Thursday, April 29, 2010

Vakrokti: Watching Intruder

Luv writes:
Considered the last great 80's slasher film, guess it is because Intruder came 1989 otherwise nothing great about it. Don't get me wrong, it is as good as any slasher film, but then seeing works of the Sam Raimi you know it is nothing more than a failed attempt at making the formula that made him great.

Of course, slasher films are never original. But this one is a little better than the rest because it has some gore filled gruesome killings, a visual feast for any horror fan – enough to overlook the shortcomings. The actors, half are good to watch and the other half wooden. The Raimi brothers & Campbell are good to watch on screen. Dan Hicks is the real star of the film, missing from all publicity. Its difficult to say who is worse Elizabeth Cox or Renne Estevez. But the characters are more likable than usual, making the film good to watch.

The playful camera work is sometimes very effective and sometimes makes you wonder why copy Raimi's visual style. Anyways, pretty good watch.

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