Friday, December 18, 2009

Chainsaw Good

Chainsaws - TV and Movies

Basically, chainsaws are good. Good here having the meaning of "totally unstoppable weapons of mass destruction." Nothing can stand before their roaring, multi-toothed might; only death awaits any who challenge a chainsaw-wielding maniac.

A favorite tool of horror villains and zombie hunters alike. The reason for its coolness lies in its drawbacks. It is very dangerous, it weighs quite a bit, makes a lot of noise, and will tear through anything it touches even if it's the person wielding it. Oh, and the angular momentum of the spinning chain makes it a bit unpredictable, too.

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Chainsaws - Modern Video Games 

Killing Floor:

Look at this! I’m chainsawing a battle between a flamethrower and an an undead cyborg! WHY AREN’T YOU PLAYING THIS?

Left 4 Dead 2:

There’s a bunch of other stuff too, but honestly: who cares. All that matters is six cylinders of Evil-Dead-annihilating action hardware, and the inevitable awesome nod to Ash from the awesome Valve writers. Besides, you can tell an awful lot about the game from that one critical item.

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Chainsaws - Old Skool Video Games

Splatterhouse 2:

The chainsaw is a noble tool. Direct, unpretentious, yet capable of invoking nigh-incandescant spectacles of bodily deconstruction, it is the choice of the true artist.

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