Thursday, November 5, 2009

Scaremeister Raimi sheds light on his fondness for darkness

George Hadley-Garcia writes:
Sam Raimi is best known as the man behind the "Spiderman" franchise, but he's also widely regarded as a master of the macabre and of horror. After all, he broke through in 1981 with "The Evil Dead" after fixating on horror movies as a child. Before age 10, he was making 8-mm home movies.

"I was always attracted to strong actions. I like strong reactions," he notes quietly. "Subtle comedy wasn't my thing. The Three Stooges, that was my thing. Oh, boy, was that my thing!" he says, fondly laughing. Indeed, many of Raimi's films feature Stooges-like sequences. Asked if they're meant as homages to the zany trio, he simply avers, "I just think they're clever, funny sequences."

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