Tuesday, January 12, 2010

11 Geeky Ideas for Casting the New Rockford Files

Kevin Makice
Twitter was buzzing a little this weekend about NBC’s plans to relaunch the 1970s hit television series, The Rockford Files. The big question now is who will play the roguish private eye as he tackles cases no one else wants to handle.

My first reaction at hearing NBC was going to cast anyone other than Garner as Jim Rockford was scorn. Then I thought of Bruce Campbell, and the remake sounded appealing. There is no actor more universally loved by geeks than the man who showed how a chainsaw can be a fortuitous replacement for a lost hand. He gained some crime-fighting experience as an Old West bounty hunter (The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.) and has fought alongside the world’s greatest warrior (Xena) and its most resourceful spy (Burn Notice).

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