some point. I do want to make it down the line.

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Tom Sullivan Appearance This Weekend!

Motor City Con
May 15-17, 2009
FRI. 12:30pm - 7pm / SAT. 10:30am - 6pm / SUN. 10:30am - 5pm
Advance ticket holders admitted 30 minutes early each day!

Host of the Motor City Comic Con is the Rock Financial Showplace. Its at 46100 Grand River Ave., Novi, MI 48374. Novi is a suburb of Detroit in Oakland county. Rock Financial Showplace has a $5.00 parking fee.


Drag Me to Hell Premiere

Justin Long & Alison Lohman hit the red carpet in Hollywood.


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Rue Morgue Magazine Issue #89 On Stands Now

Click to enlarge image:


More than fifteen years and three blockbuster Spider-Man movies since the last Evil Dead film, Sam Raimi returns to his low-budget horror roots with Drag Me To Hell. Featuring interviews with the director, co-screenwriter Ivan Raimi and makeup effects guru Greg Nicotero.
by Phil Brown, Jovanka Vuckovic and Joseph O’Brien

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Third Clip from 'Drag Me to Hell'

Drag Me to Hell - Exclusive Clip

After the mysterious Mrs. Ganush is denied an extension on her home loan she retaliates by placing the curse of the Lamia upon the loan officer, transforming her life into a living nightmare…

Check out this exclusive clip to see these two attack each other!


"Flies": Another Official Clip from Sam Raimi's 'Drag Me to Hell'!

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Click Here For Rob Tapert's IMDB Page

Click to enlarge image:

The Evil Dead, Goof - Crew or equipment visible: Producer Rob Tapert can be seen hiding in the bushes when the car starts to cross the bridge.


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

First Official Clip from Sam Raimi's 'Drag Me to Hell'!

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Bloody Disgusting Has Got NY and LA Tickets to See 'Drag Me to Hell' For FREE!

You guys better hurry and CLICK HERE to get your hands on a pair of tickets to be the first see Sam Raimi's huge return to horror in Drag Me to Hell (reviews) at one of two screenings in either New York or Los Angeles! We have a total of 70 (+1 guest) passes (that's 140 tickets) available exclusively to Bloody-Disgusting readers. So hurry on over, fill out your info and make sure to get there early to ensure a seat. Director Sam Raimi (Spider-Man trilogy, Evil Dead series) returns to the horror genre with Drag Me To Hell, an original tale of a young woman’s desperate quest to break an evil curse. Starring Alison Lohman and Justin Long. Head to Raimi's hell on May 29th!

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Sam Raimi says George Romero Inspired Him


The first horror film that had a tremendous impact on me was George Romero’s Night of The Living Dead. I was probably about ten years old and my sister snuck me into the theater under her coat, if you can believe that. It was a crime that was committed against me, watching that film (laughs). I was too young. And it blew my mind, the terror. I could not believe it. I was so terrified watching that film (laughs).

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Holy Light of Demons pays tribute to THE EVIL DEAD

Ashley J. Williams is "The King."

If you don't get it, shame on you for not watching THE EVIL DEAD. Bruce Campbell's signature role as "Ash" has become the stuff of legend for many a horror fan, and now NYC's Holy Light of Demons has paid tribute to the man with a new song and music video - HAIL TO THE KING. Following the tale of the boomstick-wielding S-Mart associate as he fights his way through Sam Raimi's first 'DEAD, into EVIL DEAD II, and onto battle an ARMY OF DARKNESS, the band is gearing up for an onslaught of horror-themed tributes.

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Man with the Screaming Brain/Alien Apocalypse (Bruce Campbell 2 pack) Released Today!

The DVD of Man With the Screaming Brain features:

* Audio Commentary with Writer/Director/Star Bruce Campbell and Producer David M. Goodman
* Featurettes: Making The Screaming Brain and Neurology 101: Evolution Of The Screaming Brain
* Behind The Scenes
* Theatrical Trailer
* Storyboard Gallery
* Comic Book Art Gallery
* Bruce Campbell Bio

The DVD features for Alien Apocalaypse include:

* Audio Commentary with Actor Bruce Campbell and Writer/Director Josh Becker
* Behind The Scenes Gallery
* Storyboard Gallery
* Bruce Campbell Bio
* Trailers

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If we're gushing, it's because we had a bloody good time at 'Evil Dead the Musical'

The Beck Center production, directed with perverse zest by Scott Spence, gleefully unleashes the best-worst of Cleveland's local theater talent.

Dan Folino, last seen at Lakeland Theatre slitting throats with razors in "Sweeney Todd," this time takes up a bloody chain saw to make his handless right arm complete, as the angel-voiced, devil-driven Ash, the housewares clerk from "S mart" turned hero.

Through Sunday, June 14, at 17801 Detroit Ave., Lakewood. $25-$28. 216-521-2540; or click here. Note: Scriptwriter and lyricist George Reinblatt, based in Toronto, will attend the Beck production this Friday and Saturday and will lead audience talk-back sessions.

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Tons of New 'Drag Me to Hell' Pics!

Click to enlarge images:

SPOILERS! Click at your own risk!

