Sunday, January 24, 2010


B.J. Hammerstein writes:
Although he has lived there for more than 20 years, Ted Raimi has a hard time calling Hollywood home. One look at his résumé, however, proves it's where he's leaving his mark. Raimi has had 50 or so TV and film roles, most of them in horror or sci-fi projects. Still, he's quick to credit much of his quirky creative success to his Motor City upbringing.

"Southwest Detroit just looks so sci-fi, cool and bizarre -- like another planet," and "all those wacky and crazy characters I have ever done are just impressions from people I knew back home," says Raimi.

He's the youngest of four Raimi brothers, three of whom have found their calling in La La Land. Sam Raimi shook up the scream scene in 1981 as director of instant cult classic "The Evil Dead" before spinning a moneymaking web as director of three "Spider-Man" movies. (Ted was in all three.) Ivan Raimi cowrote the scripts for Sam's "Drag Me to Hell" and "Spider-Man 3."

Even though plans for a Raimi-run version of "Spider-Man 4" have just been scrapped, Ted's as busy as ever: Last week, he was offered a "beloved character" movie lead from a major comic book company, but that's all he'll say about it. ("Anything more, it's curtains for Ted!") Meanwhile, "Playing Dead," a comedy-horror Webisode series that he directed, is currently haunting the Internet.

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