Sunday, September 13, 2009

A bloody good time - Whole Art's `Evil Dead' has fun with Raimi's gory cult films - Kalamazoo, MI

Mark Wedel writes:
Director Randy Wolfe sat down in a Whole Art office, dried blood on his chin and splattered on his white shirt.

He didn't seem to notice until it was pointed out. ``Oh, yeah. I had to test it,'' Wolfe said. There are various types of stage blood used in theater, some not fit for consumption. But this tasted ``like Captain Morgan,'' he said jokingly.

This will likely be the first Whole Art production where the stage will need a full cleaning crew after each act, Wolfe said. So much blood.

``Evil Dead: The Musical,'' Whole Art Theatre, Thursday and Friday nights, Sept. 18-Oct. 10, 8 p.m. Not recommended for children due to violence and language. $20, $15 for seniors, $10 students. (269) 345-7529.

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