Sunday, October 4, 2009

Drag Me to Hell Unrated Director's Cut Review

Tyler Foster writes:
It's a shame the movie didn't do better in theaters, because Drag Me to Hell delivers. This is a movie that's a total blast with a like-minded, vocal audience (tell your friends!), and it's great to get Raimi back, even if it's just for one picture. I criticized the trailer before, but it's right about one thing: this is a return to true funhouse horror, delivered with impish glee by one of the genre's modern maestros. As Christine is repeatedly besieged by a floating corpse as she tries to crawl out of a flooding graveyard plot, I couldn't help but wonder if Sam himself was under the water, insistently jabbing the prop at his lead actress, trying to get a rise out of her, and by extension, the audience. It's Raimi's version of the seat buzzer, and I imagine that somewhere, William Castle is cackling with delight.

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