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The Boomstick Bible

Brian Harris writes:
Hail to the King, baby!

Love the Evil Dead films? Love Bruce Campbell? HOW COULD YOU NOT, RIGHT? If you’ve made it your mission to own All Things Evil Dead and you haven’t been keeping tabs on the comic books series, now is the time to get those wallets out and head on over to your nearest geek factory (aka comic book store) and pick you up a copy of the ARMY OF DARKNESS OMNIBUS VOL. 1 TPB (1st Ed.) from Dynamite Publishing!

If you want more boomstick for your buck, you got it! This whopping trade paperback contains a massive amount of ED & Bruce action for the low low price of $30! Now I know what you’re thinking, “$30 for a book?!!” Well Deadites, it’s like this, unless you’ve been collecting every single issue spanning the entire series, you’re not going to find a more complete collection of AOD mayhem!

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KNB EFX joins “THE WALKING DEAD” writes:
Last week, it was announced that Jon Bernthal has been cast in THE WALKING DEAD. Today, news broke that Frank Darabont’s zombie series has an FX shop: KNB EFX Group.

Greg Nicotero (pictured) told Shock Till You Drop that KNB (which he co-operates with Howard Berger) will be doing the ghoul duties on the AMC show based on Robert Kirkman’s comic. KNB has an impressive résumé of previous undead flicks, including George A. Romero’s LAND… and DIARY OF THE DEAD. They also worked on Darabont’s last film, the 2007 adaptation of Stephen King’s THE MIST.


1973 Oldsmobile Delta 88 (Evil Dead): A LEGO® Creation

Click to enlarge images:

This is the car from one of the best horror movies of all time 'The Evil Dead Franchise'. This is my fourth tiny turbo as i have some sort of craze for the them at the moment. Please rate and comment!

Source: - jacob rees

Monday, March 29, 2010

WHAT IF? Evil Dead: The Remake

Ohhhhh will nothing be sacred when this eventually happens. And who are we kidding, it's going to happen. It's just a matter of when at this point. We've heard from the mouth of the man himself, Sam Raimi (director of the Evil Dead series), that eventually we would see a Bruce Campbell-less remake. But how will it all play out?...

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Pics of Bruce Campbell at Comicpalooza 2010 in Houston, TX on Sat. March 27, 2010

Click to enlarge all images:

Photos courtesy of theshyfox's flickr photostream

Check out theshyfox's autographed chainsaw here

Photo courtesy of I_heart_BruceC

Sunday, March 28, 2010

3 Featured eBay Items

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LUNATICS A Love Story RARE promo '92 vhs Bruce Campbell
This is a carefully handled, Full Screen VHS video tape cassette. Both the outer sleeve and tape cartridge are in LIKE NEW condition. There may be some minor corner wear on the sleeve from storage and handling. It is a PROMOTIONAL edition (PLEASE see my NOTE below), designated by variations of the sleeve artwork and/or cassette label. I got it new, and it has been stored in a dust cover (included free) and safely archived in a climate controlled environment ever since. I’ve watched it once - twice at the most. Yep, I’ve got too many movies.

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This auction for an 11x17 EVIL DEAD poster print by Victor Moreno for a screening of the film in Tempe, AZ in 2010

Click Here To Buy


This auction for an 11x17 EVIL DEAD poster print by Victor Moreno for a screening of the film in Tempe, AZ in 2010

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Thanks Anthony K.!

Featured Video: The Evil Dead Walks Again

Part One:

Part Two:

For a schoolproject we wanted to make a horrorflick. We decided to make a remake of the low-budget horror "The Evil Dead". Though in the end it became some kind of alternarte sequel instead. The movie is in swedish but if anyone who have caught an interest of this flick and want to watch the whole thing and be able to understand, can comment and I will try to make subtitles if nessacary.


Source: ChrisseWorks

Friday, March 26, 2010

Comicpalooza gets under way

Click to enlarge image:

Lana Berkowitz writes:

Bruce Campbell won't show up until Saturday but Comicpalooza opens today at the George R. Brown Convention Center.

