Friday, September 18, 2009

The Devil Made Her Do It: 666 Girls on Film


Michael Adams writes:
Cheryl (Ellen Sandweiss) -- The Evil Dead (1981)

In a film that's filled with terrifying moments, it's the first demonic possession that lingers. Here's the thing: if you and your friends are in a creepy cabin in the woods and you find a tape with some old guy rambling about "The Book Of The Dead, bound in human flesh and inked in human blood", you pretty much press "stop" before he gets to the bit where he starts reciting occult invocations. If you've been dumb enough to keep listening to that point, you definitely don't go out in the woods to investigate when you hear a spooky disembodied voice saying "Join us...". But that's exactly what Cheryl -- short-lived sister to franchise hero Ash -- does, leading to her infamous rape by devil vines. Soon after, while her friends and brother try to guess which cards are being plucked from a deck, Cheryl is possessed by a Kandarian demon. It's what we hear -- her sudden psychic ability ("Eight of spades! Two of spades! Jack of Diamonds, Jack of clubs!") that sets the spine tingling. And then she turns around.

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