Thursday, August 6, 2009

Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn with Richard Domeier Introduction!

The Colonial Theatre
Fri, Aug 7, 9:45 pm
227 Bridge St
Phoenixville, PA 19460
(610) 917-1228

The First Friday Fright Nights have been going strong for over a year now and this Friday will be the best one of them all. Showing at the Colonial for the first time ever is Sam Raimi’s 1987 classic Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn. However this will not be just any screening of the film Variety calls More an absurdist comedy than a horror film”. The Colonial will not only screen the film on 35 mm but it will be introduced by Richard Domeier who played Ed Getley (aka Demon Ed) in the film. This will be a great treat for all of our First Friday Fright Night Fanatics and a true treat for the Colonial.

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