This three-year-old comic con has blown up since the first event, which was held in a movie theater lobby. Kudos to founder John Simons of Midnight Comics.

Celebrities, artists, writers and DJs are signed up for the three-day con, which has expanded to include sci-fi and fantasy, horror, steam punk, New Media, movies and gaming.

You can buy weekend passes or single-day tickets at the door.


Evil Dead 2 [write up]

Jason Fisk writes:
Okay this is an old movie so if you haven't seen it already and complain about there being spoilers in this write up, then shame on you for not seeing it yet.

Released in 1987 (i was 10) The Evil Dead 2 is one of my favourite films, if not my most favourite, directed by Sam Raimi (Spiderman 1-2) and written by Sam Raimi and Scott Spiegel, Produced by Robert G Tapert.

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Interview with Bruce Campbell | Movie Mikes

Mike Gencarelli
Bruce Campbell is known for his role of Ash from the Evil Dead films. He is currently starring in USA Network’s Burn Notice and directing his latest film “Bruce vs. Frankenstein”, a follow-up to “My Name is Bruce”. Movie Mikes recently had the opportunity to catch up with Bruce Campbell briefly for some quick questions:

Mike Gencarelli: Let’s start out with a hard one, What has been your favorite moment in your career to date?

Bruce Campbell: I don’t have a fave because I’m not done yet! Top 5: Evil Dead trilogy, Bubba Ho-Tep, Running Time, Brisco, Burn Notice.

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The Top Seven B-Movie Actors Who Deserved an Oscar

dsussman writes:

7. Bruce Campbell
Oscar-winning Roles: Elvis in Bubba Ho-Tep and Ash in Evil Dead 2 (Can’t believe I just typed that)

Does this really need any explanation? We all know every fan of Ash would get a serious kick out of seeing someone as awesome as Bruce get acknowledged by one of the snootiest of all award shows.

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bruce Campbell's Schedule for Comicpalooza

Bruce's Schedule for Comicpalooza
Saturday, March 27, 2010
NOON: Charity Luncheon (Hilton)
1 – 4pm: Autograph Session (General Assembly)
4 – 4:45: Q & A (General Assembly)
5 – 6pm: Photo Session (TBD)


Reminder: Evil Dead Triple Feature at Alamo Lake Creek on 3/26 - Austin, TX

Evil Dead Triple Feature
Friday March 26th
$15 for all three films ($7 pricing for individual films on day of screening if space is available)

Alamo Lake Creek
13729 Research Blvd
Austin, TX 78750

When we heard Grindhouse Releasing was bringing back Sam Raimi’s classic Evil Dead, we knew we needed to get on board fast. Not only did we succeed in booking a print of the original film, but we’ve gone one better and decided to book 35mm prints of all three! That’s right, Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2, and Army of Darkness back to back to back. So, for TRUE fans of the trilogy, mark your calendars for March 26th 2010! Admission for all three films is only $15. If space permits, we will offer $7 admission for individual screenings on the day of the show, but chances are, this will sell out fast!


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

PORKCHOP "Red Band" Trailer Featuring The Voice Talent of Danny Hicks

Writer-Director Eamon Hardiman returns to the horror scene with “PORKCHOP,” a slasher film set in the 1980s. “Porkchop” tells the story of a group of young campers headed off into the wilderness for a weekend of partying at an abandoned summer camp only to discover they are not alone and the camp’s inhabitant, a deranged redneck with a pig mask, is not pleased with their presence.

Done in the style of era slashers such as “Sleepaway Camp” and “The Burning,” “Porkchop” goes one step further, offering up entirely unique kills never seen before in the genre. Starring genre veterans Ruby Larocca (Flesh for the Beast, The Lost) and Dan Hicks (Evil Dead 2, Darkman), the film also features Erin Russ (Late Fee), Charles Sullivan, Sierra Ferrell, and Brian Gunnoe (Vampire Whores from Outer Space).