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Evil Dead II - Digital Retribution Blu-ray Disc Review

Evil Dead II set the benchmark for what a horror comedy could be. It showcased Sam Raimi's enormous directional talent and made an icon of its star Bruce Campbell. It's simply one of the finest horror films of the 80s.

As for the disc, while this is the best Evil Dead II has looked thus far, it isn't much of an improvement over the various DVDs available. Die-hard fans will want this BD either way, but it might be worth holding out for some inevitable Remastered Special Edition. That said it's still an easy choice over our bare bones region 4 DVD.

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Featured Merch: ash with his boomstick evil dead movie geek MESSENGER / LAPTOP BAG

Click to enlarge image:

my ASH WITH HIS BOOMSTICK design pressed onto a 100% cotton canvas unisex messenger bag.

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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Evil Dead Cabin - Left 4 Dead Map

Click to enlarge images:

The map is made for the Survival game mode. I do not recommend playing with bots because at the current time they are increasingly fascinated with the trap door leading down into the basement. They are so entranced in it, that they couldn't give to shits less about the tank smashing Zoey's face off the ground a couple hundred times.

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Friday, May 8, 2009

2 New Pics and 3rd TV Spot For Sam Raimi's DRAG ME TO HELL!

Click to enlarge images:

With the release of Sam Raimi's return to horror DRAG ME TO HELL right around the corner (May 29th, fiends!) a 3rd TV spot has made it's way on-line!



Click Here For Betsy Baker's IMDB Page

"We're gonna get you. We're gonna get you. Not another peep. Time to go to sleep!"

Thursday, May 7, 2009

UPDATE: Bruce Campbell, The Ladies of the Evil Dead and Hal Delrich at Monster Mania in June!!

Click to enlarge image:

It looks official. Bruce Campbell, The Ladies of the Evil Dead and Hal Delrich (Richard DeManincor) will ALL be appearing at Monster Mania!

Reservations: 860-635-2000 Don't wait!
(Ask for the special Monster-Mania Room Rate of just $99!)

Bruce will appear 2 days June 12-14, 2009
at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Cromwell, CT.

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Sam Raimi hits London for a Drag Me To Hell Preview!

In partnership with Film4 FrightFest, the ICA is hosting a Q&A with Sam Raimi following a preview screening of his new and much talked about return to horror flicks, Drag Me To Hell. On 24th May (3 days ahead of its nationwide theatrical release) Raimi and stars Alison Lohman and Justin Long will be on hand to answer questions on all things hellish. If, like me, you’d rather spend a night with Raimi’s bloodier side than his spandex incarnations then this is just what you need to liven up the bank holiday weekend.

Tickets go on sale tomorrow (8th May) and you can get them here.


5 Horror Remakes, Horror Sequels To Look Forward To

Army of Darkness / Evil Dead Remakes: Really both fall into the same grain so I am putting them as one on my list. I loved Army of Darkness so much that I own every edition on DVD and have watched it well over 40 times over the many years I have owned it. Bruce Campbell comes into his own in this film delivering huge laughs, within a fantastic tale that is a great mix of Lord of the Rings and undead magic. Whether they choose to redo Evil Dead or relaunch Army of Darkness both are worth my time I feel. There is a lot of talk and lots of false starts on the movies but Sam Raimi has made it clear he and his brother are going to write it and make it happen. Lets hope its soon!


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Win tickets to an advance screening of Sam Raimi’s DRAG ME TO HELL - Fresno, CA

Mr. Sam Raimi returns to his horror roots with the upcoming DRAG ME TO HELL (in theaters May 29) and your favoritest blog is giving away tickets to an advance screening on Tuesday, May 26 at Edwards Stadium 22 in Fresno!

I’m super excited for this film. All the early reviews I’ve read have been great, and no offense to Peter Parker, but Raimi was born for horror! Big fan of the Evil Dead series and all things Raimi, so I can’t wait to see his return to form.

Have your fancies been tickled yet? All you need to do to win is post a comment telling us What’s your favorite Sam Raimi movie and why? Winners will be chosen at random. One entry per person. The only way to win is to enter, so do it now! Deadline is Thursday, May 21. Scope out the synopsis and trailer after the break!



THE PULSE: What do you like the best about Ash? How is he different from the typical protagonist?

I think that if Bruce Campbell hadn’t set the tone for that character, it wouldn’t be nearly as fun. Let’s face it, that’s why the book was done in the first place. If Ash was played by Jan Michael Vincent, would we even be having this conversation? Wait, I take that back. He’s a bit of a train wreck. And people love train wrecks!

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Featured Video: Army of Darkness - Recut Trailer "Comedy style"

Source: GCsthedarkknight

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Two NEW TV Spots for 'Drag Me to Hell'



"Evil Dead: The Musical" comes to life at Beck Center for the Arts

A spring break camping trip goes horribly and hilariously wrong in the Cleveland premiere of "Evil Dead: The Musical" opening at Beck Center for the Arts's Studio Theater opening Friday.

Tickets are $28 for adults, $25 for seniors 65 and older and $17 for students 22 and under with proper identification. An additional $3 service fee per ticket will be applied at the time of purchase. To reserve tickets, call the Beck Center box office at (216) 521-2540 Ext. 10 or visit

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