Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Army Of Darkness [Theatrical Version](1992): Breakdown by Rantbo

Rant writes:
The Evil Dead films are quite unique, as the progression in style over the course of the trilogy is unlike any other. The first film is straight up horror, with mild comedic moments peppered in-between (tree rape). The second sacrifices a portion of the terror in exchange for much larger comedic play, which, best I can describe, is like watching a THREE STOOGES film, where the Stooges have been possessed by demons and are trying to kill one another. Then with the third film, Raimi decided to take the style of part two, but set it in medieval times and add a large scale epic-action battle and love story into the mix, thus making AOD an Action/Horror/Romantic-Slapstick-Comedy/Period/War film. And the fucked up thing is, it works.

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