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Monday, March 22, 2010

The Girl Gamer: Interview with Bruce Campbell

On the original Evil Dead and ED4
Christina: Evil Dead: the Musical is going strong, a 4th Evil Dead movie is in the works and now Evil Dead: the movie has been picked up by Grindhouse Releasing for midnight movie showings in the US and Canada for 2010. Did you ever think when you made Evil Dead all those years ago that the film would gain a second life as a cult franchise all these years later?

BC: How could we? All a filmmaker or actor wants is to be a part of something that takes hold. Some films do well over time, some do well right away and some die a horrible death. We all feel very grateful and fortunate for that flick.

Christina: Evil Dead IV recently popped up on your profile which has all the fans wondering what exactly is going to be your level of involvement with the new movie. Nothing has been confirmed yet and numerous sources have you playing everything from the creepy guy at the gas station to an older Ash. Are you able to confirm your role in the film yet?

: There isn't anything to share here. I'll most likely be a producer and actor (Ash of course) if the flick gets going, but Sam and I are pretty busy at the moment.

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Featured Video: H.P. Lovecraft's The Book

Watch live streaming video from untamedaggression at

Plot Summary:
Isaac Williams is a scholar of the Occult, having studied under the well respected Professor Robert Northam at Miskatonic University. On one of his many forays into archaic bookshops in search of antiquities and rare texts, Williams happens upon a copy of The Necronomicon, an ancient tome from the Dark Ages containing a collection of sinister spells, prophecies and incantations. Excitedly, he purchases the book and brings it to his old professor, only to discover Northam a hollow shell of the great man he once was. He, too, had studied The Necronomicon and his findings had driven him to insanity, forcing him to spend his days with inane distractions to avoid those awful thoughts. Unperturbed by Northam's warnings, Williams takes up residence in his home and begins his research into The Necronomicon, desperate to to discover it's dark secrets.

I stumbled upon StellularUAFilm's Twitter Page last week and found this gem.

Read Tom Sullivan's Review Here -

More From Untamed Aggression Productions Here

H.P. Lovecraft's The Book IMDB Page

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Army of Darkness #27

Click to enlarge image:

This is it, the end of Ash and the League of Light! After our hero's 'demise' last issue, will the intrepid Chosen One find a way out of the spirit plane and back into his main man body? Find out as it all ends here!

Pub. Date:
March 31, 2010

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Click Here For Kassie DePaiva's Official Site - Source:

Kassie DePaiva's (aka Kassie Wesley) IMDB Page

Bobby Joe!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Evil Dead - Sequel Wars

Gory, violent, and bloody this series remains a cult classic. It spawned three official movies and numerous unofficial spin-offs that got less scary and more silly as the series continued.

But which film was the best?

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Some Pics of Ted Raimi at the Cleveland International Film Fest

Click to enlarge images:

Actor/filmmaker Ted Raimi and writer/actor Suzanne Keilly are appearing at the Cleveland International Film Fest today, March 20th, for a screening of their short film MY TREAT. My Treat is a comedy short that Suzanne Keilly (See 'Playing Dead') and Kirsten Roeters toured around the country with and Raimi directed. It has previously played at festivals in Palm Springs and Seoul South Korea.

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Friday, March 19, 2010

Director's Print of The Evil Dead - Saturday, March 20th at 7:30pm - The Alamo West Oaks (TX)

'The Ultimate Experience in Grueling Horror' is Back!

When Grindhouse Releasing decided to bring back Sam Raimi’s classic Evil Dead, we knew it would make for a perfect night at the Alamo. We are pleased to present a 35mm print of the film that started it all for both director Sam Raimi and actor Bruce Campbell. Join us at West Oaks for this one-night only screening!

Bruce Campbell, Ellen Sandweiss, Betsy Baker

March 20
Alamo Drafthouse West Oaks
West Oaks Mall #429
Houston, TX


Featured Item: 'Needs More Bruce Campbell' Tee

Click to enlarge image:

Like all things in this world you need more Bruce Campbell.

