Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Rob Tapert Interview: New Fantasy Begins, Discusses Evil Dead Remake

From The West Australian:
"I have always liked action movies and I have always liked fantasy pictures. Myself and Sam Raimi, we started in the horror business 30 years ago.

"Seven years ago, some guys came to us and offered to join us to form a dedicated horror company, Ghosthouse Pictures, and it is one of those partnerships that worked."

So are the internet rumours true, do they intend to remake their horror classic, Evil Dead?

"Yes, we do. How easy was that? I just said yes," he said sounding slightly surprised at himself.

"Sam always said it would be a great thing for somebody to remake because no one has seen it theatrically on a big screen.

"It is a great chance for a young filmmaker to do his thing and bring better effects and better acting to the story.

"Hopefully, we are wholeheartedly committing to getting that done in 2010.

"We are looking for a filmmaker to work with to redevelop the story. We don't want to do what I call cling block - cling to old things or block new ideas."

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Anonymous said...

i totally believe if Bruce isn't in this it should be Matt Dillon cause he would properly suit that role as ash just watch you me and dupree he's pretty much playing the ash character and i am a die hard that wouldn't even want this to be remade but since it is you should used Matt Dillon cause he looks like Bruce Campbell and he's got some B Movies behind him too ..