Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Holiday Gift Idea: the 'Evil Dead' Musical Original Recording

Yes, there was an Evil Dead: The Musical. And incidentally, if you missed the off-broadway production, you too can purchase a North American license and put the show on yourself! (See for more information)

Barring a capacity (not to mention the financial resources) to mount a full-fledged musical production yourself, why not sit back in your comfy chair and enjoy timeless, classic tunes like ‘What the F**k Was That?,’ ‘Good...Bad...I’m The Guy With The Gun’ and ‘Boomstick’?! You can even sample the toe tapping tunes on Amazon before you buy.

Sure, the Amazon reviewers who reveal that the NYC production was to die for (imagine blood splatter in the first several rows) manage to put a damper on the prospect of merely humming along to a canned recording, but it’s better than nothing.

$18.98 at Amazon


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