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Lionsgate Scares Up Reunion With Raimi's Ghost House On`Dibbuk Box'

Mike Fleming writes:
Lionsgate has acquired North American rights to Dibbuk Box, a thriller in the vein of The Shining that will be written by Juliet Snowden & Stiles White. Ghost House Pictures partners Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert will produce.

The jumping off point is a true story culled from the Leslie Gornstein-bylined Los Angeles Times article A Jinx In A Box. In the film, a family finds itself in possession of a haunted box, and struggles to get rid of its evil curse. Using even a tenuous tie to a true story has been a fright fare staple, and helped films that include The Exorcist, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Amityville Horror and Psycho.

The writers' credits include Knowing, remakes of Poltergeist at MGM and The Birds at Universal, as well as Boogeyman for Ghost House. Dibbuk Box becomes the second project for Ghost House and Lionsgate, which are also developing Burst 3D. It’s an easy fit, since Lionsgate Motion Picture president Joe Drake was a Ghost House founder.


Evil Dead Theme v1.0 Application for Android

Click to enlarge image:

This theme works with panda home. I will update with more icons soon.

was developed for Android by Henchmen Inc.

Package name :

System permissions : This application doesn't need special permissions

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell part of 1981 splatter-fest

Nick Chordas writes:
When will movie characters learn that spending the night in the woods means losing limbs - if not more?

That's the bare-bones premise of The Evil Dead, but the 1981 splatter-fest from eventual Spider-Man director Sam Raimi offers oh-so-much more.

Five college students decide to spend the weekend in a run-down cabin and discover a tape recording of incantations from the Book of the Dead. (They find the text as well, but these are college students on vacation - no reading allowed.)

Soon, demons are running wild and infecting the former friends, who find creative uses for axes and sharpened pencils.

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March 19, 20
Gateway 7
1550 North High Street
Columbus OH 43201
12:00 AM

Josh Becker: DVD-Rs for Sale and New Interview with Jonathan Moody

You can now purchase Josh Becker's super 8 films Stryker's War, The Blind Waiter, and Holding It on DVD-R. Stryker's War is a super 8mm version of his feature film Thou Shalt Not Kill...Except. The 8mm version stars Bruce Campbell in the title role. Campbell did not appear in the feature film version because it was a non-union shoot. On a separate disc, you can purchase The Blind Waiter and Holding It. They also star Bruce Campbell, as well as Sam Raimi and Scott Spiegel.

Also, for the very first time, Josh is selling two of his feature films, Lunatics: A Love Story and If I Had a Hammer on DVD.

The discs are 20 bucks a piece, plus 3 dollars for shipping and handling.

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In addition, check out Josh Becker's recent interview with Jonathan Moody:

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Featured Video: Army of Darkness Intro Cartoon - StringAnime 1996

StringAnime's lead animator Frank Stringini has a foundation of animation rooted in DOS. His first animations were designed without the use of "Layers" or "Position Rotation or Scaling Tweens" and a Color pallette limit of 256 colors, in other words, he works with what he has. (1989-present)

This animated version of the Intro scene from the cult-classic film "Army of Darkness" (Starring Bruce Cambell) was created entirely in the DOS animation program, "Animator PRO."

This short took first place for the catagory of "experimental animation" in the Columbia College Chicago Film Festival in 1996.

Frank has a lot of old animations floating around, this is one of his favorites. Enjoy .


Ingenious Animator Boils Down 'The Evil Dead' to One Minute

Danny Gallagher writes:
No man can be a real movie buff without having watched Sam Raimi's 1981 cult horror film "The Evil Dead" -- or at least "The Evil Dead 2," the 1987 big-budget sequel.

In both, the timeless story of Ash Williams' never-ending fight to the death against an army of the undead has everything that makes movies worth watching: a rich yet ridiculous story, a dashing leading man (Bruce Campbell), inventive special effects and of course, zombies, zombies, zombies.

