Tuesday, April 20, 2010

FEARnet Exclusive - Ted Raimi Reveals His Next Horror Project

Ted Raimi: "Curtis RX and I are working on a new horror anthology web series that we're both writing and producing. It will be less in the vein of gory horror and more in that of Alfred Hitchcock Presents. Curtis RX and I wanted something that was more classy and more attuned to what we were used to growing up, which was story-oriented tales of suspense, as opposed to raw horror and guts – which we both really love, I think, but which we wanted to see a little less of."

RX, who appeared with Raimi at Wizard World Anaheim, commented, "It's less reliant on just creature effects or blood. Story first, that comes second. We're excited."

As for when we might see his next web series, Raimi said: "We don't know yet. I don't think there is a date at the moment. But we're trying to rush it as quickly as possible because we're both very excited about it."

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