Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sam Raimi's Hell is UK box-office heaven for Lionsgate

Soaring temperatures across the UK may have been good news for garden centres and barbecue manufacturers, but proved less welcome to cinema owners. Added to that, after four successive weekends in May with back-to-back blockbuster releases, the exhibitor calendar took a relative pause in anticipation of Terminator Salvation this week.

Thus, the highest new entry (at No 2) was the Sam Raimi horror Drag Me to Hell, which opened on a healthy £1.91m including £631,000 in previews. The result is a fillip for local distributor Lionsgate, since horror is a genre that usually fails to live up to the so-called "10% rule", ie that a UK box-office sterling figure will be around one-tenth the US dollar one. Drag Me to Hell opened on a slightly disappointing $15.82m in the US. Although Raimi's name was a useful marketing asset, the film lacked brand awareness since it is not a sequel or remake, unlike most recent offerings in the horror genre.

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