But if you're pressed for time, we urge you to watch the one-minute version of "The Evil Dead" put together by animator and filmmaker Lee Hardcastle.

Hardcastle created the Cliffs Notes version for the the Jameson Empire Done in 60 Seconds short film contest. Since then, Hardcastle's clay animation video has not only become a viral hit, but it's also one of the contest's 20 finalists. Winners will be announced on March 26.

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Congrats to Lee Hardcastle! Evil Dead News originally featured Lee's video back in early February:
2 Featured Videos: The Evil Dead - Done in 60 Seconds with Clay and The Evil Dead - Fun Size Edition

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sam Raimi's Darkman to Visit Blu-ray

Sam Raimi's Darkman will be the next former Universal HD DVD title that makes its Blu-ray Disc when it arrives on June 15.

Darkman was released theatrically in 1990 stars Liam Neeson as an atypical superhero whose body is scarred for life but purpose is clear: to fight for justice against crime. In some respects Darkman served as a warm-up exercise in superheroes for Raimi before he tackled the first Spider-Man film for Sony.

Universal has upgraded Darkman's audio to 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio for its Blu-ray debut. However, no bonus features have been added to the release so My Scenes bookmarking will have to suffice for Darkman fans.

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Featured Pics: Steampunk Army of Darkness

Click to enlarge images:

Source: - Three Muses Clothing

The Mike and Ike Show: Evil Dead -The Musical Documentaries

Mike and Ike recently sent me some links to their Evil Dead -The Musical Documentaries. They describe themselves as "officially acknowledged unofficial spokeswhores for Evil Dead-The Musical".

Here's the first one we did (Coincidentally our first video period) on the 2007 Toronto production

And here's our two parter on last year's Cleveland production-The longest running show in the theater's history
The Mike & Ike Show Episode VII "Long Live Stumpy Part 2"

A Guide to the Coen Brothers: The Raimi Connection

Sam Raimi and the Coen Brothers owe a lot to each other when it comes to getting their respective film careers off the ground. For those who don't know, Sam Raimi is the exceptionally talented director of such films as the "Evil Dead" series, "Spiderman" series, "A SImple Plan", "The Gift" and most recently "Drag Me To Hell".

The Coen Brothers worked with Raimi on "The Evil Dead" in 1981 and are credited as assistant editors. The influence Raimi's style had on the Brothers is most noticeable in their comedy, "Raising Arizona". The frantically kinetic camera movements that Raimi established made their way into "Raising Arizona" and the Coen's openly give props to Raimi for inspiration.

But the collaboration didn't stop there. The Coen Brothers went on to write two sceenplays with Raimi, "Crivewave" and "The Hudsucker Proxy". "Crimewave" was directed by Sam Raimi and didn't turn into the best of the two co-written works. But "Hudsucker", directed by the Coens, is a great movie.

It's another fun activity to watch these movies and pick out the cross over themes and elements that would go on to become staples of both the Coen Brothers and Raimi. Another fun thing to watch for is the cameo appearance by Joel Coen in Raimi's "Crimewave" and the return cameo of Raimi in the Coen Brother's "Miller's Crossing".


Monday, March 15, 2010

Featured Video: Bruce Campbell Sings.... Sort Of....

From an episode of Weird Science, from 1997. This is from season five and they have not released this season on DVD yet, so I was happy that a friend of mine actually had it on VHS (SLP), so please excuse the lower quality. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Source: skippyqsb

New YouTube Group: The Evil Deadites

"Dead by dawn, dead by dawn, dead by dawn!"

Although I'm sure there's a turdload of groups already devoting themselves to the holy horror movie trinity known as "The Evil Dead" trilogy, I just thought I'd try my hand at erecting a group myself and seeing if it'll last.

This will just be a collective area for any interesting or informative youtube uploads concerning Evil Dead or of course discussions and rumors.

