Monday, March 22, 2010

The Girl Gamer: Interview with Bruce Campbell

On the original Evil Dead and ED4
Christina: Evil Dead: the Musical is going strong, a 4th Evil Dead movie is in the works and now Evil Dead: the movie has been picked up by Grindhouse Releasing for midnight movie showings in the US and Canada for 2010. Did you ever think when you made Evil Dead all those years ago that the film would gain a second life as a cult franchise all these years later?

BC: How could we? All a filmmaker or actor wants is to be a part of something that takes hold. Some films do well over time, some do well right away and some die a horrible death. We all feel very grateful and fortunate for that flick.

Christina: Evil Dead IV recently popped up on your profile which has all the fans wondering what exactly is going to be your level of involvement with the new movie. Nothing has been confirmed yet and numerous sources have you playing everything from the creepy guy at the gas station to an older Ash. Are you able to confirm your role in the film yet?

: There isn't anything to share here. I'll most likely be a producer and actor (Ash of course) if the flick gets going, but Sam and I are pretty busy at the moment.

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