Friday, January 1, 2010

The Evil Dead Remake - Swallow This!

For years now we have heard rumors, news, stories, interviews and outright admissions by Sam and Bruce themselves that an EVIL DEAD remake was not only being talked about but was going forward. On top of that our fearless SPIDEY director, heels off of the success of his return to the horror genre with DRAG ME TO HELL, said EVIL DEAD 4 was going to happen and that the chinned warrior Bruce Campbell would be reprising his role as Ash to battle the Deadites for one last time.

Now if you're familiar with Sam or Bruce at all you know they love gags. They are two jokesters that have been pulling pranks and goofing off since they met as youngsters. The three stooges were their idols if that tells you anything. So with the information on this said remake/sequel all but none existent these days do we write these prophesies of future Evil Deadery's off as simply playful banter? Or is it something to get fans stirred up and refresh the topic?

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