Thursday, October 8, 2009

Evil Dead: The Musical - October 2009 Roundup

2nd Street Theater, Bend, OR:

I Finally Saw Evil Dead The Musical...Now I'm Doing Laundry - Source:

Look Who’s Evil Now: Our Evil Dead: The Musical Review - Source: - Susanne Burns

The Ringwald Theatre, Ferndale, MI:

Who Wants Cake? Extends EVIL DEAD: THE MUSICAL Through 11/23 - Source:

'Evil Dead: The Musical' is bloody good, ghoulish fun - Source:

Brown Building Theatre, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro:

'Evil Dead' musical is a splash from past - Source:

Evil Dead is on at The Vogue and the Norman Rothstein Theatre with overlapping dates:

Gory productions go head-to-head, twin kill: Each incarnation of Evil Dead: The Musical offers unique experience - Source:

The Dallas Hub Theater, Dallas, TX:

Theater review: Evil Dead: The Musical - Source:

Rubber Chicken Theater, Duluth MN:

Theater review: "Evil Dead" is campy Halloween fun for adults - Source:

The Spotlight Theatre, Bakersfield, CA:

Evil Dead the Musical ~ Directed by Jarred Clowes - Source:

Vogue Theatre, Vancouver, BC:

Evil Dead-The Musical - Source:

Evil Dead: The Musical welcomes you to the Splatter Zone - Source:

Evil Dead - The Musical at the Vogue Theatre, Oct 22 2009 - Source:

The Generic Theater, Norfolk, VA:

Evil Dead The Musical - Source:

The Laughter, Gore, & Delightful Vulgarity of Evil Dead: The Musical - Source:

Good, dirty fun with zombies in 'Evil Dead: The Musical' - Source:

Landless Theatre Company, Washington, DC:

Evil Dead The Musical Kicks Off "The Season of The Damned!" - Source:

Salvage Vanguard Theater, Austin Texas:

Austin Arts: Review - Evil Dead: The Musical - - Source:

Review: ‘Evil Dead, The Musical’ - Source:

Bedlam and Boomsticks at the Salvage Vanguard Theater - Source: - Steve Labinski

Oldfather Theatre, Topeka Civic Theatre & Academy, Topeka, KS:

Zombies sing, dance at TCT

The Alley Theater, Lousiville, KY:

More Pics Here - Source:

Bring Out Your Dead - Source:

Nicole Bremer Nash

It’s been done before, but it’s never been better. The Alley Theater (Louisville, KY) production of Evil Dead: The Musical brings the gore and humor of The Evil Dead and Army of Darkness movies to the stage in a show that keeps audiences laughing long after the final number.


The Springfield Contemporary Theatre, Springfield, MO:

Sandy Clark writes:
The Springfield Contemporary Theatre's production of "Evil Dead: The Musical" is sure to make a splash when it opens Friday, especially if you are down front in the splatter section.


'Evil Dead' musical makes cheesy horror entertaining - Source:

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