Sunday, January 3, 2010

Spartacus: Blood and Sand – Sam Raimi & Rob Tapert

Sam, how hands on are you going to be with all the other things you’re doing?

Sam Raimi: I was most instrumental in getting it started with Rob and our other partner Josh Donen. I was most involved in the early conversations about the direction that the series would take and the casting. Unfortunately, Spiderman is going to take me away from the project; I will be going away and having to do my duty with the webslinger.

The initial push for this series seems like ‘more blood than you’ve ever seen on TV.’

Rob Tapert: The initial rollout is to get something out there, but action is just a component that is a tool that allows you to have a resolution happen differently. You still have to have great drama, that’s what’s hiding behind the initial push out there. This is a show that has action, has blood, has sex, has nudity, has all those components that you don’t get on network television, shown in a balletic and different way, but all of that is just the initial wave, behind it a really good drama is awaiting.

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