Click Here To Join! -

Featured eBay Item: RARE Army Of Darkness/EVIL DEAD T Shirt

Click to enlarge image:

This is a RARE Brand New ARMY OF DARKNESS/EVIL DEAD T Shirt!! The T Shirt is a Size Large, Black, and Pre Shrunk 100% Cotton!! The Front of the T Shirt has the Skeltons from ARMY OF DARKNESS with the ARMY OF DARKNESS Logo on the Bottom and the Classic Tagline 'They Move. They Breathe. They Suck.'!! This is a Must Have for any Horror Fan or ARMY OF DARKNESS/EVIL DEAD Fan!! Get this Today for Yourself or as a Great Gift for Your EVIL DEAD loving friend!! Don't let this get away!! Bid Now before it is gone!!

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Spartacus star Andy Whitfield has cancer: Starz puts Spartacus production on hold

The hunky star of Spartacus, the sexiest new show on TV, has been diagnosed with cancer.

Andy Whitfield, who plays the title role in the drama, is being treated for Non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

According to a statement released by Starz channel, Whitfield begins treatment immediately in New Zealand, where the series is filmed, pushing the start of filming of the second season of the sword and sandal epic back.

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bruce Campbell: Most Typecast Actor No. 4

Simon Wright writes:
Bruce Campbell may not qualify as an A-list celebrity, but the square-jawed actor became a cult star due to his lead roles in the Sam Raimi-directed "Evil Dead" trilogy.

These films saw him play Ash, a bone-headed S-Mart employee who's reluctantly thrust into the role of shotgun-toting hero in a battle against supernatural evil.

Campbell's face, and especially his supersized chin, looks as though he jumped off the pages of a superhero cartoon, and his looks have driven his typecasting. Indeed, Campbell has even released an autobiography entitled "If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a B Movie Actor," which shows he's healthily aware of his status as typecast actor.

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Original Story Here: "Hollywood Redo: 5 Forever Typecast Actors" - Source:

Friday, March 12, 2010

Evil Dead 2 is on IFC Tonight - Saturday, Mar. 13 at 12:05 AM EDT

This high-octane semi-sequel to Sam Raimi's cult hit The Evil Dead has nearly eclipsed its predecessor's reputation thanks to an endless barrage of hyperkinetic camera acrobatics, rapid-fire editing and "splatstick" gore effects ... not to mention a truly goofy performance by Bruce Campbell.

The obvious glee with which Raimi and company present this cavalcade of slime-drenched monstrosities and Three Stooges pratfalls makes it impossible to take seriously as a horror film, but Evil Dead 2 is nevertheless essential viewing among connoisseurs of truly demented cinema.


Facebook Guerrilla Campaign: Let's get Bruce Campbell To Host SNL!

A couple of guys named Eric and Luther came up with this Facebook campaign:
Let's get Bruce Campbell To Host SNL

Description: Everyone's Favorite B Movie Star. The star of the Evil Dead Trilogy and current Star of USA's Burn Notice. Bruce has Starred in over 90 films.

Not only is he funny as hell. He's a hell of a nice guy. Let's get him to host SNL. It worked for Betty White Let's get it to work for Bruce!!!!!

Let's get Bruce Campbell To Host SNL | Facebook


Twitter Too: @BruceForSNL

Updated “EVIL DEAD” theatrical rerelease news writes:
The theatrical reissue of Sam Raimi’s classic THE EVIL DEAD is in full swing, having launched last Friday in Los Angeles to a sold-out crowd, and the folks at Grindhouse Releasing got in touch with the very latest on the shows.

Grindhouse struck a new 35mm print for the screenings, the next of which are this Friday-Saturday, March 12-13 at Washington, D.C.’s E Street Cinema. Lucky Illinois residents will be able to check out the flick on an actual outdoor screen when it plays the Midway Drive-In in Dixon, IL September 10-11 as part of a horror/exploitation festival. (For more info on dates and venues, check out the Grindhouse website.)

In addition, horror T-shirt specialists Rotten Cotton are working on the official EVIL DEAD Grindhouse tour T-shirt. For more info on everything Grindhouse has going on, click on the company link above.

