Monday, December 28, 2009

Ben McCain and Bruce Campbell Talk

Info from bobswami:
I was able to produce an interview with My Buddy Ben McCain and Bruce Campbell, Evil Dead, Burn Notice, in my LA studio and it was a fun time........Who Loves You Baby ?

Ben and his Brother Butch McCain also "Star" in Bruces Movie MY NAME IS BRUCE,

I am one of the Producers Of Ben and Butch's movie, Killer Tumbleweeds

This video is an older interview, but it just got uploaded to YouTube recently.


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Patti Wells said...

If anyone would like to see more of this interview, please send a message to the guy on youtube who posted it expressing your interest (or post a comment on the video). I wrote to ask him for more and he says it is a 60 min interview and he will put out the whole thing if there is interest.