Friday, September 18, 2009

Bruce Campbell Says Evil Dead 4 Probably a Remake

For years, Evil Dead 4 has been speculated about, hinted at, and even confirmed (more or less) by Evil Dead's writer-director Sam Raimi, who said he would force Bruce Campbell to return. However, Campbell says he likely won't return, telling that when it comes to Evil Dead 4, "We're probably going to do a remake." And Campbell's fine with a remake of Evil Dead?

I am because we're going to just try and make it scary, you know? We want to make it a scary movie with technology that we can now finally use where you don't see garden hoses spewing fake blood.

Campbell says they will hold on to the Evil Dead spirit: "Well, this will still be fun, too. It will." It may even be retain some of the campy nature of the original trilogy, though Campbell does say nothing is set in stone.

It depends on how we do it. We're still trying to decide what we're going to do, what the approach is.


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