Monday, January 11, 2010

Readers Want Spider-Man to Battle Bruce Campbell, Michael Chiklis

Nicholas Nadel writes:
Recently announced production delays due to disagreements who should be the villain on "Spider-Man 4" have us more than a little worried. While John Malkovich as the Vulture seems to be the leading candidate for the movie's antagonist, we asked for your thoughts on which supervillain should face off against Spidey in the fourth outing.

Matt Ferrett penned an open letter to the studio producing the movie: "Dear Sony, 'Spider-Man 4' should feature Mysterio as played by Bruce Campbell. Please send my check for 1 million dollars as soon as possible."

laryhanis tried to erase all memory of Ben Affleck in spandex, writing, "I think Kingpin is a really cool character, and I don't really think his role in 'Daredevil' did him justice." In addition, lary suggests casting Michael Chiklis in the role. What? And just ignore his involvement in the "Fantastic Four" movie? Actually, that's not a terrible idea.

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