Friday, February 19, 2010

Exclusive Interview: Ted Raimi from Bean Curd God to the LEGEND OF THE SEEKER, You Gotta Love Him

Excerpts from this interview:

On the Spiderman re-boot:
IESB: Since you were a part of the Spider-Man films, what do you think about the decision the studio made to re-boot the series with a different cast and director?

Ted: It feels exciting, actually. I suppose I'm a little bit disappointed that I won't get to go back and do Hoffman again, but I think Sony is going to do a great job re-booting the series and making it a younger, fresher cast. They get to re-imagine the whole thing and I think they'll do a fine job with it. They always do. I think Spider-Man is in good hands.

On Bruce Campbell and the My Name Is Bruce Sequel:
IESB: You and Bruce Campbell have known each other a long time, and he even babysat you, as a kid. What do you enjoy about working with him? Do you have plans or hopes to work together again soon?

Ted: It's great to work with Bruce. The problem with working with Bruce is that it's like ammonia and ether. It's two volatile substances. You really should be mixing ammonia with water, or something. We don't really check each other very well, in that regard. I go off to left field and wonder, "I don't think Bruce is going to stop me from going crazy here." In that sense, it can be a crazy experience. But, on the same level, Bruce is so creative on set that there's this infectious, manic, wildness that goes on while he's directing, and I personally love that vibe. That's something I always hope I will get with other directors, but seldom do.

IESB: Will you be involved with the My Name is Bruce sequel, Bruce Campbell vs. Frankenstein?

Ted: I can tell you that I will be in it, yes. But, as to what I'm doing in there, I'm not allowed to say because Dark Horse Comics will send their goons after me and kill me.

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