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Horror at the Oscars 3: The Spawning

Heather Buckley writes:
After the Academy’s attempt at honoring genre during the live show, we saw a real tribute to horror by someone who is truly one of our own. Bob Murawski thanked Sam Raimi for giving him his “first cutting job” in Army of Darkness. His Best Editing award for Hurt Locker was shared by his partner Chris Innis, whom he met on the Raimi produced TV show “American Gothic.”

I gotta say, never since Peter Jackson’s (who was nominated this year for District 9) thank you to the crew of Meet the Feebles has there been such an excellent genre shout out.

On top of working with Raimi for over a decade, Murawski also runs Grindhouse Releasing, which distributes and restores cult and horror films with a focus on extreme Italian cinema. Pieces, The Beyond, Cannibal Holocaust, and I Drink Your Blood are just a few names you’ll find in Grindhouse Releasing's catalogue. His previous venture, Box Office Spectaculars, started the trend with some of the same titles, but on laserdisc.


Top 5 Must See *Macho* Movies

Charlotta Hedman

I have a confession to make: I love macho movies.

That means pretty much anything with explosions, zombies or mindless violence will do it for me. I don't think I'm alone in this, however most of these films aren’t really marketed to girls and therefore get overlooked.

Here's a short introduction to some classic macho flicks...

The Evil Dead 1 – 3

The Evil Dead movies will always have a special place in my heart. They were my introduction to gory C-horror films and since then my love for anything with zombies has only grown stronger. They were directed by a young and nerdy Sam Raimi, who later went on to greater things (the Spiderman films).

Evil Dead represent everything that's great about this genre, abandoned cabins in the middle of a dark forest, stupid teenagers, H.P. Lovecraft references, chainsaws, demons and possessed hands. The first two film were made on a shoe-string budget and are the real deal, the guys making them really loved their genre and it shows.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Friday March 12 & Saturday March 13 – The Evil Dead (8pm) - Tempe, AZ

March 12-13
MADCAP Theaters
730 South Mill Avenue
Tempe, AZ 85281

Friday March 12 & Saturday March 13 – The Evil Dead (8pm) & The Hills Have Eyes II (10pm)

$8 Double feature

In the fall of 1979, Sam Raimi and his merry band headed into the woods of rural Tennessee to make a movie. They emerged with The Evil Dead (1981) a roller coaster of a film packed with shocks, gore, and wild humor, a film that remains a benchmark for the genre. Ash (cult favorite Bruce Campbell) and four friends arrive at a backwoods cabin for a vacation, where they find a tape recorder containing incantations from an ancient book of the dead. When they play the tape, evil forces are unleashed, and one by one the friends are possessed. The gory mayhem continues in Wes Craven’s The Hills Have Eyes II (1985). Everyone's favorite desert-dwelling mutant cannibals return in this gruesome sequel to the classic drive-in shocker! Years after the original massacre which pitted a suburban family against a band of cave dwellers, traumatized survivors lead a team of dirt bikers back into the wild for a bus expedition. After their vehicle breaks down, the travelers must fend for their lives when the hungry savages (led by spooky Michael Berryman) emerge from the hills in search of dinner! Vicious, delirious, and outrageous!


Late Night Classics – Intruder (An Interview with Danny Hicks)

Jason Bene writes:
For “Zooley”…

Intruder is an old-school gorefest from Director Scott Spiegel (From Dusk Till Dawn 2) that came out at a time when the slasher film was all but dead. 1989 was not the best year for the slice-and-dice subgenre: A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child, Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan, and Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers bombed at the box-office and all of these McFranchises were running out of fresh ideas fast.

Out of nowhere; Sam Raimi, Ted Raimi, Scott Spiegel, Danny Hicks, and Bruce Campbell got together after the seminal Evil Dead II to create a down and dirty bloodbath that takes place in the most unimaginable of locales – a supermarket. Imagine if you will the Lovecraftian beasties of The Mist replaced by a pissed off employee who is not ready to collect unemployment, and what you have is the Intruder.

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