Sunday, May 24, 2009

Director Sam Raimi jumps back into the gore

''You have to remember that most people don't love the Evil Dead pictures or have even heard of them,'' Raimi says. ``They're just a particular flavor that some people adore. But we were trying to do something different in the horror genre and not repeat ourselves, and I knew that although the fans wanted me to make another Evil Dead, I would lose if I just gave them the same old thing. So I decided to make another kind of horror picture -- one that didn't rely on the blood and gore which is all the Evil Dead pictures rely on.''

Despite the lack of ultra-violence, Drag Me to Hell will never be mistaken for a Disney picture: This is still a film in which a staple gun is taken to someone's eye, one in which another character gets an anvil dropped on her head, sending her eyeballs flying.

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