Sunday, August 30, 2009

Cult hero Bruce Campbell has fun with Fan Expo

Phil Brown
Bruce Campbell is a bit like Alexander Keith's beer. Those who like him, like him a lot.

While some people might recognize the star of the Evil Dead film trilogy from one of his many appearances on screens big and small, many of the sci-fi fanboys, horror lovers and comic-book obsessives descending upon the Metro Toronto Convention Centre today for Fan Expo Canada would rank him somewhere between a movie star and a demigod.

Interview Excerpt:
Q: Will there ever be another Evil Dead movie?

Bruce Campbell: It seems like we're actively pursuing a remake. That will probably happen at some point in the next couple years. As far as the sequel goes, we're going to wait until Sam Raimi isn't busy making big studio blockbusters. It's fun working with Sam. Some directors like to whisper in an actor's ear or take them over into a corner to give direction, but Sam just yells, "Pick up the pace! For God's sake, I'm falling asleep here!" He just cuts to the chase and he does it in a fun and entertaining way even though he means it.

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