Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Day I Met Bruce Campbell

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All Fan Boys Rejoice for the Slayer of Deadites

What a day to be a dork I tell ya. Lucky enough for me, I was visiting my girlfriend during one fateful weekend when I had received a phone call from my brother Joey. He asks, "Hey Bo, have you ever met some guy called Bruce Campbell?"

And, it just so happened the day that Bruce would be there, was my last day I was planning on staying in Florida. I was giddy as a lil bitch, not only would I be able to meet a cult icon, see my girlfriend and now my brother - but I'd also stand a great chance to get Bruce's autograph. Which in dork sense of the word, is like getting the pelt off an endangered species.

Here's an entertaining story of how one fan gets Bruce Campbell to sign his painting. It's 9 pages long, but worth the read.

Click Here To Read Much More - Source: www.associatedcontent.com - Bo Gorcesky

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