Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ellen Sandweiss: Dangerous, But No Longer Dead

“When we made ‘The Evil Dead,’ I didn’t think anybody was ever going to see it; I mean, for God’s sake, we made this movie before video rentals!” said Ellen Sandweiss with a laugh more hearty than wicked.

The Michigan-born-and-bred actress was reminiscing about the start of her professional film career, when she played Cheryl in the legendary cult horror flick, which also marked the professional debut of director Sam Raimi (the “Spider-Man” trilogy, “The Quick and the Dead,” “A Simple Plan,” “The Gift,” and the current fright-fest “Drag Me to Hell.”) Sandweiss was responsible for some of that film’s most memorable moments, including the infamous sequence when she was, er, sexually assaulted by a tree.

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